Why Her – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

Soo-jae still blames herself for what happened to Chan aka Kim Dong-goo in the past as episode 12 of Why Her begins. Mi-rim calls to inform Soo-jae that No Byung-chul had been moved to solitary confinement after he got into a fight with his cellmate. A flashback shows how Seo Joon-myung had forced Byung-chul to lie about being Na-jung’s murderer. 

Joon-myung lies to the press about discovering the true murderer while working on a different case but the reporters point out how the true murderer was found when Kim Dong-goo was set to appear on a TV show. Gong Chan recalls hearing the police guards talk to a man with a tattoo on his wrist who bribes them to have Dong-goo (Chan) released. 

Yoon-sang is researching the Na-jung murder case when he has a chat over drinks with Joo-wan. He is curious about their father hiring Soo-jae despite her losing the Na-jung murder case when Joo-wan points out that it was all part of Tae-kook’s grand plan. Joo-wan states that Tae-kook is the puppet master pointing out how the law firm owner used Baek Jin-ki to manipulate Soo-jae. 

Later that night, Chan goes back to the convenience store that Na-jung worked at when she was murdered 10 years ago. Jin-ki suddenly appears there and Chan finally figures out that Jin-ki manipulated him into joining Seojung Law School. 

The next day, Mi-rim and the Legal Clinic Center students discuss the Jeon Na-jung murder case. They talk about Chan being Dong-goo and narrate how each one of them found out about the case. At the same time, Soo-jae is getting her apartment ready when Chan calls her. She shuts him down and asks him to stop chasing after the case without firm evidence.

Hours later Jun-hee and Mi-rim arrive at Soo-jae’s new house with food and drinks to cheer her up. Jun-hee tells Soo-jae that she should let Chan know how she did not betray him but the three women end up finding out more details about the Na-jung case from Chan’s pointers.

Jun-hee states that she recalls the name Jeon Na-jung from back when she was a resident doctor but is not able to put a finger on it. The next day, Joon-myung informs Il-ku that Yoon-sang had been asking for documents on the Na-jung murder case. 

Mi-rim is at the police station with Soon-ok who is finally ready to submit her DNA for the analysis with the skeleton found at the Hansu Bio construction site. On the other hand, the SP Partners and Hansu Bio merger meeting is going smoothly until Yoon Se-pil gifts Hansu Bio’s Han Dong-o a painting similar to the one in Jin-ki’s office.

Mi-rim calls Soo-jae to inform her that Na-jung’s DNA was missing from the police database meanwhile the lawyer recalls seeing the painting Se-pil gifted Dong-o at the University Director’s office and is left confused.

After the meeting, Soo-jae chats up with Se-pil and discovers from a call from Jun-hee that a girl named Kang Eun-seo was brought into the hospital after she had met with an accident. At the time Eun-seo was registered at Na-jung. Jun-hee informs Soo-jae that Eun-seo was sexually assaulted and suffered brain trauma after the accident.

Se-pil too confirms the information but is overwhelmed and leaves Soo-jae without answering her questions. The evil trio are at a sauna when the trio clashes after Assemblyman In-soo expresses his anger with the two over the presidency issue.

Meanwhile, Director Han Seung-beom is happy about the merger being back on track. Tae-kook however, appears concerned after Il-ku makes a signal to him. At the correction center, the police discover Byung-chul’s body after he had died by suicide. Soo-jae on the other hand thinks about Se-pil’s words about the photograph that he gifted Hansu Bio.

Mi-rim calls Soo-jae to inform her about Byung-chul’s suicide as Jin-ki, Chan, Se-pil, and Tae-kook all watch the information on the news. The next day, reporters hound Jin-ki after he is rumored to become the Chief of Justice. Chan meets with Jin-ki and asks him who the actual culprit is but Jin-ki dismisses him saying there is no evidence against the culprit.

Chan looks at the photograph in his cabin and recalls the night of Na-jung’s murder. Jin-ki claims that he had kept the photograph near him to remember the day. Chan asks the university director if he was aware that Chan was not the true culprit before he was incarcerated.

Jin-ki apologizes for wronging Chan in the past. He states that he was powerless back then. Chan is furious at Jin-ki and states that he missed his chance to make things right 10 years ago. He also recalls kneeling down before Tae-kook years ago meanwhile the law firm owner laughs at Jin-ki’s statement to the press in present time.

Joon-myung informs Tae-kook about Byung-chul’s suicide and playfully asks him if Tae-kook had anything to do with it triggering the law firm owner. He apologizes and leaves Tae-kook’s cabin glad that he managed to get on his nerves when he hears Il-ku scream at someone on the phone.

Il-ku is on the phone with one of the police guards who informs him that Chan had been visiting Byung-chul for the past four years on the day of Na-jung’s murder. The students are in class when Joon-myung makes his reappearance. Yoon-sang suddenly brings up the Na-jung murder case with the goal of letting Chan know that Soo-jae had betrayed him 10 years ago.

They ask Joon-myung and Soo-jae questions pertaining to the case. Soo-jae asks Yoon-sang why he brought up the case but Chan continues to defend Soo-jae when the lawyer brings up the information about the third set of fingerprints. Chan blames the prosecution for putting Dong-goo’s life on the line.

Soo-jae asks Joon-myung why the “true” murderer was only discovered when there was going to be a TV broadcast about the case. She points out that someone was made to take the fall for Dong-goo but asks Joon-myung who instructed him to let that happen. Joon-myung laughs it off and leaves the classroom by joking about Soo-jae losing that trial. 

Il-ku appears at the University keeping an eye on Chan and recalls attacking him after he was released from prison. He is revealed to be the same guy with a tattoo on his wrist and he runs Chan (Dong-goo) over with his truck. 

Soo-jae barges into Jin-ki’s cabin with questions about his plan with Se-pil. Jin-ki takes her to the wellness center where Eun-seo is a patient. He shares that Eun-seo was at a nightclub where her drink was spiked and she was taken to a house.

Jin-ki reveals that there was no evidence from the night but claims that he recognized Eun-seo from whatever CCTV footage was available. A flashback from the night shows Eun-seo running out of the house Se-pil recently purchased from Hansu Bio.

She trips near the store Na-jung worked at. Na-jung came to help her out and covered Eun-seo with her own jacket. Three men namely, Lee Si-hyuk, Han Dong-o and Choi Joo-wan chase after Eun-seo due to which she gets up to run.

As she runs on the street she is dashed by a car. Present-day Jin-ki claims that since Na-jung was the only witness, the trio could not have left her at the scene of the crime. Jin-ki states that Tae-kook set Kim Dong-goo (Chan) up to suffer for the crime his son and his friends committed.

Soo-jae recalls how time after time Tae-kook had covered up for Joo-wan’s mistakes. She is overwhelmed by Jin-ki and Se-pil’s choices. She blames the University Director for manipulating her when she wanted to defend Chan in the past.

The lawyer calls the duo out for playing it cool and living around the men that hurt his daughter. Se-pil states that he held Jin-ki back until they were powerful enough to bring Tae-kook down.

Il-ku informs Tae-kook that Kim Dong-goo was alive and he was now living as Gong Chan. Il-ku promises to handle the issue but Tae-kook rages at Il-ku, kicking him out of his room to sort the issue out.

On his rooftop, Chan is with Yoon-sang. The law firm owner’s son reveals to Chan that Soo-jae had betrayed him 10 years ago. Yoon-sang also has Soo-jae hearing their conversation on a phone call as Chan states that he did not care if Soo-jae betrayed him in the end.

Chan claims that she was the only person to trust him from the start. Soo-jae is left dumbfounded as she hears Chan take her side again as she reads his words – ‘Oh Soo-jae, the person who believed me till the end.’

The Episode Review

A lot went down in this episode and it seems like all the missing links are finally being revealed. We know that Eun-seo was taken into the hospital as Na-jung whereas the real Na-jung was murdered by Joo-wan and his friends.,

One thing that puts me off is the fact that after assaulting Eun-seo sexually, Joo-wan, Dong-O and Si-hyuk possibly raped Na-jung that same night too. Just evil men at this point. We know that Tae-kook is the mastermind behind all this and he wanted to save his image which is why a scapegoat was planted to free Dong-goo (Chan) from prison.

But, the question is how could Il-ku be so clumsy as he let Chan survive the accident? It leads me to wonder if Chan is somehow connected to Il-ku’s son who is in the hospital. It becomes clearer that Soo-jae is guilty of not being able to defend Dong-goo due to her family.

She is trying to keep herself away from Chan but the ever-so-trusting Chan still has faith in her. I am sure Chan’s faith will possibly bring her back to him. It is not possible for Tae-kook to get away with everything now that so many people are in the know of the case.

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