Why Her – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Why Her takes a short flashback to when Oh Soo-jae and Associate Song Mi-rim – who is representing her – are in the questioning room. Soo-jae hears a recording being played with her voice threatening Hong Seok-pal, the hostess bar owner to ‘bury’ Park So-young, the deceased hostess.

Soo-jae is perplexed but the police leave the room and Mi-rim shares that she should not doubt the person she is representing but the recording makes her doubt the lawyer. Mi-rim is worried but is trying to find a way to defend Soo-jae when the lawyer drops the associate’s phone on the floor.

Behind a two-way mirror, the cops alongside the Police Chief see Soo-jae bending to pick up the phone and whispering something to Mi-rim. They rush into the room to inquire what the two had been talking about but they leave after Soo-jae calls them out.

At the station, the case involving Seok-pal’s death is taken over by the Prosecution who is already investigating the murder of So-young at the hands of the bar owner linking the two cases in one. The Prosecution claims that this is ideal as the police chief is already a suspect for receiving favors from Seok-pal.

Meanwhile, Soo-jae is transferred to the correction facility where she shares a cell with three other women. Back at the legal clinic, Mi-rim discusses her conversation with Soo-jae in the questioning room and claims that the lawyer had vehemently denied saying the things that played in Seok-pal’s suicide declaration video.

The Group 8 members conclude that the voice in the recording had been modulated to frame Soo-jae for instigating the murder of So-young as well as abetting the suicide of Seok-pal. Just then, news reports against Soo-jae start rolling out calling her a murderer.

Gong Chan recalls his past where he too suffered similar consequences without fault as he encourages the Group 8 members and Mi-rim to defend Soo-jae. The following day, the police arrive at TK Law Firm as well as Soo-jae’s residence to investigate the case while local news reporters follow the cops around.

At the law firm, Ha Il-ku, the right-hand-man of Director Choi Tae-kook hands him the flash drive that he had been seeking to find from Soo-jae all along. He informs the law firm owner that since each of the files in the USB drive is password protected, it will take time to crack it open.

Il-ku share a paternity report the police found while searching Soo-jae’s house and they assume that it was Soo-jae who was recently pregnant. Tae-kook on the other hand inspects the paternity test reports quizzically. Next, Song Mi-rim visits the correction center to meet Soo-jae and talks to the lawyer about the progress of the case.

Soo-jae inspects the cameras and the police officer standing outside the room when she sees the look on Mi-rim’s face. Mi-rim confirms Soo-jae’s suspicion about the USB drive being taken away from her home and seems worried. Back at Tae-kook’s office, the law firm owner goes to the secret hiding spot that Yoon-sang had discovered.

It turns out to be a huge room where he keeps the USB flash drive and documents in a drawer. The room on the other hand is alarmingly full of documents and seems like his sanctuary of evil where Tae-kook plays classical music on a record player and sits in his chair eating wafers and sipping on Soju.

A flashback shows a scene when Seok-pal was alive and dropped off the video and photo evidence of Assemblyman In-soo partying at a villa which is also the secret room back in the present time. At the correction center, Soo-jae recalls her discussion with Mi-rim where the lawyer has given up now that the USB flash drive is taken away from her.

Mi-rim asks her to trust her and delivers Chan’s message to Soo-jae that he will get her out of jail. Mi-rim reprimands Soo-jae asking her to just date Chan as he clearly has a crush on her. After that Mi-rim and Gang-ja tail the police van taking Seok-pal’s car to be scrapped.

The police officer, who is also a friend of Gang-ja, informs her that they did not find any evidence in the vehicle that would prove his suicide to be a murder. Due to a red light, they lose the police van.

On the other hand, Chan and Yoon-sang are analyzing the suicide video of Seok-pal with the help of an analyst who claims that they would need the original file to go about with their analysis.

Se-ryun and Chun-poong are talking to garage owners about small explosives being set inside cars while Gang-ja and Mi-rim are at the car junkyard where they try to find Seok-pal’s car to look for evidence before it is destroyed.

The two end up reaching the incinerator to see Seok-pal’s car being scrapped already. At TK Law Firm, Joo-wan addresses the media and washes their hand off from anything related to Soo-jae due to her criminal case.

Director Baek Jin-ki watches the news and at the same time, new reports state that SP Partners has also halted its merger with Hansu Group. At the Hansu Group office, Chairman Han is furious at Jin-taek for not objecting to the clause that mentions Soo-jae would be the key lawyer in the deal.

Yoon Se-pil is on the call with Director Baek who states that the clause will now help Soo-jae get out as she has halted the sale that Hansu Group was adamant about making. Director Baek claims that Soo-jae is often a few steps ahead of her enemies while in her jail cell, Soo-jae draws a mental board of the recent progression of events in her life.

One of her cell mates talks to Soo-jae about how she thought Soo-jae would be kicked out of her job due to this. At Chan’s restaurant, Hyung-chil and Jo-gab prepare a meal for the Group 8 members when they give the team an important hint at solving the case.

Since the duo and Chan worked in the fisher’s market before opening a restaurant they notice that in his suicide video, Seok-pal was using fishing auction signals for the numbers 1 and 9 which translate to ‘il’ and ‘gu’.

They conclude that the deceased hostess bar owner was signalling to Tae-kook’s right-hand-man Ha Il-ku. On his drive home, Tae-kook reassures Chairman Han Seung-beom that he will ensure that the clause about Soo-jae is taken care of as Il-ku drives the car.

In her cell, Soo-jae also grows suspicious about Il-ku. Later that night, a drunk Il-ku arrives at his cabin and notices a drawer in his office open. The next day, Soo-jae talks to her cellmate who actually was her classmate in school but was poles apart from a dedicated student like Soo-jae.

She asks her cellmate to tell her why she was incarcerated with the promise that she will help her out as Soo-jae herself would be released in the next few hours. Soo-jae is taken to the courtroom and is shocked to see Shim Min-joo (ex-wife of Professor Seo Joon-myung) as the judge on her case.

The prosecution arrives but Soo-jae’s lawyer aka Mi-rim arrives late. As soon as the case is taken up, the video of Seok-pal blaming Soo-jae for his suicide is played where the prosecution argues how Soo-jae played it all to eliminate a threat like So-young.

The judge asks her if Soo-jae accepts the allegations but Mi-rim claims that the explosives used in Seok-pal’s car explosives had something unique about them. The prosecution argues that since Soo-jae and Mi-rim work at TK Law Firm, they have an undue advantage over the law which is why all evidence related to the crime must be premeditated instead of being brought up all of a sudden.

Mi-rim argues that she had to do this because Soo-jae is being tried wrongfully and claims that the lawyer’s voice was being manipulated in the voice recording. The judge asks for evidence to prove the fact when Mi-rim states that it had been delayed.

The prosecution takes this as a chance to call it contempt of court on Soo-jae’s behalf when Gong Chan arrives in the courtroom and hands a flash drive to Mi-rim. He looks at Soo-jae when the police drag him out of court. The prosecution tries to intervene and claims that Soo-jae is a flight risk, involving the police in their issue.

Judge Min-joo asks the police about Soo-jae’s lack of co-operation when the police blame the prosecution for mishandling the evidence that eventually forces Min-joo to let Mi-rim play the evidence on the TV.

At the same time as the evidence plays in court, Han Ki-taek is seen leaving Tae-kook’s cabin in a dishevelled state as Il-ku reassures him. The voice analyst proves how Soo-jae’s voice was manipulated on tape stating that her voice in the second half of the tape was faked.

Meanwhile, Mi-rim plays the dash cam footage from Seok-pal’s car that shows how a man dressed in black has taken his car to plant an explosive in it simultaneously proving that Seok-pal was possibly murdered too. Just then, the court staff hand over a note to the judge, and the entire courtroom start checking the news.

New reports on the news claim that it was Ki-taek who had confessed to abetting the suicide of Seok-pal by forcing him to kill himself and had framed Soo-jae in the process. When faced by news reporters, Ki-taek confesses his crimes when a flashback moves to the day when Il-ku gets Seok-pal drunk and has Ki-taek install the explosive in the hostess bar owner’s car.

Il-ku convinces Seok-pal to film a suicide video under the guise that he would be able to disappear from the face of South Korea for two years following which he would get plastic surgery. Il-ku also promises to look after his hostess bar and convinces Seok-pal to pretend to die in order to frame Soo-jae.

The hostess bar owner films the video and following that, sits in his car sipping on alcohol from his flask as he waits for Soo-jae to arrive on the scene. He loses consciousness while at the same time, Chairman Tae-kook threatens Ki-taek to pull the trigger on an unconscious Seok-pal seated in his car and kill him. Ki-taek hesitantly does it when Soo-jae arrives and Seok-pal dies inside his car.

Back to the present day, Ki-taek takes the blame for framing Soo-jae after which she is eventually set free by the court. Chairman Han of Hansu Bio is fuming that his nephew was involved in a murder and expresses his rage to Tae-kook.

Joo-wan is in the same room and he too is confused by the turn of events in their inner circle off lately. At the same time, Yoon-sang enters Tae-kook’s cabin and promises to re-join his family business to eventually take over TK Law Firm.

Another flashback shows how Yoon-sang convinced Il-ku to have a drink with him and when Il-ku had passed out, the law firm owner’s son took away his key and sneaked into his office stealing the original recording file from his cabin.

When Il-ku returns to his office and is shocked to learn what had happened, Yoon-sang calls Il-ku stating that he would return to his family. Present-day Yoon-sang confesses to his father that he intends to take over the law firm and that he would like to intern under Soo-jae.

Another flashback shows how Tae-kook manipulates Ki-taek with the promise of giving him 40 million dollars and convinces him to turn himself in. During her case, Soo-jae is dismissed and Mi-rim recalls how Jun-he had said that people who come after the crazy girl – Soo-jae need to look out.

Mi-rim leaves the courtroom as she declares their victory to the entire team while Chan worries about Yoon-sang who has lost his only well-wisher in Il-ku to try and save Soo-jae.

The sons of the evil trio gather at a bar where Han Dong-o makes a scene embarrassing Joo-wan. Soo-jae drives back from the court where she is left thinking about Han Ki-taek. She gets a call from Tae-kook and the two make small talk.

Soo-jae opens her purse and sees the shawl Chan wrapped around her handcuffs. She leaves the taxi to find Chan standing below her building waiting for her. Chan invites the lawyer to his house stating that she was not safe in her own house anymore and Soo-jae rests her head on his shoulder claiming she was hungry. 

The Episode Review

This show is getting even more chaotic with every episode and it is hard to see the people around Tae-kook still worship at his feet even when he holds a lot of manipulative information fit to destroy lives.

Since Soo-jae is not indebted to him in any way, it is highly likely that he uses Chan’s relationship with Soo-jae in the future to cause he trouble. Chan, on the other hand, is able to fight his battles but considering the fact that his identity is still a secret from Soo-jae, means that there is a lot more chaos left to unfurl when she finally learns who he is.

Joo-wan is a naive man child and it seems like in the future, Yoon-sang will really be the ideal successor of Tae-kook but if Soo-jae eventually takes over TK Law Firm, it could possibly be what Yoon-sang desires.

I am still waiting for the day when Yoon-sang turns his back on Soo-jae and betrays her because when that day comes, it will prove that the line between the rich and the poor can never be erased.

Chan and Soo-jae will possibly start a new romantic relationship in the days to come but it is going to be very complicated when both parties reveal the truths about their past lives to each other.

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