Woori The Virgin – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Blessing

Episode 7 of Woori the Virgin starts where it left off as Woori walks away from Gang-Jay. She heads home, crying, while reminiscing about their time together.

Back in the hospital, Mi-Ra laments to her father-in-law about signing the divorce papers. Suddenly, Mi-Ja arrives and lies that she has travelled from China as she had a meeting. After she leaves, the chairman orders his son not to get a divorce because he needs Mi-Ra more than he needs him. Her mother has a connection with a Chinese hospital, which he is interested in.

Raphael goes home alone and reminisces about the first day he met Woori. Back then, he told her that his dream was to have a family and have dinner with them everyday.

The next day, Woori and Raphael meet with Sung-Il and his lawyer to discuss their case. Raphael is worried that Woori doesn’t look well and is stressed because of the case.

Sung-Il then tells Raphael that she broke up with Gang-Jay. This prompts him to organize a surprise fancy dinner for Woori at her office later than day. In the morning, Ye-Ri brings Woori to a spa and explains that Raphael organized it all.

Meanwhile, Sung-Il is getting jealous when he hears that Eun-Ran is having dinner with another man, Jung Hyung-Sik. During that dinner, Sung-Il decides to spy on them but is soon recognized by the waitress. Eun-Ran sees him and he heads over to her table, pretending that he is there for a meeting.

In the morning, Woori, Raphael and Sung-Il meet with their lawyer and the OBGYN’s lawyer. Both end up arguing which upsets Woori.

Afterwards, Raphael takes Woori to the side and suggests that they drop the lawsuit since he can see it’s upsetting her and he thinks the baby is a blessing to them, not an accident or a curse.

Gang-Jay waits for Woori outside her house and tells her he can’t accept the breakup. Woori is annoyed and tells him to leave her alone. Raphael arrives to pick her but she faints when she starts walking.

In the hospital, the doctor tells Woori’s family that she needs to be careful and not stress or she could have a miscarriage. Gang-Jay realizes he shouldn’t be there and leaves quickly.

Her family takes her home later in the evening. Raphael sends her a recording message of him reading a fairy tale to the baby, which makes her happy.

Gang-Jay investigation takes him to a depot where he needs to check out a container.  With his colleague, he watches and sees someone coming out of the container, believing he may be meeting chairman Kim. They follow him to Diamond hospital and to a room but when they bursts in, no one is there.

Raphael takes Woori to a yoga class but it turns out to be a couple yoga class. The exercises are actually quite intimate, which make them uncomfortable. Raphael then returns to the hospital and learns that his father has made Mi-Ra the director.

In the evening, Doo-Pal almost escapes when he convinces Mi-Ra to let him go. He then knocks her unconscious but Mi-Ja manages to quickly tazze him.

Sung-Il organises a dinner with Eun-ran and Jung Hyung-Sik but also brings a woman. The evening doesn’t go as planned when Sung-Il’s date realizes that Jung Hyung-Sik is a former Judo Olympic champion and starts gushing over him.

Woori and Raphael have another meeting with the lawyers. The doctor wants to sincerely apologize for what happened and wants to take full responsibility. Woori then speaks up and explains that she has decided to not have any trial since she feels the baby is a precious baby.

Woori overhears a conversation between Raphael and his father where the latter orders his son not to divorce Mi-Ra. Woori steps in and tells the chairman that she wont give Raphael the baby if he doesn’t divorce Mi-Ra.

The episode ends with Woori thanking Raphael for helping her while she was struggling. At night, Raphael dreams of the kiss he shared with Woori many years ago.

The Episode Review

Woori The Virgin continues where we left off, as we see Woori and Raphael slowly getting closer to one another. He is definitely showing his caring side by multiplying attentions towards Woori and the baby. Unfortunately, for me, the chemistry is still not quite there yet.

There was another fun little nod to Jane the Virgin in the episode too, and fans may have recognized that when Woori and Ye-Ri go to the spa, Ye-Ri mentions “The Jane” treatment which is the mom’s body treatment.

There were also some fun moments with Sung-Il too, and I hope we do see more of him in the coming weeks. Woori the Virgin may not be one of the best K-dramas this year, but it’s ticking along nicely, hopefully things will pick up in the episodes ahead.

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