Woori The Virgin – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Stray Email

Episode 4 of Woori pick up where we left off with Raphael realizing he met Woori in the past and remembers their first kiss on a trip on the east coast. He rushes over the restaurant to ask her about it but Gang-Jay replies for her that she has never even been to the East coast. Woori, however, remains speechless during the whole meal.

Back home, Gwi-Nyeo walks in on Sung-Il and Eun-Ran kissing and is shocked. Eun-Ran then admits that he is the father which angers the Gwi-Nyeo. Eun-Ran also tells her mother she doesn’t know how to tell Woori since she has lived all her life believing her father is dead.

At the hospital, Raphael is surprised when his father tells him that he has appointed Byeon-Jin as the new CEO and Raphael will now be the executive managing director, because of what happened during the event.

We also learn that Byeon-Jin used to go out with Mi-Ra but she broke up with him when she met Raphael and realised who he was.

While out shopping, Woori and Eun-Ran discuss how difficult the situation must be for Gang-Jay. Woori later takes lunch to Gang-Jay and almost gets a little too close to him, making her feel very flustered. She later mentions this to Ye-Ri who gives her some seduction tips.

Gang-Jay returns to the hospital and tells Mi-Ra he changed his mind about the evidence he has gathered about her. She is now summoned to the police station. Gang-Jay then decides to go look through the garbage and finds the hard drive with video footage of the lift where the murder occurred.

After a meal with his colleagues, Gang-Jay sees his old partner’s family and remembers how he lost him. He blames himself as he let him go first in a building while they were investigation Chairman Kim.

In the evening, Gang-Jay picks up Woori from work and she suggests they go back to his place for dinner. There, Woori applies her colleague’s seduction tips to Gang-Jay. Unfortunately, none of it works on him as he doesn’t understand why she is doing all of it.

The next day, Raphael apologies to Woori about putting her on the spot about their first meeting. He then asks her to write an introductory piece for the hospital. Woori then sees Sung-Il who acts overfriendly with her and asks for a selfie.

Mi-Ra meets Byeon-Jin in a bar and asks what his plan is. He explains that there is another cosmetic hospital in China who suggested they join with Diamond hospital. If he manages to get the Chinese shares then the foundation director and Raphael will be disposed of. Unbeknownst to them, Raphael is watching from afar.

Sung-Il visits Gwi-Nyeo and her friends in a community centre and everyone makes a fuss around him. They then talk privately where Sung-Il explains that Eun-Ran didn’t tell him she kept the baby. However now, he wants to be there for them and be a father to Woori.

In her room, Woori decides to write a sexy letter to Gang-Jay. Suddenly she gets a call from Raphael asking her to send him the hospital article. Unfortunately, she gets mixed up and sends him the sexy letter instead.

In the morning, Woori calls Gang-Jay asking if he read the email she sent him. Gang-Jay acts very confused and tells her that he doesn’t know much about this field and is not sure how he can help. Woori is confused and wonders if he has problems. She then realizes she sent him the wrong email when he mentions the hospital.

Woori rushes over to Raphael’s office and begs him not to open her email. Unfortunately, he already did. He smiles and tells her he knows she sent it by mistake.

While walking in a park, Woori tells Gang-Jay how happy she has been with him and how much she loves him. She then suggests that they sleep together. Gang-Jay looks at her and suggests that they eat at the Chinese restaurant in the hotel he mentioned before then they will leave after breakfast.

Just as she is leaving work, Woori is surprised to see Sung-Il, waiting for her with snacks. They sit together and he asks about her father. She tells him that he died when she was little but the word “dad” never existed in her house as it always made her mother upset. Sung-Il gets very emotional listening to her and leaves quickly after.

Woori and Gang-Jay have dinner in the hotel then head into their room. Things are a little awkward in the room, especially when they are each interrupted by a call from Raphael, followed by the fire alarm. Gang-Jay thinks they are all signs and thinks they should both go home and wait until they are married. Woori agrees and heads home with the good news.

The next day, at the police station, the hard drive has been analyzed and it is revealed that a nurse called Shin Mi-Young is the one who murdered Noh Man Chol. However, they are not sure she is chairman Kim as her employment period doesn’t match with Chairman Kim’s active period.

During a board meeting, Raphael makes it come to light that Byeon-Jin made a big mistake when trying to secure a alliance with the Chinese hospital. Raphael then impresses his father when he tells him that the Chinese CEO is on video call. The Chinese CEO tells them he was impressed by the introductory letter he received and has agreed to buy their products. After the call, the chairman fires Byeon-Jin and reinstates Raphael as CEO.

Raphael thanks Mi-Ra for revealing what Byeon-Jin’s plan was. Thanks to her information, he was able to remove him from the hospital. However, he serves her with divorce paper again because he found out that she cheated on him and he wants to protect his baby.

Sung-Il calls Eun-Ran and she accidently tells him that Woori is getting married. Sung-ill is surprised and is determined to walk Woori down the aisle.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Raphael arrives to tell the family that he is getting a divorce but promises to give the baby the best life. Suddenly, Sung-Il arrives too and blurts out to Woori that he is her father.

The Episode Review

We are getting to know the characters more and more in Woori The Virgin and while they are still not as charismatic and extravagant (Rogelio) as in the original, they are all still likeable and I am looking forward to see where the show will take them in this version.

The only thing I would say is missing at the moment is the chemistry between Woori and Raphael, which was present very early on in the American version. But it’s still early days.

There was also a fun little meta nod to Jane the Virgin here too. When Woori and Eun-Ran talk about how Gang-Jay must be dealing with the situation, Eun-Ran says: “It’s not like we’re some Michael and Jane living in Florida”. This refers, of course, to their characters counterpart in Jane the Virgin.

For any fans of Jane The Virgin, it might sometimes be difficult not to compare the two but for now, Woori The Virgin  remains a pleasant watch with plenty of potential for the future episodes.

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