Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


This Is Personal

Episode 6 of Who Killed Sara Season 2 begins with Chema arriving at Cesar’s funeral. Echoes of the past bleed through, including Chema trying to convince Rodolfo to run away with him. Rodolfo refused though, leading Chema to leave an impassioned voice message for Alex on his phone.

He admitted the truth about his sexuality and how he loved Alex. He never got a chance to leave because a man robbed him after making love. Unfortunately Alex’s voicemail is full. It’s a cruel end to a trying confession.

Chema eventually leaves though when his Mother approaches, trying to talk to him. Just then, the camera pans up to show Cesar standing on the balcony overseeing proceedings.

This cuts us back in time as we see Cesar working with the General to fake his own death and bring all the other officers into this plan too. The coroner is involved as this operation extends, handing over Cesar’s faked death certificate.

Meanwhile, Chema, Clara and Alex all work together to try and find Elisa. Only, there’s a problem.

Chema receives a worried call from Lorenzo about the officer and it immediately sends him into a whirlwind of emotion, unsure what to do. As he drives off, Alex tries to get to the bottom of who Diana is – and where Sergio may be holding Elisa. The clue may well be in the video of Elisa, as Alex steadies his emotions and checks the background of the video for clues.

Back at Chema’s place, Officer Morales meets the trio as they try to concoct a story on the fly over what happened to Moncho. She’s clearly suspicious of them, especially as Lorenzo speaks over any contradictions.

He dodges questions about Clara being the surrogate and eventually Chema puts his foot in it, mentioning the body being found in a vacant lot. This information however, is classified so it piques her interest over how he found out.

It turns out Marifer hacked Chema’s computer and essentially planted Clara to be their surrogate in a bid to try and find her Mother. Her Father meanwhile, is a different matter and something left unresolved for now.

Further flashbacks reveal Nicandro confronting Sara about the money she took from him. He demanded it back but she’s certainty not playing ball. After being hit by a car while out on his motorbike (a direct result of Sara cutting his brake lines), Nicandro recovered at the hospital. There, Elroy shows up.

He hands over incriminating photos of Sara and Cesar together on the dock. He tells Nicandro that someone needs to stop her – and he even has pictures of her cutting his brakes too. Sara meanwhile, learns that Abel has broken out the hospital and hurries outside the hospital.

With a gun in hand, Alex makes it to Sergio’s estate thanks to several different clues. However, he finds Cesar there instead. While he watches from afar, Alex breaks into the basement and grabs Sergio, choking him out.

Drama ensues back home too. A man arrives and grabs Lorenzo, stabbing him in the neck as Chema is forced to hold his lover, crying to the heavens as Lorenzo bleeds out and fades away.

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara returns with some answers over the big plot points from before, including word that all the police force are seemingly working with Cesar onw.

This would also explain why he’s never been apprehended for shooting a protestor off the roof last season, but also just leans further into the plot contrivances too.

How is Cesar just wandering around without anyone noticing? Why did he show up to his own funeral? How did he get there without anyone noticing? Did no one bother to look up at the balcony to see Cesar there?

Meanwhile, Lorenzo is stabbed in a shocking moment at the end of the episode, leaving lots of question marks over whether he’ll survive or not. If he does pass away, then it leaves Chema all alone.

With the situation involving Sara still unknown, lots of flashbacks and moments involving Abel seem to be just simply leading up to the moments at the end of the previous season.

The actual mystery involving Sara’s death seems to have been kept on the back-burner for this dead body in the yard. Only, we already know this is Abel and as such it loses any of the possible intrigue this segment would have garnered otherwise.

As the show marches ever-closer to the climax, we’ll have to wait and see what other secrets this show has in store for us!

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