XO, Kitty – Episode 8 “LGF” Recap & Review


Episode 8 of XO, Kitty starts with a montage of Dae and Kitty doing all the things she wanted to do with him as her boyfriend. Aside from Dae and Kitty, Q and Florian, as well as Minho and Maddison, are in a stable place in their respective relationships. One night in the boy’s dorm room, Kitty mentions how things are finally going perfectly for her but they don’t feel that way. She prods Dae to answer her questions about his relationship with Yuri but he brushes them all aside. 

As the group leaves for a class trip to a remote place in Korea, Dae tells Minho all about Kitty’s concerns while Kitty tells Q how Dae always ignores answering her questions by making out with her. Q asks Kitty about her crush on Yuri but she shuts him down. She asks Dae to keep the PDA down to a minimum since they’re going on a school trip with Yuri around them.

Maddison is grateful that Minho asked his mother to make it possible for them to meet a popular singer, Ocean Park, who was going to be at the village the class was camping. Ocean Park shares a video thanking Maddison and the class for helping his grandmother’s village after it was affected by the recent flood. The video message has Maddison swooning over Minho.

On the bus, Kitty opts to sit with Professor Alex instead of Dae and the former alleged half-siblings discuss how Professor Lee is not even aware that Jina’s pregnant with his child and that Jina used Kitty’s mother to keep that secret from him. Alex decides that he will talk to Jina first. Kitty supports Alex and gives him the baby tag his mother had kept.

Yuri talks to Dae about his relationship with Kitty. He shares his worries about Kitty doubting him about the lies while Yuri thanks Dae for being a true friend to him. She promises to help him out by trying to clear Kitty’s doubts. At the village, Yuri decides to bunk with Kitty while Minho and Dae bunk together. Kitty is worried about Yuri’s sudden decision and worries that she might be in danger of spending the night with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. In their room, Kitty starts rambling about her concerns about Dae and Yuri’s relationships when Yuri confesses to Kitty.

She tells Kitty that the relationship was fake and that she was gay. Kitty is shocked when she learns that Yuri’s family does not allow her to be gay. That night, Minho thanks his mother for her help in surprising Maddison. She tells Minho that she is sure he will come out of the camp in love with someone. Minho is sure it is Maddison because she was clearly obsessed with him.

At the same time, Kitty tells Yuri that she was upset with Yuri and Dae for lying to her and hurting her but also that she was rooting for Yuri to reunite with Juliana. Yuri clarifies that Dae wasn’t wrong and that it was she who forced and trapped him in the relationship. Yuri tells Kitty that she has no way to reach Juliana in England when Kitty decides to take Margot’s help in trying to find a way to contact Juliana.

Yuri is touched that Kitty would do that for her despite how she had treated Kitty in the past. Kitty shares how the lack of support from Yuri’s family makes her appreciate her own family and sympathise with Yuri. The next morning, Dae finally apologises to Kitty now that Yuri has come out to Kitty herself. Kitty is still annoyed with him for keeping her in the dark, and asks him to figure out a way to make things right. The entire class starts cleaning the village as they were supposed to do.

Q discovers that Florian’s parents were fighting again for his custody and that he would soon have to move in with either of them if he wasn’t able to retain his scholarship. Kitty tells Yuri that Margot could find Juliana and had arranged for a call later that night. After the cleaning drive, celebrity Ocean Park pays the kids a visit and the girls lose their minds. Maddison tells Ocean how much she loves him and his work, just as the girls start taking pictures with him.

Dae makes a plan and asks Yuri to get Kitty to a place he had in mind. Yuri helps Kitty dress up for the date but their close proximity sends chills down Kitty’s spine. Kitty starts doubting her feelings for Yuri but Dae interrupts them. He asks Kitty to go out with him on a romantic getaway. At the same time, Minho invites Maddison on a romantic date of their own.

On their date, Kitty is charmed by the effort Dae put in for her and decides to forgive him. Hours later, Maddison wakes Minho up after he had passed out, waiting for her. She tells him that she was busy helping Ocean Park’s grandmother but he starts getting possessive about her ditching him. Maddison wonders why Minho is getting so upset when they aren’t even a serious couple.

Minho is appalled by her behaviour and wonders why she’s chasing after him if Maddison does not see a future between them. Maddison clarifies that it’s just her personality, and she enjoys the chase with guys but does not want an actual relationship with them. Minho tells Maddison that he’s actually looking for a relationship and the two end things maturely.

On their date, Dae and Kitty discuss their four-year-long relationship and the ups and downs they have been through during that time. Dae shares his true feelings for Kitty and declares that he loves her. Kitty reciprocates. After the date, Kitty goes back to her room and gives Yuri her phone so that she could talk to Juliana.

The episode ends with Kitty feeling a pit in her stomach when she listens to Yuri and Juliana talk about how much they loved each other.

The Episode Review

Following the last few episodes, this one seems pretty slow by comparison. If Kitty really has feelings for Yuri, it is unclear why she is still trying to solve things with Dae. All things considered, she, out of all people, should know that she is hurting him in the process after seeing how her sister’s relationships turned out.

I am sure Kitty and Dae won’t last very long considering the fact that they haven’t had a stable relationship ever since they met. From what it looks like, Yuri is in a great place in her relationship with Juliana so I am hoping that Kitty thinks first before making any rash revelations to Yuri. Meanwhile, Minho and Maddison’s breakup was hilarious because the fact that she chased him around for nothing is absurd but funny.

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