Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

We Were Never Friends

Episode 7 of Who Killed Sara season 2 begins with a big revelation. Further flashbacks reveal that Sara and Marifer’s mother were neighbours.

Christina excitedly speaks of bringing another girl into the world – that being Clara. To complicate matters further, Christina’s husband is actually Abel and the girl works at the Lazcano house as a maid.

As we skip forward slightly, Sara realizes that Marifer is actually her sister and not her best friend as she once thought.

Back in the present, Cesar works with Alex to free Elisa from her restraints. As the pair head outside, Cesar stays in with Sergio, shooting the man in the leg.

In doing so, Sergio reveals that Elroy was hired to cut the parachute strings. Emotion gets the better of Cesar and he lets his guard down. Sergio slips away, hobbling all the way to a cache holding a gun and money. Cesar is a decent shot and clocks the man right between the eyes. He then strings Sergio up by his legs at a tree before taking off.

Cesar eventually catches up with Alex and the pair drive with Elisa in the backseat. When they do, it’s revealed via a hasty flashback that Cesar shot Abel dead outside in the yard. No surprise there for those following along!

Anyway, Alex questions why Sergio’s picture is under Abel Martinez’s name, eventually revealing that Sergio was also there in the rain. He took the ID from Abel’s corpse and decided to take on the man’s identity for himself.

With the hospital a mile off, Cesar says his goodbyes and parts way with Alex at a gas station. A montage then ensues as we see all our different characters, including a telling reveal that Sofia is the woman in the facemask hiding as a hospital worker.

She sneaks out with the baby alongside Rodolfo and Bruno, both there waiting for her. They don’t want Mariana taking her child and bundle her onto a private jet away from town.

Back home, Nicandro shows up after sending him a message about Marifer’s identity. He’s got more information for Alex, this time with the photos he was given by Elroy.

It turns out Sara and Nicandro used to sell drugs together, but when he asked for the money she owed, Sara tried to kill him. He knew she was unstable and eventually Sara ratted him out to the authorities, angering Nicandro when he was left on his own. He wasn’t the one who cut the parachute straps though.

Nicandro’s parents believed the failed chute was meant for him, hence why Nicandro disappeared for so long.

As Alex starts looking through the pictures, he notices one of Marifer from afar, watching the others together. However, Sara found her and asked her friend (see: sister) exactly what she’s doing.

Back in the present, Nicandro decides to check out Sara’s room, convincing Alex that he too wants to find out who killed Sara. While he’s upstairs, Alex figures out that Marifer is Diana the Huntress and calls her out for it. Marifer is shocked and hurriedly shuts the laptop down and ignores his call.

Chema is distraught after Lorenzo’s death, with Rodolfo heading back and speaking to his brother. He blames himself for what happened with Moncho, believing he should have said no to the surrogate situation and stopped any of this from happening.

Rodolfo has other ideas. He believes Alex is the one to blame and decides to set out and stop him. Chema is shocked and tells his brother to stop talking like their Father and see sense.

Meanwhile, Clara stirs things up and confronts Mariana, claiming she was forced into becoming a surrogate.

As the episode comes to a close, Alex checks up on Nicandro in Sara’s room. He’s holding the gold statue that originally belonged to him. Scoffing incredulously, he checks inside and notices a tape labeled “Abel”.

The Episode Review

With some big reveals about Marifer, this episode essentially serves as a stop gap before the finale, with lots of simmering tension and bubbling drama between the different members of the Lazcano family.

Sergio is now dead and in all this time not a single police officer even thought to head out and check on him. To make matters worse, Cesar seems to have a get out of jail free card and still hasn’t answered for anything that’s happened across these last two seasons.

The whole Abel “mystery” has been orchestrated from the start and really feels like dressing and busy work to string out this season rather than actually reveal what happened to Sara last season.

Still, we’ve got the finale up next. Will we receive a conclusive chapter to the events that have taken place? Or do we have another season in store? We’ll have to wait and see!

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