Why Her – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

After Oh Soo-jae’s blatant demand for 70 billion won, episode 6 of Why Her begins with TK Law firm owner Choi Tae-kook expressing how infuriated he is with her and isn’t sure he can trust her. Soo-jae wishes to see the evil trio of Director Tae-kook, Assemblyman In-soo and Chairman Han of Hansu Bio succeed as that means her success too.

She informs the firm owner that she is aware of his master plan involving the two powerful men as his puppets and promises Tae-kook that she will not leak the information from the flash drive if he promises to pay Soo-jae in full.

As a condition, Tae-kook also asks Soo-jae to settle his older son, Choi Joo-wan’s divorce case for him. After the discussion, Tae-kook finds Han Ki-taek of Hansu Bio and strikes the Chairman’s nephew across his face for riling Soo-jae up with his story about her past. He asks Ki-taek to yield to all of Soo-jae’s requests regarding the Hansu Bio sell-off.

In his car, Tae-kook is furious at Ha Il-ku, his right-hand man for not taking the flash drive from Soo-jae before she opened it but Il-ku brings up Gong Chan that has the law firm owner thinking about the student.

Il-ku informs Tae-kook that Chan is just a student from the Legal Clinic who lives near Soo-jae’s house which could be the reason why she called him during the attack. The firm owner states that he should not be a bother as Chan is just a nobody to their issue.

Meanwhile, Chan is in a secret room at his house where he seems to be investigating the murder of his step-sister – Jeon Na-jung, one that he was framed for. Chan’s friend So Jo-gab finds him and figures out that Soo-jae was his lawyer in the case.

Knowing the fact that Soo-jae is involved with big names on his case, Jo-gab tries to make Chan give up on trying to find the real murderer but the law school student is adamant to find the real murderer. Chan believes the one that was caught was a set-up but Jo-gab asks him to live his new life freely instead of holding on to his past.

Soo-jae is drunk again and back at the same restaurant with her friend Chae Joon-hee who is getting late for work. The two discuss Soo-jae’s 70 billion won request to Tae-kook when the lawyer states that she is infuriated with the firm owner because he misused her name, the one that her father had given her.

The lawyer explains that her name means outstandingly pure but Tae-kook misused it for money laundering which is why they needed to pay. Soo-jae wants to shake them up by trying to meddle in Tae-kook’s master plan and this is her first move. Joon-hee is concerned about Soo-jae but just as she is ready to leave, the lawyer is passed out drunk.

Joon-hee is getting late for her shift and sees a call on Soo-jae’s phone from Gong Chan. She does not answer knowing Soo-jae has feelings for him but the student suddenly shows up at the same restaurant.

A drunken Soo-jae wakes up and declares that she did not want to see Chan but the student offers to stay with Soo-jae stating that he too is uncomfortable around her but was at the restaurant for a meal and not to meet her. Joon-hee leaves the two alone and they have an awkward conversation.

The student tells Soo-jae that he lied about not wanting to see her and the lawyer is flustered. Chan recalls a story about being chased by a pretty girl when he worked in the fish market and Soo-jae is visibly jealous.

The lawyer then discusses how she is upset about her name being misused and Chan recalls the times when he was treated poorly because of his old name after he was released from prison.

Soo-jae states that she did not want to see Chan because he knows another embarrassing detail of her life that she wishes to hide from everyone. The student reassures her that he too had such an embarrassing memory which makes them similar to each other.

Chan asks her to wait for better things and better people to show up in her life and Soo-jae takes a shot at that. Back at her house, Soo-jae gets a call from Song Mi-rim who states that she has a breakfast meeting with SP Partners’ Yoon Se-pil.

The next morning, the firm owner and Soo-jae meet up for breakfast and Soo-jae gives him an intel to maximize his profit in the Hansu Bio sale in exchange for 13% of the sale amount. The two strike a deal as Soo-jae asks Se-pil to only go ahead with the sale if she is involved.

The firm owner states that she should work with him as she would only make 8 to 10% of TK Law firm’s 70 billion won profit but Soo-jae states that she would be taking it all anyway leaving Se-pil amused as she leaves.

At the Hansu Bio meeting, Han Ki-taek convinces his uncle, Chairman Han Sung-beom, and cousin Han Dong-o to go as per Soo-jae’s requests with a promise of yielding a bigger profit in the future despite high stakes in the present.

The Chairman agrees to initiate a merger with SP Partners with Oh Soo-jae as the mediator. Ki-taek claims that SP Partners have a very lucrative asset credit while TK Law firm would pay the damages as they are monitoring the merger which is a win-win for Hansu Bio.

Soo-jae arrives at TK Law firm and notices the evil trio’s henchman and hostess bar owner Hong Seok-pal creating a ruckus in the office to meet Tae-kook. Soo-jae appears worried initially as she rides the elevator with Seok-pal but as she leaves the floor, she discusses Park So-young with him.

She leaves by handing over her business card to Seok-pal who furiously crushes it as the elevator doors close. Soo-jae asks Mi-rim to spy on Seok-pal who is on his way to meet President Choi under the guise of talking to the Director’s secretary.

Mi-rim informs Soo-jae that Seok-pal was furiously yelling at Il-ku as he left Tae-kook’s office and the lawyer asks about Mr. Ko, her personal spy who has been MIA for a few days. At the legal clinic, Soo-jae asks Group 8 members to look into the man who pushed Park So-young off the terrace while the students ask her to give them more intel than what they have.

Soo-jae exits without answering their questions leaving Mi-rim behind to help them as much as she can. The students are offered a bargain option where Gang-ja, Se-ryun, and Chun-poong sign an NDA for solving the case for Soo-jae in exchange of something that they like. Yoon-sang asks Soo-jae why she is bothered about the case and the lawyer asks him to keep out of it as someone he knows is on the list of suspects for the murder of So-young.

The son of the law firm owner states his bargain for helping her solve the case is for her to never date Chan. He states that he saw the two having a drink at the restaurant and Soo-jae had never seemed more joyful in the past than when she was with Chan.

Yoon-sang wants to be the person who makes her smile and did not want her to be with Chan as he confesses his own feelings for the lawyer. Finally, Chan enters the room and states that he does not have any condition for helping Soo-jae with the case without any negotiation.

After Chan exits after signing the NDA, Soo-jae’s mother creates chaos outside making the lawyer concerned. However, the student manages the situation for Soo-jae and takes his mother out of the University premises without letting her draw more attention from the staff and the students.

Soo-jae is relieved that Chan takes charge of the situation for her while Director Baek Jin-ki confronts her by stating that the student taking charge of the situation was a good thing. He asks Soo-jae why she is interested in solving the case and Soo-jae recalls her past conversation with the Director when she was working on Gong Chan’s case years ago.

She repeats her words from the past and claims that doing what she is doing is the right way to go. Jin-ki asks if this is worth it and to ‘go with the flow’ which makes the lawyer suspicious of the Director. As she comes back to her cabin, Mi-rim tells Soo-jae that Chan is handling her mother very well.

At TK Law Firm, Hansu Bio signs a merger contract with SP Partners. Joo-wan talks to his father about the risks involved in the merger and the father explains that they had to go on with the deal because Soo-jae found out about fraudulent accounts.

Tae-kook asks Joo-wan to marry Soo-jae after his divorce is finalized. Meanwhile, Soo-jae meets with Joo-wan’s wife – Lim Seung-yeon – who tells the lawyer that in lieu of what the TK Law firm owner had told the lawyer, she did not want custody of her daughter. Seung-yeon claims that she had not birthed the child – Choi Jae-yi.

She claims that when she was informed about Jae-yi after she was married to Joo-wan, she lost her own child due to the stress of raising an illegitimate child. Seung-yeon states that Tae-kook convinced her to pretend that she birthed Jae-yi as she calls her father-in-law a sociopath leaving Soo-jae wondering about the revelation as she takes an exit.

Soo-jae recalls delivering a stillborn child in New York on her drive back and breaks down in tears, sure that Jae-yi is the child she apparently lost who was taken from the hospital by Tae-kook without her knowledge.

At the same time, Gong Chan checks up on his stepmother who is all alone and he recalls how she was warm towards him when they had first met. Later that evening, Soo-jae talks to Joon-hee and states that there is something she wishes to reveal about her personal life.

She concludes that Chan is the right person to know the secret as he has always been understanding of her. Chan follows his stepmother and leaves some supplies for her while Soo-jae arrives at Chan’s restaurant with the goal of talking to him. As Chan approaches, she gets a call from Seok-pal who calls her to the fishing port with the pre-text of discussing So-young’s murder.

Soo-jae arrives at the port and reads the Legal Clinic’s chat that declares Seok-pal as the hostess’ murderer. She spots the bar owner in his car and tries approaching it but immediately suffers a shock as the car blows up in front of her. Chan calls her to check on Soo-jae but he is taken aback to hear a huge sound as the car is set ablaze a second time.

The Episode Review

The sixth episode of Why Her? was shocking but could have been better. We see Soo-jae manipulate SP Partners, TK Law firm, Hansu Bio and more but it seems like they always get the best of her when her traumatic past is brought up.

It was refreshing to see her try and put herself first as she promises to talk to Chan about her past so as to get over her trauma. But because she took the call from Seok-pal, she is dragged into another mess and witnesses a second death after So-young’s murder.

It seems like she is set up to witness people dying as the evil trio – especially Tae-kook – use her as a pawn to get away with their guilt and wrongdoings. Moreover, Director Baek Jin-ki is one tough egg to crack as his intentions and connection with SP Partners’ Se-pil to this day remains a mystery.

Chan is burdened by his struggles but it is encouraging to see him try and look out for his stepmother even after all these years. He is adamant to find the truth about his step-sister’s murder and my money is on Tae-kook being the evil connoisseur who had Na-Jung raped and murdered years ago for the sake of his son. 

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