Why Her – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of Why Her starts with Chan leaving the Legal Clinic Centre after reading in the news that a skeleton has been discovered at the construction site of Hansu Bio. He rushes to the grave of Jeon Na-jung, his step-sister, to look for the bracelet she made for her family as a souvenir before she was killed. Chan finds Director Baek Jin-ki at the funeral home. 

At the same time, Soo-jae discovers Chan’s secret room and finally learns that Chan is Kim Dong-goo, the guy she failed to help ten years ago. She leaves Chan’s house with determination and looks up to Na-jung’s mother – Ji Soon-ok. She recalls that Soon-ok is the same woman who came to the Legal Clinic Centre for a case and lashed out at Chan. 

Soo-jae realizes that she had not been there for Chan when he needed her the most, and breaks down in her car. At the funeral home, Director Baek informs him that on the night that Na-jung was murdered, she helped his daughter Eun-seo who had met with an accident. He leaves the funeral home leaving Chan behind as Jin-ki thinks he finally met Chan like this. 

Jo-gab calls Chan and informs him that he saw Soo-jae leave from the rooftop but informs him that his secret room was unlocked. He thinks that Soo-jae could have seen what was in the room and reprimands Chan for still holding back onto Na-jung’s case. Soo-jae can’t stop thinking about the things Chan had been doing over the last few weeks and wonders why she could not recognize Chan all along. 

Chan on the other hand goes to visit his father who is living a completely different life as a security guard. He asks Chan to stop worrying about the case now that he had changed his identity and was moving on with his life. Chan asks his father for help with convincing Soo-ok but his father declines stating that he did not want to go through all that again. 

The law school student then leaves his father saying he kept forgetting what kind of a person he was and promises to never come to see him again. Chan gets drunk while Soo-jae meets Jun-hee at the restaurant and tells her about Chan being Kim Dong-goo. 

A drunk Chan gets into a fight with locals on his way back home and is saved when the police car patrols around the same route. At TK Law Firm, Joon-myung informs Director Han Seung-beom that the controversy around his son had been taken care of.

He states that his road rage and DUI were settled with the lie that Han Dong-o had a serious medical condition and was getting treatment for the same which led him to cause the accident. 

Choi Tae-kook asks him about the skeleton found at the construction site and Joon-myung informs him that the DNA scanning would take a while. Director Han states that discovering skeletons at a construction site was pretty normal but the fact that it showed up in a gunny sack was worrisome.

Tae-kook reassures him that the Police was looking into the matter. Director Han and Director Choi have a conversation with the politicians informing them that Assemblyman In-soo was going to implement a parliamentary system in South Korea and would only serve as President for two years which will help soar his ratings.

It is raining later that night and Chan is soaking wet when he arrives at his restaurant and home. Soo-jae appears out of the blue and covers him with an umbrella. She asks him to not say a word to her till she says so and leaves him behind. Soo-jae goes inside the restaurant and Chan stands behind in the rain.

On his drive back, Il-ku wakes Tae-kook up informing him about something. Back at home, Yoon-sang overhears glass breaking in Tae-kook’s room and tries to snoop around to hear what his father is talking to Il-ku about. 

Joo-wan catches his brother spying on their father and calls him out. Yoon-sang leaves but Joo-wan spots Il-ku leaving Tae-kook’s room without a word. The next day, Soo-jae is greeted by Chan’s friends in his house who try to make small-talk with the lawyer trying to gauge her reaction. Soo-jae ignores their questions and leaves. 

The two worry about Chan who had been MIA since the night before but Chan is now at the correction centre. Chan is talking to No Byung-chal, the man who was incarcerated for the murder of Chan’s sister. The law school student is sure that Byung-chal did not really murder Na-jung but was lying on someone’s order. Chan tries to confirm his assumption by putting the accused in a fix about how he got rid of Na-jung’s body. 

Byung-chal claims that he had thrown Na-jung’s body in an ocean and let the body of water do its work but since Chan knows that the skeletal remains of Na-jung were found at the construction site, he leaves Byung-chal by letting him know Chan has caught on to his lies. Outside the correction centre, Chan gets a call from Chun-poong who asks him to come to the Legal Clinic Centre because Soon-ok wanted to apologize to him. 

Chan leaves to arrive at the Legal Clinic and Soon-ok is upset that she confused Chan to be Kim Dong-goo. Soo-jae and Mi-rim are on their way to the funeral of the construction workers where the families of the injured are protesting against Hansu Bio. Yoon-sang joins the two lawyers as Soo-jae’s intern. Soo-jae pays her respects to the family of the bereaved when the relatives of the injured workers ask her to get out after what Hansu Bio had done to their family members. 

Yoon-sang tries to intervene when they try to get their hands on Soo-jae but the lawyer scolds him, asking him to keep out of it. Director Han arrives at the funeral home to pay a visit to the bereaved when Soo-jae’s cellmate and former classmate – Oh Soo-jung grabs him by his collar and topples him to the ground for putting the life of her only son in danger. 

Soo-jae, Mi-rim, and Yoon-sang walk out of the funeral room and the lawyer scolds Yoon-sang for intervening in his matter. She asks Mi-rim to take Yoon-sang to the police station and get some intel about what is going on at the construction site. Chan arrives at the Law School and greets Soon-ok asking her to help with the testing of Na-jung’s skeletal remains. 

Gang-ja overhears their conversation where Chan confesses that he is Kim Dong-goo but Song-ok is delusional and claims that her daughter Na-jung is alive. She panics and a flustered Chan leaves the law schools. Group 8 members Gang-ja, Se-ryun, and Chun-poong have Soon-ok and her friends leave as they discuss how Chan is related to the murder of Na-jung when Gang-ja claims she heard him confess he was Dong-goo. 

Chan rushes to Soo-ok’s house to find her DNA and ends up finding a ball of her hair in her trash. At the hospital, Hansu Bio representatives discuss how being toppled by one o the victim’s relatives was good press for Director Han who is now resting in the hospital. He asks Soo-jae to work a deal with the victim’s relatives as he recovers. 

Soo-jae meets up with Soo-jung and convinces her to take the money from Hansu Bio now that her son is recovering from the accident. She states that this is the best deal she could bargain for her and promises that her son will be better soon. Soo-jung is taken back into police custody as she departs thanking Soo-jae. On her way out, Soo-jae meets Tae-kook in the car. 

The law firm owner checks the news and is happy to see that things are going according to his plan and that Assemblyman Lee In-soo’s party has confirmed the start of a parliamentary system. In-soo calls Tae-kook and is angry that the announcement was made without his knowledge and is upset that he would have a two-year term as the President when he wanted a full five-year term. 

Tae-kook states that this decision is made due to the accident at the Hansu Bio construction site that would have affected him adversely. Tae-kook promises In-soo that his ratings will continue to soar and the assemblyman gets cheered on by his party members. 

In his car, Tae-kook and Soo-jae talk about how he always does everything to benefit his goals. The law firm owner asks Soo-jae to quickly wind up the Hansu Bio deal and marry Joo-wan. Soo-jae is infuriated by Tae-kook’s audacity and leaves his car. 

She knocks on his window and lets him know that just like himself, she never does anything to benefit others unless she wishes to do it. She promises that she will never become someone else’s person. 

At the police station, Chan tries to convince the officer to immediately investigate the DNA from the hair on the skeleton but the police refuse from doing so without having the actual person to whom the DNA belongs present. 

Yoon-sang and Mi-rim appear at the police station and see Chan having a fight with the police where he confirms he indeed is Kim Dong-goo. Chan rushes out of the police station and runs on the highway before finally breaking down in the middle of the road as he recalls his father’s words asking him to move on. 

On the other hand, Yoon Se-pil gets a call from the police station informing him about Chan’s visit. That evening, Soo-jae is at her new house when Mi-rim tells her about the incident at the police station involving Chan. He is in the rooftop room when Soo-jae calls him asking to meet him. As he is on his way to her, Soo-jae asks him about the skeleton on the call. 

Facing him from a foot apart, Soo-jae talks to Chan on the phone and claims that he had deceived her. She asks him to find concrete evidence to prove that the skeleton was Na-jung’s and find the true culprit with concrete evidence. Soo-jae states that had she known Chan was Dong-goo, she would never have fallen for him but Chan is upset that his life had been ruined to no fault of his own. 

He points out how living his life and Dong-goo is impossible for him and how he is made to feel guilty from time to time. Soo-jae asks him to stop everything and leaves him alone while Yoon-sang investigates details about Na-jung’s case from 10 years ago. Now as both Soo-jae and Chan are at their respective homes, they both recall the case. 

Soo-jae recalls Chan stating that Na-jung was not dead when he had found her at the construction site and remembers being hit in the head by someone. Soo-jae then recalls talking to the police when she had found a third set of fingerprints on the murder weapon; one that did not belong to Dong-goo or the cops. 

The police had said that the fingerprints belonged to one of the witnesses in the case but when the lawyer spoke to the witness, he denied touching the knife. Soo-jae then talks to Baek Jin-ki about the case who had asked her to let go of defending Dong-goo. Jin-ki uses Soo-jae’s family against her and states that Tae-kook was soon going to open a law firm and would guarantee her a job there if she would let go of the case against Dong-goo. 

Back in court, Soo-jae argued against Prosecutor Joon-myung but had to hold back because of her conversation with Jin-ki. She forfeits the case to help save his mother and brothers from jail time which eventually put Chan in jail for something he did not do. Present-day Soo-jae blames herself for what she did to Chan in the past and sobs.

The Episode Review

Everything is finally out in the open but it is still unclear what Baek Jin-ki’s plan is. He knows that Chan is Kim Dong-goo and despite Na-jung helping his daughter Eun-seo, he still chose to let Chan suffer. It seems like the almighty Tae-kook is behind Jin-ki’s actions and that we will soon find out what the Law Firm owner is holding against Jin-ki.

It is quite possible that Jin-ki is worried that Tae-kook will harm his granddaughter Jae-yi, who was born after Joo-wan and his friends raped Eun-seo. After what happened to Eun-seo, who has lost her memories after her sexual assault and accident, he may possibly be trying to protect Jae-yi. 

Despite all this, it still feels shocking that Soo-jae immediately gave up on Chan. Despite his unhinged faith in her over the years, it seems selfish that Soo-jae is abandoning him after all that he had been through. Knowing how her life had made her practical, I think Soo-jae is trying to keep her emotions at bay and help Chan out. 

It still is unclear why, when Eun-seo is the actual victim of sexual assault, Na-jung raped and murdered on the same night. It is evident that the sons of Tae-kook aka Joo-wan, Han Seung-beom aka Dong-o, and Lee In-soo aka Si-hyuk are the culprits behind what happened to Eun-seo but how does Na-jung come to the mix and why was she murdered after all?

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