Woori The Virgin – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Decision

Episode 2 of Woori The Virgin starts where we left off with Gang-Jae proposing to Woori and the latter admitting that she is really pregnant. She also tells him that she won’t keep the baby so Gang-Jae promises to be there for everything.

Woo-Ri returns home and starts up looking similar cases on the internet. There is tension between her and her mother as Woo-Ri has always struggled to talk to her. She has always wondered why she decided to have her at such a young age, feeling as though Eun-Ran has always regretted it.

Mi-Ra and Raphael have an appointment at the hospital where Jin-Hee comes clean about her mistake. Mi-Ra is of course furious and after speaking to her mum, rushes back to the doctor’s office to find out who the other woman is.

The next day, Sung-Il meets with Woori and Ye-Ri as he has some demands for the next episodes of the drama. He acts very arrogant and dismisses Woori when she tries speaking.

Woori then meets with Mi-ra who tells her the insemination was meant to be for her. She explains that her husband, Raphael had cancer and this was their last chance to have a baby. She begs her to save their baby’s life but Woori asks her about her life and storms off.

Meanwhile, Sung-Il comes to Eun-Ran’s place to confront her about disappearing all these years ago and reappearing all of the sudden.

At the police station, Gang-Jae is berated by his boss about acting so rashly with anything to do with chairman Kim. We then learned that chairman Kim is known as faceless drug king because no one has ever seen him and has also killed Gang-Jae’s partner.

Raphael also finds out who the other woman is and meets with Woori. He apologizes to her and tells her he will make sure no one seeks her out anymore. Woori asks how he feels about everything. He replies that he would like a family but not like this. He understands it must be very difficult for her and wants to do anything he can to help.

Eun-Ran finally tells Sung-Il that she kept the baby despite telling him that she had an abortion. Sung-Il is not happy that she waited 30 years. Eun-Ran then also reveals that their daughter is the assistant writer from his drama so of course, he wants to go talk to her right away. Eun-ran wants to stop him though and tells him that Woori is going through something difficult.

In the broadcasting station, Sung-Il arrives with some snacks and acts completely different around Woori. He tells her and Ye-Ri that the script is perfect and is full of compliments for his daughter.

Things are not going well for Mi-Ra as Raphael is not happy when he learns she told his father about what has happened. She goes crying to her mother who tells her to keep seeking her father-in-law approval for now.

After mass, Woori’s grandma learns that Woori is pregnant. Shocked, she runs and drop kicks Gang-Jae, blaming him. Woori quickly stops her and explains the whole story.

Later, Woori meets with chairman Kim and Mi-Ra. The chairman asks her to keep the baby but Woori is still unsure. The chairman then offers her 2 billion won which make Woori think about her family financial situation. Still unsure and confused, she quickly walks out.

Woori returns home to find her grandmother distressed at the thought of her having an abortion as it is a sin in the bible. Her mother agrees that she should so Woori looks at her mother and explains that she doesn’t want to regret it.

In the morning, Woori heads into the hospital with Gang-Jay, her mother and grandmother. Unbeknown to them, the doctor has organised a meeting with the chairman and Mi-Ra. They try convincing her again but this time, Eun-Ran tells them that it is their daughter’s life they are talking about and no amount of money can buy it.

As they all argue, Raphael storms in and berates his father for his illegal offer. He then later apologizes to Woori and her family, promising that it wont happen again.

To everyone’s surprise though, Woori doesn’t go ahead with the abortion. She later tells her family she wants to have the baby just like her mother had her. She finally tells her mother how she has been feeling and that she has always believed Eun-Ran never wanted her.

Eun-Ran tearfully explains that she has always wanted to be a singer so her daughter could be proud of her and how happy she has made her since the moment she was born. Woori tearfully explains that she was never embarrassed but proud of how hard she has always worked. She is happy Eun-ran has given her a life full of love so she wants to give her baby the same chance.

After a heart to heart with her grandma, Woori talks with Gang-Jay as she knows how difficult the situation is. Thankfully, Gang-Jae still wants to help her despite of it all.

Mi-Ra has been eavesdropping and is ecstatic when she hears Woori is keeping the baby. She quickly calls her mother to give her the good news but as she gets home, she sees No Man-Chul waiting for her. She asks her mother what she should do if something is stopping it from being perfect. Her mother then implies to get rid of it.

The next day, Woori and Gang-Jay drive to the hospital to meet with Raphael. As the door of the elevator opens, they are shocked to find No Man-Chul, dead, with a scalpel in his neck.

The Episode Review

Woori The Virgin continues with another good episode, chock full of development for all our characters. It was nice to see Woori and her mother having a heart to heart about how they have been feeling towards one another.

After just two episodes, we could see just how long they have been torn but this unexpected pregnancy seems to have brought them closer to each other.

I do hope we will see more of Sung-Il in the upcoming episodes. He certainly has big shoes to fill as Rogelio De La Vega from Jane the Virgin was such a charismatic and fun character, one of my favourite too.

The episode ended with quite the cliffhanger as No Man-Chul is found dead. Did Mi-Ra kill him or did her mother do it? This will probably be one of the more intriguing parts of the show alongside the chairman’s wrongdoings.

One notable difference is the narrator missing compared to the original American show. This was such a big part of Jane the Virgin but I am not sure how it would have fit with this version.

Woori The Virgin is still fun to watch but only time will tell if it will rival the success of the original.

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