XO, Kitty – Episode 9 “SNAFU” Recap & Review


Episode 9 of XO, Kitty starts back at the boy’s dorm room where Q is working out while Minho breaks down the different types of relationships. Minho tells him that his relationship with Addison taught him that he was finally ready for something serious. Q tells Minho that things with Florian are not going so well.

However, Dae and Kitty are finally having a great time in their relationship. Kitty tells the boys that with her love life in a good place, she will have to focus on getting her grades up if she wants to stay at the school for her final year. Dae gets Minho and Q to help Kitty study. Kitty is worried that she won’t pass the year and will have to go back to America.

Meanwhile, Alex asks Jina for a chat before school and tells her that he’s her son. Jina is shocked to learn that Alex has traced his ancestry and found out that Professor Lee is his biological mother and that Jina is his biological mother. Jina tells him that Professor Lee did not know that Alex was his biological mother and is angry when she learns that Kitty had spilt the truth.

Jina goes back home with the hospital bracelet she got from Alex and tries to talk to her husband about it. However, Yuri overhears the conversation where Jina tells her husband that she had a child before marrying him and gave the child up for adoption. Yuri’s father is worried that the boy – Alex is back to threaten the family and ruin their public image.

Jina tries to calm him down but Yuri interrupts them, shocked. Yuri lashes out at her mother for trying to keep another secret from her and reveals that she was aware of how Jina kicked Juliana out of K.I.S.S because of her relationship with Yuri. Yuri tells her mother that Jina was only trying to protect her image over the fact that Yuri loves Juliana.

Yuri comes out to her mother and claims that she was gay and was faking the relationship with Dae. She tells her mother that she was done living a fake life to protect her mother and their family’s interests as she packs her bags and leaves her family home. In their dorm room, Q is helping Kitty study but the two talk about Kitty’s feelings for Yuri.

Kitty states that she was happy with Dae now and was only avoiding Yuri because she was afraid of breaking the news about Alex. Q doubts Kitty but she promises that everything was under control. Just then, Yuri shows up at Kitty and the boys’ dorm and asks to move in with them. Yuri tells Kitty that she had finally come out to her mom and claims that she learned that she had a secret brother who was in South Korea.

The two girls discuss how Jina was trying to push her brother away and hope to learn more about him. Kitty tries her best to keep the identity of her brother a secret as Yuri tries to piece things together. The next morning, Yuri and Dae are helping Kitty study. Yuri comes out to Minho and tells them that she was fake-dating Dae. Minho is surprised that Kitty had forgiven Dae so easily and he is more mad at Dae for lying to him as well.

The five students try their best to study but feel lethargic. Dae and Minho offer to get coffee for the group but Minho is still pissed at Dae. Dae wonders why Minho is so upset for Kitty when she had forgiven him. They are distracted though, when they spot Florian with a boy. Minho takes a photo of Florian and they talk to Q about it.

Meanwhile, in the dorm room, Yuri is talking to Juliana on video chat where the latter claims that Yuri is talking a lot about Kitty. Yuri reassures Juliana that she’s not into Kitty and adds that Kitty is totally straight, which does not leave a chance for the two to have any feelings for each other. One day before the finals, Professor Lee tells the students that anyone who takes part in the talent show could win extra credits for the semester. Yuri offers to teach Kitty the traditional Korean fan dance for the event.

During the lunch break, Minho and Dae join Q and Florian, accusing Florian of being suspicious. After Florian leaves, the boys show Q a photo of Florian with a different guy.

Meanwhile, Yuri helps Kitty practise for the talent show which puts them in close proximity and makes Kitty nervous. Yuri tells Kitty that she does not want to lose their friendship.

Kitty gets close to Yuri and is about to kiss her but they are interrupted when other girls enter the practice room. Q confronts Florian about allegedly cheating on him and the latter tells him that he’s failing classes and does not want to be sent back home to his parents. He tells Q that he was using help to cheat on exams in order to make it to the next year of high school.

On the night of the talent show, Dae asks Kitty if everything is okay but she tells him she’s okay. She goes to check on Professor Alex and learns that he’s going back home. Alex tells Kitty that he won’t be returning to South Korea the following year because his father, Professor Lee, does not know he exists and that his mother doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Kitty tells Alex that Yuri wanted to meet her half-brother and wanted a relationship with him but Alex isn’t sure if Jina would like that. Kitty learns that she had passed Alex’s class and asks him to think about moving back. Maddison’s parents meet Yuri’s parents on the night of the talent show. Yuri’s father asks Jina to bring Yuri back home and to take care of Alex as soon as possible.

Jina tells her husband that she was done keeping up appearances for him and was finally ready to accept her daughter for who she is. The talent show starts with a group of boys doing the Korean folk dance while Florian tries to reconcile with Q. Q tells him that he was a sportsman and that cheating was wrong in his eyes. Before their performance, Yuri’s mother tells her that Alex is her brother.

Yuri is mad at Kitty for keeping the fact a secret but they soon have to go on stage for their performance. Yuri argues with Kitty during their performance which causes Kitty to trip on a wire and burn her hanbok. Minho rushes to the stage in time and saves Kitty’s dress from burning as Dae comes in to help her as well.

The two share a moment as Dae asks Kitty what the chaos between her and Yuri was all about. Jina breaks down in front of her husband as he yells at her for ruining the business merger with Maddison’s parents. Alex tries to chat with Yuri and Jina finds them. Jina asks Professor Lee to come out for a chat as she takes Alex and Yuri along.

The episode ends with Kitty finally telling Dae that she has feelings for someone else, but Dae misinterprets who she’s talking about and believes it’s Minho.

The Episode Review

Kitty’s relationship with Dae really is problematic and I am happy that Minho is angry with Dae on behalf of Kitty. While Minho’s reason for being mad at Dae will be different considering the fact that he has feelings for Kitty, it is endearing that someone is standing up for her. It is so cliche that Jina decided to confront Yuri seconds before her on-stage performance which makes me wonder what other K-drama tropes are going to be used in this sitcom.

From the looks of it, Yuri’s parents deserve to be separated and Jina should actually date Professor Lee. The show is not getting any more interesting now and I hope that it ends on a high note in the finale because things are just looking messy for Kitty at the moment. With her finally understanding her feelings for Yuri, her relationship with Dae is bound to go in for a toss. Moreover, Yuri particularly hates her at the moment which leaves Kitty in a chaotic place.

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