Who Killed Sara? – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Dead Speak

Episode 5 of Who Killed Sara Season 2 begins moments after Moncho’s murder as Alex joins the others and helps bury the body. He instructs them on how to cover everything up, including washing out the trunk and covering up the evidence.

They decide against phoning the police, believing they’ll only end up behind bars if they do. It was actually Lorenzo’s idea to bury the body.

Well, this brings us back to the present as Marifer heads over to Alex’s place and ends up watching Elisa’s tape. She’s shocked when she sees the girl tied up, prompting Alex to lose his temper and kick the girl out. She rings Clara but Nicandro shows before, leading the girl away.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo and Chema decide to dig up Moncho’s body. Only, midway through doing so Chema learns that Cesar has commit suicide. Chema takes off, leaving Lorenzo at the construction site alone. Despite his clear affection for Cesar, their past is mired in controversy and anger, especially with Cesar beating him after finding out about his sexuality.

Meanwhile, Elisa finds herself at the mercy of Sergio, who taunts her. He claims everything she has belongs to him and now it’s time for him to take back something for himself.

Alex continues on the hunt, finding the registration for the car tailing him and linking it back to Sergio. He eventually uncovers the car in a scrapyard. This, in turn, links him to Abel. As he begins investigating on the computer, we flash back to see Sara visiting her father in the psychiatric hospital again. Once there, she hands over a stack of cash in secret.

Back in the present, Chema and Rodolfo storm into Alex’s house and confront him about Cesar. He hands over the tape and tells them about Sergio and how he’s escaped.

Meanwhile, Officer Morales arrives to talk to Lorenzo about Moncho’s death. He tries to keep it together, inviting her into his office. It’s clear he’s struggling though.

As the episode closes out, we cut to the coroner’s office where Cesar opens his eyes. It turns out the gunshot from the previous episode was actually orchestrated by an officer nearby, who shot the ground while Cesar collapsed at the same time, making it seem like he’s shot himself in the head.

The Episode Review

Why is there not a manhunt underway for Sergio? He’s been missing from the prison now for a while and yet no one has bothered to flag him as missing from his cell. It’s a big plot hole, and one made worse by the fact Sergio has Elisa held captive and clearly has men working by his side.

To make matters worse, it’s now clear that Cesar has faked his own death too. Given how many police officers were at the scene, are every single one of them in on this too? Are they all being bribed?

While the first season had a number of plot issues, this second season has injected steroids into the holes that were there already, bulging them into a swirling mass that threatens to consume the good parts of this drama. That’s a shame because there’s definitely some potential but this second season seems to have squandered the grounded elements that made the first such a bingy watch.

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