Woori The Virgin – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Choir

Episode 5 of Woori the Virgin starts with Sung-Il bursting into the restaurant, revealing that he is Woori’s father. Woori is shocked and asks her mother and grandmother to tell her truth. When they do, Woori gets upset and leaves the room.

After remembering what her mother told her when she was little, Woori confronts her about her lies and packs her suitcase to leave her home.

At the same time, Mi-Ra is also leaving with her suitcase but to her own mother. She despairs about her situation to her and eventually suggests that they could just live in peace for now. Her mother slaps her which then leads to her mother suggesting she tells the police that Raphael hit her

Mi-Ra heads back to the hospital and report the abuse to the police. Raphael is shocked by this and asks her if she is after money. Mi-Ra blackmails him and tells him she just wants to stay with him.

The next day, at the office, Ye-Ri catches Woori looking at Sung-Il’s pictures, which makes her think she is going out with him, especially after seeing them together the other night.

Sung-Il surprises Woori at work and invites her for dinner. He takes her to the theatre he used to work in, where he has set it up with a lavish dinner, with candles and lights. They talk and Woori finds out that her mother lied about his childhood. Sung-Il acts very enthusiastic about being a dad and gives Woori gifts but she feels a little awkward.

She later speaks to Gang-Jay about the dinner and how uncomfortable she felt because he is nothing like she imagined. Gang-Jay reassures her that it is because she only just found out and doesn’t

The next day, Sung-Il visits Eun-Ran and relays that he had dinner with Woori and how well it went. Eun-Ran is not happy and asks him to be careful with her because of the accident. Sung-Il is still not aware of what happened so Eun-Ran catches him up on everything. This prompts him to bursts into the OBGYN office and berates Jin-Hee for what she did, while her current patient recognises him and secretly films the outburst.

Sung-Il later comes to Woori’s office again and take her for a meal. There, he tells her that he understands that it mustn’t have been easy to live with just a mother. He wants to reassure her now that he is here, she will be able to come to him now and especially with her current situation. Woori is not happy that he is assuming everything about her and reminds him that he knows nothing about her. He replies that he will get to know here slowly but also he doesn’t think she should keep the baby. Woori is very upset with his opinion, reminds him of his situation with her mother and storms out of the room.

Woori sees the black eye on Mi-Ra and later confronts Raphael who of course denies hitting his wife. Fortunately, thanks to the housekeeper, he finds out that  Mi-Ra came in last night with a black eye but before she met Raphael. Mi-Ra gets angry of course and storms out.

Raphael then meets with Woori to explain everything. He tells her he understands she wants the baby to grow up with both parents but since his disease, he feels that he has been given a second chance and wants to make sure he uses it. They then talk about how they both grew up with only one parent and what they missed out on the most.

As expected, Sung-Il’s video has gone viral and he is losing followers because of it. Woori sees it and confronts her father on his outburst. He defends himself as he wanted to do something for her. Woori is very angry and tells him to let her be.

Suddenly, a reporter appears taking their pictures. Sung-Il quickly stops him and breaks his camera. He offers to do an exclusive interview in exchange of agreeing not to reveal her face to the media.

The next morning, Eun-San decides to finally explain why she lied to Woori about her father. She explained that he wasn’t anything special but he was genuinely worried when he found out she was pregnant back in school. Unfortunately, his mother found out and dragged her to hospital, imploring her to have an abortion and asking to stop seeing Sung-Il.

Eun-Ran got scared and ran away then decided to not tell anyone who the father was. She apologizes and the two reconcile.

Woori later decides to call Sung-Il to see how he is. He puts on a brave face and tells her he is fine even though he almost lost all of his followers. Thankfully, Jin-Hee posts an apology video for what she did and his followers start going up again.

Things are not looking good for Mi-Ra when her estranged husband who was in prison arrives at the hospital. We then see that Mi-Ra’s mother had him beaten up in the past. This led him to crash his car into Mi-Ra’s mother, which is how she lost her the use of her legs. He then blackmails her and asks for 1 billion won.

Gang-Jay tracks Mi-Young to an abandoned building but unfortunately finds her dead with an empty bottle of arsenic.

At the same time, Eun-ran and Gwi-Nyeo take Woori to her old school where Sung-Il is waiting for them. On a projector, they show Woori’s choir competition. Everyone is emotional while watching of course and Raphael also happens to be there. Just as they all leave, Gang-Jay arrives and watches on as they all laugh together.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Woori the Virgin sets the tone for what is to come as our characters settle more into their individual roles. Raphael finds out more about how devious his wife is while we learn that Mi-Ra was previously married.

The end also shows that Gang-Jay is starting to feel left out as he sees Raphael with Woori and his family. This, of course, will lead to competition and tension between the two main men.

On the other hand, Sung-Il has got it all wrong whenever he is around Woori and it will be interesting to see how this relationship will develop in the upcoming episodes

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