Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Who Killed Sara begins at the casino as Clara spies Cesar having an affair with Sofia. While she hides in the toilet stall, she watches them kissing passionately by the sink. It’s something that clearly rattles her, as she heads back to see Chema but remains distracted.

The whole family then gather together as Chema pleads with his Father to play nicely with Lorenzo. He smiles but behind that nasty grin he admits he’s going to find it hard to do so.

Down in the basement, Bruno finds Imara; one of Cesar’s personal prostitutes who’s being forced to work at the casino.

Meanwhile, more of Elroy’s past comes into view as we see Mariana actually saved him from an orphanage. This is something she uses as leverage against him, seemingly blackmailing the poor guy into doing her bidding. Further flashbacks show that Elroy tried to kiss Sara but she called him a creep and slapped him in the face. Could this be a motive to kill?

Back in the present, Elroy grabs the gun from Cesar’s office and looks set to shoot Alex. Only, he’s distracted by Sara’s ghost again, claiming he knew all along and did nothing to help.

As he hurries off, the alarm wails overhead and all hell breaks loose. Elisa grabs the mask from the table, Alex is confronted by Sergio and knocks him out while Elroy puts the gun to his own head on stage. Only, just before firing he’s stopped by security who shoot him down.

Cesar learns about Alex being in the building and demands he be brought to him. Well, he doesn’t need to wait for long as Alex finds himself face to face with the don. Elisa arrives to distract her Father, which is enough time for Alex to grab a VIP card and slip down to the basement.

With things looking bleak, Cesar heads down alone with a gun too, intending to confront Alex. Alex outsmarts him though and manages to hold the don up by the neck. Alex thwarts the threat posed by this man, knocking him to the ground and slipping out the basement. There, he enters a van with Chema, Elisa and Rodolfo. As they head off on the road, Alex admits that he was the one who fueled Elroy’s guilt.

At the same time, Cesar breaks into Alex’s house and smashes up the living room. He destroys the computers and screams, slumping down into a heap.

The Episode Review

Who Killed Sara injects some action into the fold this time as the soapy melodrama takes a turn for the incredulous. Again, you really need to suspend your disbelief with this show as there’s so many instances here that don’t make a whole lot of sense.

For example, why did Cesar go down to the basement alone? Why not bring a load of security goons with him just incase things go awry? And why has no one bothered to get the police involved yet?

Either way, Who Killed Sara is an intriguing enough binge and the ending certainly sets things up nicely for the episodes ahead. So who did kill Sara? We’ll have to wait and see!

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