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Episode 7

Episode 7 of Why Her starts with Gong Chan rushing to meet Oh Soo-jae as he hears Seok-pal’s car blow up through the call. With Soo-jae unresponsive, he calls associate Song Mi-rim and figures out that the lawyer was at the fishing port to meet Seok-pal.

As he takes a taxi to the location, Soo-jae wakes up and calls the cops to report the incident driving away in her car. She puts up a text on the Legal Clinic’s group chat as Gang-ja, Se-ryun and Chun-poong leave for the fishing port while Chan is already on his way there.

Chan sees Soo-jae drive in the opposite direction and turns his cab around to follow her. Getting out of a stop sign, he forces Soo-jae out of the driving seat as she appears to be shell-shocked from witnessing the accident. Soo-jae talks to a concerned Mi-rim and informs her that she was okay and on her way home.

A flashback shows the legal clinic students claim that Seok-pal is one of the prime suspects in Park So-young’s case and identify Choi Joo-wan as his partner. Choi Yoon-sang is angry to see his brother involved in the issue while the team discusses So-young’s pregnancy being related to the VVIPs of the hostess bar aka Hansu Bio’s Chairman Han Seung-beom, Assemblyman Lee In-soo as well as TK Law Firm’s Chairman and Yoon-sang’s father, Choi Tae-kook.

Yoon-sang claims that it is a stretch to suspect the three as anyone could be the murderer but Mi-rim points out that Chairman Han was close with So-young. Se-ryun disguises herself as a pregnant woman and talks to So-young’s gynecologist to try and extract information about the father of So-young’s child.

She finds out that the man was a well-to-do person. Gang-ja uses her connections and tries to figure out Chairman Han’s whereabouts on the night of the murder. Meanwhile, Chan and Chun-poong try to find information about Seok-pal and reveal that the hostess bar owner followed So-young on the night of her murder.

The group concludes that Seok-pal is the one that murdered So-young while at present, both Soo-jae and Chan arrive at Soo-jae’s residence and discuss the new findings. Soo-jae plays a recording of Seok-pal’s last call to her where he claims that Soo-jae too was responsible for So-young’s death.

Chan thinks that Soo-jae’s life was put in danger on purpose so instead of leaving her alone, Chan offers to stay with her. He notices a dying plant and waters it while Soo-jae shares that she did not care about plants. Chan sleeps on one of her couches after offering Soo-jae a spare blanket in her own house.

After a while, Chan wakes up and notices Soo-jae having a nightmare as the lawyer feels that she is being trapped inside a burning car. She wakes up in shock and goes to the restroom as she sobs in pain wondering why is she the one to witness people dying.

She sobs alone but Chan checks up on her and offers her solace stating that her tears only make her human reassuring her that she is not lame for crying. He comforts her as she sobs whereas Gang-ja, Se-ryun, and Chun-poong visit the scene of Seok-pal’s death.

At the same time, Yoon-sang sneaks into his father’s office and finds a secret hiding spot but quickly exists the location as he hears his father come in. The next day, Soo-jae notices that Chan has made her a special breakfast before leaving while Tae-kook has breakfast talking to the police chief about Seok-pal’s murder.

The chief Kang Gil-joo claims that Soo-jae’s car was discovered at the scene of the crime but Tae-kook dismisses it as a coincidence. The chief claims that she was the last person that spoke to Seok-pal before his death and the law firm owner asks him to look it over. Yoon-sang tries calling Chan but the two have a verbal banter because Chan was with Soo-jae.

The son of the law firm owner states that his family should not be suspected without concrete evidence and that he does not suspect his family members but is trying to prove their innocence. The rest of the Group 8 members overhear their conversation and find out that Yoon-sang is Tae-kook’s son and are concerned about solving a case with his family as the prime suspects.

At the legal clinic, the four remaining Group 8 members discuss the death of Seok-pal and his involvement in the murder of So-young. They conclude that Seok-pal was murdered and did not commit suicide just like the hostess, proof of which could be recorded in Soo-jae’s car dashcam.

Soo-jae shows up at Mr. Ko’s hiding spot and discovers that her spy had gone into hiding after being threatened. She shares her dash cam chip with him and asks Mr. Ko to look for evidence about Seok-pal’s death. On her drive back, Soo-jae and Mi-rim talk about the progress of Seok-pal’s case while she meets with SP Partners’ Yoon Se-pil all of a sudden.

He is shocked to learn about Seok-pal’s death and shows up at the mental health facility to visit Eun-soo. She is painting and does not recognize Se-pil but as soon as he tries to drape her with a shawl, she has a panic attack and starts yelling.

The nurses rush to take her away but Director Baek Jin-ki notices Eun-soo losing her calm. She is taken away but Se-pil and Jin-ki discuss her condition. They recall a time when the doctors informed them that Eun-soo was sexually assaulted when she was in the hospital receiving treatment for her injuries.

Present-day Se-pil states that he will make “them” pay for everything they did, one at a time. Tae-kook is getting a shave when he claims that his pawns are trying to take control of him. He meets with Soo-jae for dinner and the two have a conversation full of analogies related to fishing where Soo-jae claims that the one who throws the bait is not necessary the powerful one.

The law firm owner offers a contrary take saying that patience is his key to victory even when the odds are against him. Soo-jae declines the offer to join a forum for her to get immunity against being a suspect in Seok-pal’s murder claiming that she would not take this bait leaving Tae-kook frustrated. Soo-jae returns to her house and is laying on the couch when Chan calls her stating he has left her something to eat at her door.

The two have a short conversation leaving Soo-jae delirious as she opens the meal Chan has left behind for her. The next day, Soo-jae arrives at the Seojung University legal clinic but two officers waiting there to take her in as a witness in the case of Seok-pal’s death.

The Group 8 students along with Soo-jae and Mi-rim retaliate but the police chief calls one of the cops asking to arrest Soo-jae for the murder of Seok-pal. Yoon-sang tries to intervene but the police officers handcuff Soo-jae after playing a conversation of Seok-pal’s call with Soo-jae.

Soo-jae declares that Mi-rim would defend her in the case and recalls how Tae-kook had warned her about this last night. On her way out with the cops, Chan runs into Soo-jae being taken away in handcuffs and offers his scarf to cover the cuffs.

Soo-jae asks the students to stay at the university as she is arrested while Chan and Mi-rim rush to her apartment to gather evidence. Yoon-sang shows up at his father’s office and creates a scene calling the law firm owner on his wrongdoings.

Tae-kook asks his son why Yoon-sang sneaked into his office but the law school student claims that his father was trying to hide something. The law firm owner orders Yoon-sang to return back home and keep out of Soo-jae’s issue but the son ends up accusing Joo-wan and his father.

He asks Joo-wan to take advantage of Soo-jae’s absence and find the flash drive at her apartment. Meanwhile, at Soo-jae’s apartment, Chan and Mi-rim are not able to figure out the lock on Soo-jae’s door which is why they call Joon-hee.

She tells them the passcode but after seeing the news about Soo-jae’s arrest, she too shows up at Soo-jae’s apartment. Mi-rim guesses her passcode but soon after, Joo-wan shows up in order to confiscate documents from her house.

Joon-hee declares that him showing up in Soo-jae’s absence is TK Law Firm trying to take advantage of the lawyer as they provided her with the accommodation. Chan finds Soo-jae’s spare laptop hidden behind the dying plants from a few nights before and hides it from Joo-wan who takes the printed documents and leaves.

In the questioning room, Soo-jae waits for Mi-rim to arrive and the associate informs the room that she was “watering the plants” as a hint for Soo-jae. The police officers play a video from Hong Seok-pal before his death in which he claimed that Soo-jae was the one who coaxed him into murdering So-young with a threat to his family and his work because Soo-jae was involved with Assemblyman An Kang-won.

Soo-jae looks at the video as if she has already seen it but the cops pause it mid-way to question her. The lawyer asks them to continue playing it as the bar owner confesses to murdering So-young.

The officer shares the video with Gang-ja and the rest of the Group 8 members look into the video as the bar owner continues saying that he was committing suicide after being guilty of murdering So-young. Soo-jae seems confused but the police chief Kang declares that the case was over.

A flashback shows the evil trio gathering together as Assemblyman In-soo talks about eliminating Soo-jae so their secrets can be safe after she had gotten her hands on the flash drive with confidential information.

Back to the present day, Tae-kook is furious at In-soo thinking he was superior to the law firm owner despite being a mere pawn in his game plan. The autopsy report confirms that Seok-pal had committed suicide and Soo-jae is put behind bars.

The Episode Review

The drama keeps unfurling in this show as Soo-jae is now in jail for a crime that she had no part in. It is clear that Tae-kook is somehow convinced to have Seok-pal commit suicide to frame Soo-jae as he confesses to murdering So-young which is like killing two birds with one stone.

Now TK Law Firm is drama-free, and Soo-jae is convicted for the murder of So-young as well as for abetting the suicide of Seok-pal. Just like there is more to every story, it is quite likely that Seok-pal did not commit suicide but was murdered by the evil trio or police Chief Kang.

To see how the police are involved with the rich men makes it hard to have faith in the judiciary. Chan is trying his best to help Soo-jae out but it seems like his personal battles will catch him. It may be possible that Eun-soo is none other than Na-jung who was found by Se-pil and Jin-ki and taken care of after her raped and assumed murder.

She could also be the lover/wife of Se-pil or somehow related to Jin-ki. A theory also suggests that Eun-soo could be the birth mother of Joo-wan’s child and Jae-yi was not Soo-jae’s daughter as it seems. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to see the legal clinic get Soo-jae out of prison now that she is filled with rage as she sets out to destroy Tae-kook.

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