You Are My Spring – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

The Truth

Episode 15 of You Are My Spring begins with all of our apartment gang up on the rooftop eating, excluding Ga-Yeong who’s currently busy. They all sit around and discuss Young-Do and his past.

It’s a jovial mood, and one that sees Young-Do grab the projector to play Ga-Yeong’s drama. The end of her drama sees a tease for season 2 – could this be a foreshadowed glimpse of what You Are My Spring could do? We shall see.

Elsewhere, Ga-Yeong ends up in a bit of a car accident, with a sprained ankle forcing her to use crutches for the time being. Patrick shows up though and hugs her tightly. This causes all sorts of issues, especially when fans snap their photos together.

The pair head off though, waiting for Da-Jeong at her house. However, Da-Jeong is actually off visiting her Mum. She gets a pretty cold greeting from her ma though, especially off the back of her earlier meeting with her friends.

Da-Jeong takes Mi-Ran outside so they can talk. Mi-Ran apologizes for what happened in the past, admitting she’s become a petty person and regrets some of her actions regarding Young-Do. After talking it out, the pair head back inside with renewed vigor.

When Young-Do shows up, Mi-Ran does her best to talk plainly to Da-Jeong’s boyfriend. She admits that because of her ex (whom we now know definitely wasn’t killed by Mi-Ran!) she has problems trusting men.

Now though, she’s okay with Young-Do being ill and even asks him to do what he can to be there for Da-Jeong. Well, everything gets sorted out with a nice hug and Mi-Ran even introduces Young-Do properly to her friends around the neighbourhood.

Ga-Yeong eventually shows up at Mi-Ran’s place wearing sunglasses, despite the rain lashing it down outside. She reveals all about her ties with Da-Jeong and Young-Do, including her marriage which was never registered. Eventually they toast, with Ga-Yeong promising to be good to Young-Do.

Meanwhile, Ian Chase goes ahead with his surgery while the Vice Chairwoman watches on from afar. However, an earlier flashback to this reveals exactly where Jin-Ho is. Earlier on, Ian handed over a USB flash drive to the detectives regarding his whereabouts.

While he’s recovering, Jae-Sik shows up and arrests the man while he’s in hospital.

There is significant movement on this plot now, as Ian confirms what we’ve all probably known for a while – that Ian and Chae Jun switched places in the past. They continued to keep in contact with one another though, with Chase in collusion with Jin-Ho all this time.

Chase is understandably wracked with guilt over what happened and even contemplates suicide too. This is obviously Young-Do’s territory, what with him being a psychiatrist and all, and he encourages Chase to try and find forgiveness somehow.

The Episode Review

You Are My Spring bows out its penultimate episode with a story that feels like it’s running out of gas. The murder mystery element of this has, quite frankly, been poor.

It’s borrowed elements from Mouse but done so in such a lackadaisical way that these thriller elements have felt at odds to the slice of life romance rather than complementing it.

The show has been consistently “good” right the way through its runtime, with a lot of cutesy moments, a solid, progressive romance and some nice ideas – but it’s never quite ascended to greatness.

A lot of these problems come from the tone. This show bounces sporadically between different genres and tones, oftentimes at the expense of actually settling down and telling a really compelling story.

Da-Jeong and Young-Do are the saving graces here though and their relationship has been excellent from start to finish. It’s just a pity that the story around that hasn’t quite ignited You Are My Spring as brightly as it could.

Still, we’ve got the finale up next and after Chase’s confession, it looks like we’re gearing up for some good old fashioned healing!

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