You – Season 4 Episode 3 “Eat The Rich” Recap & Review

Eat The Rich

Professor Jonathan chooses to ghost the murderer who keeps pestering him with messages after discovering evidence of his past existence as Joe. Joe’s attempt to distance himself from the murderer spirals out of control when an unnamed person gives Malcolm’s chopped finger to the authorities, along with a letter detailing that it is proof of a murder, not a kidnapping.

In a statement signed by Jonathan Moore, the murderer also threatens to give the authorities Simon’s ear. Due to the overt blackmail, Joe starts to feel compelled to pay the murderer some attention.

Malcolm’s murder has been widely reported throughout London. Students at the university are upset to hear that one of the professors was killed. Malcolm’s tragedy particularly affects Nadia, and Joe learns that she had an adulterous relationship with the late professor. And in the meantime, old wounds are now being reopened as a consequence of the press calling Malcolm’s murderer the “Eat-the-Rich Killer.” People are standing up in the killer’s favor because they are sick of being looked over by the rich class. And with the media constantly watching, all this commotion only puts more pressure on Joe as he approaches being outed.

Kate summons the authorities to Joe’s house, further complicating his situation. Kate thinks the best course of action to take after gaining knowledge that Malcolm has passed away is to inform the cops that Jonathan Moore is one of the very last folks to see Malcolm alive and also that the professor had been acting strangely and requesting not to speak with the authorities the week prior. Joe tells the cops that his worries are visa-related and makes an effort to get them off his back by uncovering that Simon regularly stole the job of assistants and also that Malcolm had been aware of the practice. Joe informs them that Malcolm openly admitted to these crimes while intoxicated, implying the deceased had enormous debts to settle as a consequence of his gambling addiction.

It’s possible that Joe’s witness statement bought him a little more time to remain anonymous, but it also elevates his connection with the real culprit to an entirely different level. That’s because the murderer is somehow keeping an eye on Joe at all times. Additionally, the murderer asks Joe to murder Kate after discovering how Kate summoned the cops to his flat. The murderer explains that his objective is to get Joe to admit that he, too, is a murderer who gets pleasure in the chase and in taking the lives of others. Joe tends to think that he is a romantic defender, but he continues to be blind to recognizing his true nature. In order to ensure that Kate is safe, he plans to stalk her.

As Nadia attempts to get into Malcolm’s house, Joe encounters her on the way to Simon’s memorial service. In an effort to prevent their relationship from ever being exposed to the public eye, the girl wants to retract her personal letter to her lover. Joe affirms that he will assist Nadia in recovering her letter.

Joe discovers at the funeral that the Eat-the-Rich Killer headlines alarmed the Oxford gang. Joe is still unable to identify which one of them might actually be the murderer. As an outline, Sophie persuades people to give money to a fictitious charity by referencing the passing of her brother. Furthermore, Roald pursues Kate without even waiting for Malcolm’s corpse to become cold. Additionally, in his eulogy, Rhys discusses masks as well as how folks conceal their authentic selves from the public.

Vic puts a lot of pressure on Joe throughout Simon’s funeral. The bodyguard believes that his duty is to defend Lady Phoebe from anybody attempting to exploit her for financial gain and believes that Joe is not being truthful. Additionally, Kate’s situation isn’t good because, after yet another conversation with Joe, Kate asks him to just leave. Joe can’t leave Kate’s future to chance because he is conscious of the risks.

In an attempt to persuade Kate that she is in danger, Joe appears to follow her to a tavern. They continue to argue until Kate confides in Joe, goes on to tell him concerning her traumatic upbringing, and discusses how her life experiences prevent her from being able to grieve properly.

In response to Joe’s attempt to console her, Kate takes him to the location where she usually meets Malcolm. The location is a private garden that Kate and Malcolm once entered to drink and engage in sexual activity. When Joe arrives, he immediately realizes Kate desires to use him for her own enjoyment. Vic is observing them from the trees and Joe gives in to his urges by having sex with Kate.

The celebration is brought back to Kate’s house. As soon as the woman is sleeping peacefully, Joe keeps his word to Nadia and visits Malcolm’s workplace to look through his letters. He succeeds in retrieving Nadia’s personal letter. Kate, however, throws him from the house after she discovers what he is up to.

The killer takes advantage of the situation that presents itself when Kate visits Malcolm’s family’s crypt alone to bid farewell to her partner. The killer is furious with Joe for not trying to murder Kate. Joe pursues Kate, believing he is by himself. Vic, however, emerges from the darkness with a gun aimed at Professor Jonathan after the woman has left. Vic searches the professor’s pockets because she is certain Jonathan is really the Eat-the-Rich Killer and he discovers Malcolm’s ring.

With the knowledge that Vic would find it, the murderer hid evidence in Joe’s jacket. The murderer was also absolutely sure Joe would murder Vic if he was confronted and made to struggle for freedom. And that is what actually occurs, with Joe killing Vic by strangling him and concealing his body in Simon’s tomb. Joe is furious that the murderer made him turn away from the idea of a decent person, but rather than fighting, he takes the opportunity to set the murderer up for defeat.

After being mocked and ridiculed by his unnamed friend, Joe comes to the conclusion that the Eat-the-Rich Killer is probably a lonely man looking for a companion in life. To play the murderer’s game, he makes a decision to pretend to be excited about killing Vic while actually being terrified. By offering a quick face-to-face meeting, the murderer falls for the trap. Joe can’t pass up the chance to put a stop to the chaos, so he can’t turn down the offer. Joe must wrap up some unresolved issues, though, before this can happen.

Nadia pays Joe her first visit in search of her missing letter. Joe keeps his word and offers the teenager some guidance, reassuring her that it’s okay to love somebody. She shouldn’t feel bad for caring for the professor even though their relationship wasn’t socially acceptable. Then Phoebe texts Joe to request him to come to the Sundry House club. Joe heads over there right away because he’s still trying to act friendly with the Oxford group. When Joe gets there, he immediately notices that everybody in the wealthy community is looking at him. The cops he met recently are also waiting there to meet him.

The Episode Review

By making Joe the new focus of an obnoxious mass murderer, the show triumphantly alters the show’s methodology. You desperately needed a new murderer to push Joe since Love’s horrific death last season, and it’s evident from this episode that this innovative murderer is at his finest when stalking. Joe has exhausted his patience by this point, and during this episode, the main character is compelled to revert to his old psychopathic ways.

Joe may have finally found his nemesis, and the latest “You” is riskier than anybody he has ever met. We eagerly await finding out who is responsible for the Eat-the-Rich killings.

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