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Episode 7 of XO, Kitty starts with Kitty trying to discuss her dream about Yuri with Q. Minho overhears and ends up blurting out that he had a similar erotic dream about Kitty. Kitty is grossed out by the comment and the trio concludes that such dreams do not mean anything. Meanwhile, at her house, Jina is upset with Yuri for causing controversy when Korea’s popular gossip website posts photos of her leaving the party with Dae.

Jina wants to restore their family’s public image and wonders if she could snap Yuri with Dae at church. Yuri promises to do whatever her mother wants before going to school where she and the rest of the people caught at the party are going to be punished with detention. At the cafeteria, Dae asks to break up with Yuri because he did not want to leave Kitty for Yuri’s mess.

Yuri apologises for taking Kitty’s necklace, claiming that she was scared to lose Dae who was only starting to be friends with her. Meanwhile, Yuri goes to Kitty’s assigned room in the girl’s dorm to return the necklace but learns that Kitty had been bunking with Dae and the boys all year long. Yuri is visibly upset.

The students gather at the library for detention. Q is worried that dating him was causing Florian’s grades to fall. Florian promises that everything is under his control because Professor Lee really liked him as a student. The students’ phones are confiscated for the next 8 hours of detention. Professor Lee tells the rest of the students that Kitty is to blame for the party being busted and Minho is visibly upset.

Maddison joins Minho in detention, even though she was not being punished. At the same time, Dae wonders if Yuri has talked to Kitty. Kitty gets defensive about it but starts swooning when she sees Kitty enter the library. Dae catches Yuri wearing the necklace and confronts her. Yuri tells him that she knew Kitty was breaking the school rules and staying with them. She threatens to expose Kitty if Dae tries to break up with her.

Kitty also notices the necklace and confronts Yuri about it when Jina shows up to detention to check on the kids. Jina notices Yuri wearing the necklace and calls it hers leaving Yuri and Kitty confused. Professor Lee follows Jina outside and asks why she kept the fact that Kitty was Eve’s daughter from him.

Jina asks Professor Lee how that information mattered to him, leaving the conversation. The students are all doing their thing when Professor Lee needs to use the restroom. He puts Maddison in charge of the detention students and leaves. Maddison administers organised chaos in the library, asking the students to make out by the rare books section. Minho is amazed by the fact that Maddison is really cool.

Yuri asks Kitty to hang out with her near the yearbooks where they try to find the 1993 yearbook from their graduation. Yuri wants to know more about her mother’s past to destroy Jina, unlike Kitty who only wants to get to know her mother better. Kitty and Yuri decide to work together, and wonder if Professor Lee and their mothers had a love triangle.

There may be clues in Jina’s office, so the pair snoop through Jina’s emails and learn that she kicked Juliana out of the school on purpose. Yuri is further upset with her mother and angry about the situation. Meanwhile, Kitty finds out that Jina was aware that she’s Eve’s daughter all along.

Yuri calls her mother a liar and wonders what it is that she’s hiding. They conclude that Professor Lee would have a copy of the 1993 yearbook since he was the alma mater of K.I.S.S too. They decide to sneak into Lee’s house to find his copy of the yearbook. Professor Lee makes it back to the library and is pleased with Maddison for maintaining the decorum.

He does not notice Kitty and Yuri are missing and asks the group to list out their lunch orders. Dae is concerned by the fact that Minho knew what Kitty would like to order in comparison to him who was dating Kitty was so long. Minho tells Dae that Kitty wasn’t in Korea only to see him but to learn more about her mother.

Professor Lee decides to take a pre-lunch roll call but Florian distracts him by asking to borrow a copy of Gilgamesh, which is not in the library. He is excited to share the copy with a student in need and decides to go home to bring it for Florian. Kitty calls Q from Professor Lee’s landline and tells him that they are at his house.

Q answers the call from his watch but fails to mention to Kitty that Lee is on his way home. The girls hide in the closet as Lee picks up the copy of the novel and leaves to go back to school. Kitty and Yuri eventually end up finding the yearbook and, subsequently, a photo of Jina and Eve together. Yuri points out that it looks like her mother had gained a lot of weight back then.

Kitty realises that it was Jina who was pregnant with Alex and not her mother. Yuri returns the necklace to Kitty and puts it on her making Kitty go through a lot of different emotions. They then take a shortcut to reach the library before Professor Lee. However, Lee beats the girls to it and starts taking attendance.

Maddison distracts Professor Lee again and the girls go back to their respective seats. Yuri claims that she was being crazy when she took Kitty’s necklace and promises to make things right. She borrows Q’s watch to make an important call, while Q learns that Kitty’s erotic dream was about Yuri and promises to keep it a secret between them.

Detention ends with Professor Lee handing out the phones back to the students, while Kitty finds Alex. She shows Alex the yearbook and tells the young professor that Jina could be his mother. The paparazzi are waiting outside to capture Yuri and Dae together, so Yuri makes an elaborate scene and publicly breaks up with him for being in love with Kitty.

Yuri tells Dae that he’s now free from the fake relationship and leaves. Yuri texts her mother that she has broken up with Dae because she had learned that Jina was responsible for Juliana’s transfer. Kitty, who was watching the break up all this time, is shocked to see Dae grab and kiss her. Kitty ignores her dream about Yuri and kisses Dae back as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

It’s funny how even with a good plot, the show is reduced to being a love triangle, in this case, a love square. Dae and Minho both fight over Kitty while she is obsessing over Yuri when she doesn’t even know if Yuri was gay or straight. I understand that Kitty is just coming to terms with her emotions but I feel like this show is following in the footsteps of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before when it has so much more potential than the original.

The relationship between the adults is really confusing and I am now thinking that Professor Lee was dating Eve and had cheated on her with Jina who fell pregnant with Alex. Phew, that really is something. I can’t emphasise how this show is repeating all the K-drama tropes, making it very predictable now. The play on words calling Dispatch News “Discatch” was really funny because it is public knowledge that Dispatch exposes celebrities by ‘catching them’.

I can’t keep count of how many K-pop songs are part of this show and I am really rooting for fans to make a Spotify playlist with all of them because I am sure it will be a chaotic playlist. The episode ends with Yuri ending things with Dae which could be her redemption arc because this is the only good thing she has done in the entirety of the show!

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