Woori The Virgin – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Lies

Episode 6 of Woori The Virgin picks up where it left off with Gang-Jay watching Woori, Raphael and the family from afar. They then all head for dinner where Raphael pays for everything.

The next day, the chairman berates Raphael and orders him to not divorce Mi-Ra. In fact, he will even transfer the star cafe title over to her. Raphael is shocked that his father supports her but the chairman screams that he wouldn’t be able to find anyone better.

Mi-Ra calls her mother to tell her the good news but her mother orders her to come over. To her horror, Doo-Pal is there to threaten them. A fight then ensues between the two and Ma-Ri is knocked unconscious. Suddenly, Doo-Pal gets hit from behind with a picture frame by Mi-Ja who is surprisingly standing on her legs and not paralyzed like she claims to be.

Back in the police station, Gang-Jay argues with his chief as he is still convinced chairman Kim is behind the murder of Man-Chol. He insists he wants to investigate Diamond hospital.

Things are easing off a bit between Woori and her father when he comes to see her and promises to back off about her life and decisions she is to make.

The next day, Gang-Jay and Woori go camping together. They reminisce about the day they met where Gang-Jay confused her for a beauty thief and tasers her. They then kept meeting, at church then her restaurant. He eventually decided to ask her out when he learned that she was thinking of joining a convent.

The camping trip unfortunately doesn’t go to plan when it starts raining hard and they are forced to sleep in the car. As Woori remembers the past, we see that she had liked Gang-Jay from the beginning as well.

While Mi-Ra and her mother deal with a tied up Doo-Pal, Sung-Il visits Eun-Ran at her singing lessons and causes a stir with her friends.

Woori and Gang-Jay have a better day at the beach in the morning. Woori mentions that Raphael is getting a divorce because Mi-Ra had an affair with Man-Chol. She asks him if he knew but Gang-Jay lies. Woori also promises that she will do her best not to see Raphael too much for him.

Woori comes home and finds her mother and grandmother having dinner with Sung-Il. Raphael later shows up after Sung-Il invited him to talk about suing the OB/GYN doctor. Unfortunately, Gang-Jay sees them together as he came to give Woori her charger back, but he leaves quickly without anyone seeing him.

The next day, Woori is having trouble getting in touch with Gang-Jay. She heads to the station after work and finds out from his colleague that he got reprimanded by the chief today. He knew that Man-Chul was having an affair with Mi-Ra but didn’t report it. Gang-Jay comes in and she confronts him about it. All he can say is that he is not allowed to talk about the investigation but Woori is too upset that he lied and wonders if he did that to make sure she gave away her baby.

In the evening, Raphael tries to convince Mi-Ra to sign the divorce paper but she refuses again. Raphael follows her to her mother’s house and hears Doo-Pal screaming. He tries to come in so Mi-Ra had to use a last resort and signs the papers to get him to leave.

The morning after, Raphael invites Woori in his apartment to show her the nursery he has set up for the baby. Woori is very happy with it but bumps into Mi-Ra on her way out. The latter wants to talk but Woori berates her for everything she has been doing so far. Mi-Ras defends herself though and mentions Gang-Jay who has covered up for her about Man-Chul

Woori later meets with Gang-Jay who explains why he lied. He tells her he was afraid of the future and apologies. Woori understands and tells him not to be sorry.

Sung-Il visits Eun-Ran at her singing lessons again and asks her to start over after all these years. Eun-Ran is sorry but tells him she can’t. She is worried that if things don’t work out, Woori will get hurt again.

While they get their pictures taken in a studio, Woori runs out, looking very upset. Gang-Jay runs after her so Woori tells him she wants to break-up. She can’t forget he lied to her and believes he really didn’t want her to have the baby.

The Episode Review

What a sad ending for poor Gang-Jay. While it was expected, it did feel a little fast since Woori was more upset about how Gang-Jay had been feeling than the lies.

Still, it leaves room for Raphael now and I wonder if we will now see the two get closer together. The chemistry between the two has been lacking unfortunately but that may change over the next few episodes.

Again, for anyone who has watched the original, it is very difficult not to compare the two. At the moment, Jane the Virgin is the clear winner but on its own, Woori the Virgin is still a decent drama, with great acting and a decent story.

It is also a shame it has only 14 episodes, although it will be interesting to see what direction the show will take. For now, Woori the virgin delivers another good episode.

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