Why Her – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

After confessing their feelings for each other, episode 10 of Why Her starts with Gong Chan and Oh Soo-jae having  tea by the ocean as the fishermen set off to work. Soo-jae claims that she would appreciate settling down with the fisher-folk after she retires because their life seems simple and connected to each other.

She states that this world is different than hers and Chan claims that she could help solve their legal issues for them. On their drive back, Soo-jae keeps falling asleep in the car, and Chan is amused. She reprimands the student for laughing and eventually dozes off again.

At the Choi house, Choi Tae-kook and his sons Joo-wan and Yoon-sang are having breakfast together. The younger son, Yoon-sang reminds his father that he would have to leave Soo-jae, Chan, and the other people he cared about alone.

He brings up the issue of Hong Seok-pal’s suicide with his brother and gets reprimanded as a result. Yoon-sang warns his father a second time and states that if he comes after his friends, he will become ruthless, just like Tae-kook.

Tae-kook receives a call from Hansu Bio’s Director, Han Seung-beom, who informs the law firm owner about the merger and acquisition being restarted. Soo-jae watches the news as Han Seung-beom claims how Soo-jae is nothing but a pawn to their bigger picture.

The businessman hears that the new construction work is running under some problems due to underground leaks and Director Han brushes it off. Meanwhile, SP Partners’ Yoon Se-pil calls Soo-jae about resuming the Hansu Bio merger deal as soon as possible. As she is ready to leave, Chan asks her if they could possibly chat later that evening.

The couple head out as Chan’s friends, Hyung-chil and Zo-jab, tease him for being out with Soo-jae the previous night. At TK Law Firm, Tae-kook eerily bids farewell to Min Young-bae who will now start working at Hansu Bio as their legal officer.

Tae-kook informs the employee that he belongs to the Law Firm owner and the employee is ecstatic about it. At the same time, his wife, Jung Hee-young, shares how Soo-jae really looks out for her as she brags about her new position with Lee In-soo’s political party.

As Hee-young gets out of the dining hall she is eating at, she notices Seojung University’s Director Baek Jin-ki having a meal with the Senior Presidential Secretary for Personnel Affairs. She informs Soo-jae about it and the lawyer hears about the current Director of Justice resigning on the news.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Secretary talks to Tae-kook about offering Director Baek the position. Directors Han and Choi discuss how they plan on getting his nephew, Han Ki-taek, out of jail with the help of Director Baek.

They discuss how Soo-jae slyly stayed in the good books of all three members of the evil trio and discuss how TK Law Firm should make more money after the Hansu Bio merger. Director Han offers to pay Tae-kook more money out of his pocket to stay motivated for the future.

He also states how he worries about the footage from Hong Seok-pal’s hostess bar and claims that he is trying to sell off one of his villas that was involved in a controversy in the past. Director Han admits that he would never step down from his position at Hansu Bio. Tae-kook brings out a USB flash drive with his name and destroys it right in front of his eyes.

Tae-kook states that he does not want the money and Director Han asks him what he wants instead leading the Law Firm owner to laugh hysterically. SP Partners’ Yoon Se-pil and Hansu Bio’s  Han Dong-o are in a meeting where a triggered Dong-o tries to instigate Se-pil.

Choi Joo-wan tries to take control of the situation and Soo-jae offers Hansu Bio’s terms. Dong-o tries to instigate Se-pil further and Joo-wan takes him out of the meeting room. Min Young-bae asks to adjourn the meeting and asks for two weeks of time to come back to the discussion.

At Joo-wan’s cabin, Dong-o shares his frustrations about the merger but when the law firm owner’s son tries to put his point across, Dong-o offers to pay Joo-wan out of his pocket asking him to keep his mouth shut.

Joo-wan is angry and reminds him that they are at TK Law Firm and not the Hansu Bio office but Dong-o states that the Law Firm too belongs to his father – Han Seung-beom. On TV, Han Dong-o sees Assemblyman In-soo’s son at a charity event and teases him on the phone.

Dong-o invites him over for drinks and despite Joo-wan declining the offer to attend, he tries to manipulate Joo-wan’s words. At Soo-jae’s cabin, she and Se-pil discuss his plans to purchase an old house that belongs to Hansu Bio, one which has been up for sale for the last decade.

Se-pil claims that he thinks the house will be useful to him someday. Later that day, he ends up buying the house immediately meanwhile Soo-jae asks Mi-rim to look up the details of the house secretly. That night, Director Baek Jin-ki arrives at the said house purchased by Se-pil.

Jin-ki recalls his daughter Eun-seo leaving the house and eventually meeting with an accident after she was chased by two men as a car runs her over. Present-day Se-pil claims that he would tear the house down to find out any evidence left behind. Director Baek enters a room and sobs.

At Chan’s house, he looks at his secret room but he is suddenly joined by Yoon-sang. He asks about Soo-jae when the lawyer enters the rooftop. Yoon-sang reveals photographs of the couple kissing at the beach and claims that he paid the photographers set up by his father to capture Soo-jae’s every move.

The law firm owner’s son triggers Soo-jae by talking about the Hansu Bio merger contract and she leaves. Chan asks Yoon-sang to warn his father and ask him to leave them alone when Yoon-sang points out that Chan is not really capable of doing anything to Tae-kook and the only thing Chan can do right now is to do his best to protect Soo-jae just like Yoon-sang himself is.

Chan argues that Yoon-sang has conflicts of interest because it is his family he is dealing with but the restaurant owner claims that when it comes to protecting Soo-jae he has no fears or resignations holding him back.

That night, Chan sleeps next to Soo-jae who is worried that she is causing trouble for him. Chan reassures her it was all okay and they both sleep arm in arm.

Choi Tae-kook and Lim Seung-yeon are at Choi Jae-yi’s art exhibition where the child paints with her classmates. Tae-kook is proud of her granddaughter while Seung-yeon asks to take Jae-yi away from Joo-wan as their divorce settlement.

Tae-kook is irritated with Seung-yeon changing his mind mind but she states that she had to put up with Joo-wan for 8 long years. Seung-yeon decides that she will let go of the custody of Jae-yi if Tae-kook tells her who the real mother of the child is claiming that she wanted to “check”.

On his drive back, Tae-kook is concerned about why Seung-yeon said she wanted to “check” instead of that she wanted to “know”. Il-ku informs Tae-kook that he is still looking out for information about Gong Chan and the law firm owner asks to be taken to Seojung Law School.

At the law school, Tae-kook tries to convince Director Baek to take the position of the Director of Justice. At the school, three women, including Chan’s stepmother, Ji Soon-ok are looking for the Legal Clinic Centre to seek help with a case.

The women state they have been scammed by a beauty product company. Soon-ok, who has lost her vision over the years, hears Chan’s voice and starts screaming his real name – Kim Dong-gu, startling him when he enters the Legal Clinic.

Gang-ja claims that the woman is confused but Soon-ok starts screaming his name. Chan is startled and leaves the University. He blames himself for her plight as Soo-jae watches him from afar. At the same time, Soo-jae gets a call from Young-bae that an accident has taken place at Hansu Construction.

Chan asks Soo-jae to hear him out for three minutes only but Soo-jae gets a lot of calls about the accident forcing her to leave without hearing him out. Director Han is infuriated at the spa while Assemblyman In-soo is flustered and asks his team to help him wash his hands off of the construction site.

Soo-jae is on a call with Mi-rim as he drives to the construction site and is shocked to see bodies being taken in stretchers at the site. Soo-jae talks to the workers and they claim that all missing workers who were under the collapsed debris need to be found within the next 72 hours. 

The reports suggest that two workers have gone missing at the collapse, one of which was found seven hours after it. Later that night, Soo-jae arrives at Chan’s house and asks about his whereabouts but Hyung-chil and Jo-gab claim that he is yet to come back home. Soo-jae is looking up the details about the last victim and finds out that the worker was her cellmate and former classmate – Oh Soo-jung’s son.

The next day, Directors Han and Choi are having breakfast when the businessman rages at his staff. They’re joined by Assemblyman In-soo who is angry that his reputation is being compromised due to the accident. He takes off but Tae-kook tries to calm Han Seung-beom down.

News reports claim that Han Dong-o had been caught for DUI and Seung-beom is furious. Tae-kook calls Joo-wan and asks him to handle the SP Partners’ side and then calls Soo-jae asking her to get Dong-o out immediately.

SP Partners’ Se-pil informs Soo-jae that Dong-o’s arrest is bigger as Assemblyman In-soo’s son Lee Si-hyuk was also with him.

Soo-jae arrives at the correction home where Mi-rim informs her that Soo-jung was not given parole to see her son. They both arrive at the accident site where the search for Soo-jung’s son continues.

The workers find an unconscious Oh Pil-seung and beside it also find a skeleton. The skeletal remains also have a charm bracelet with it. At the Legal Clinic Centre, the group 8 members discuss the women’s case with the beauty store where Chan appears to be in a bad shape.

Chan reads news reports about the skeletal remains and remembers the bracelet his sister Jeong Na-jung made for him and his family. Chan goes back home where he looks for his bracelet while Soo-jae and Mi-rim come to gather some documents. Soo-jae goes to the rooftop to look for Chan but finds his secret room and is shocked to learn that he is Kim Dong-gu. 

The Episode Review

This episode was a roller coaster ride toward the end and it seems like everything is connected. From Chan being accused of the murder of his step-sister, to her skeleton finally being found in the construction area.

The construction area is going to cause a lot of chaos and it seems like it will possibly lead to the end of the evil trio.

The evil trio certainly do their best here to protect each of their sons, and it shows how it’s possible that Tae-kook used Chan as a scapegoat when one of the evil trio’s sons raped and murdered Na-jung.

With Soo-jae being too occupied with the things around her to even spare a minute to listen to Chan, it seems like their relationship is one that will have a lot of turmoil before they finally find their way back to each other.

For now, a lot will be said from the way Soo-jae reacts when she finds out that Chan is Kim Dong-goo.

A lot is still a mystery about Yoon Se-pil and Director Baek Jin-ki’s master plan and how everything will unfurl in the episodes to come.

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