Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Fear and Guilt

Episode 7 of Who Killed Sara begins with Alex going over a list of possible suspects with Rodolfo, Elisa and Chema. Rodolfo admits he feels ashamed of what’s happened, as Alex tells the others he’s determined to find out the truth no matter what.

The first thing he wants are the tapes but Chema lies, telling him that he doesn’t know where they are. As we already know, he’s actually deleted them all. Anyway, Alex soon turns his attention to Diana the Huntress, trying to figure out who she is as pressure mounts on the group to uncover the truth.

Alex gets his hands on the CCTV footage from his house. There, he sees Cesar shooting the place up and lashing out at Alex’s computer. As he sits with Elisa, Alex admits that Cesar promised a kidney transplant for his Mother that never came.

The damning photos against him and the issues at the casino pale in comparison to his tax fraud. This is a ticking bomb just waiting to explode. Cesar’s assistant Sergio tells him he should hold a press conference and speak to the public, reminding him that he’s the reason this Sara situation was resolved.

As all the protestors start chanting that Cesar is a murderer, he *checks notes* shoots one of the innocent protestors from the roof and then drives his car away, knocking down a young lady holding a placard. I don’t know about you guys but that is the worst attempt at a press conference I’ve ever seen.

Well, as we cut back to that evening Sara and Cesar happened to be on the dock together. Elroy was watching from the trees as they made love. On top of that, it’s also revealed that Elroy killed his father in cold blood too, lighting the place up and setting it on fire.

In prison, Alex is given a second motive for finding out about Sara. It turns out Imara is connected loosely to Carlos. Imara is just one of several missing girls that have ended up in Cesar’s casino.

Specifically, a girl called Flor is actually the daughter to Carlos, who claims she was wrongly imprisoned thanks to Cesar. Alex feeds all this back to Elisa, who gets dressed and decides she needs to go to Mexico City to find answers.

Clara confronts Chema and breaks the bad news that his Father is sleeping with Sofia. As soon as he finds out, he bolts out the room. Elsewhere, Bruno heads down to the basement where Rodolfo follows and sees all the girls for himself. He’s incredulous, wondering just what all of this means.

While all this is going on, Cesar’s right-hand man Sergio sits in his office and watches horrific video of Flor Sanchez on the monitor. Sitting back with a whisky in hand, a smug look crosses his face. Could we be looking at the real killer here guys?

The Episode Review

As Cesar comes under fire as the most likely suspect, Who Killed Sara starts to tighten the screw a little too much, causing rips to crackle up the premise.

What was all that about with Cesar up on the roof? I can’t work out whether this was a vision or genuinely what happened but seeing him up there shooting a protestor and then taking off is a really bizarre turn of events – even for a short telenovela like this! Where are the police? Why is this not getting more coverage? And how could he get away with this in broad daylight without anyone as much as batting an eyelid?

On top of that, it seems like Cesar is running an underground sex trafficking/prostitution ring and this connects the events in prison to the present day timeline.

There’s clearly more to this story than meets the eye and it seems like Sergio may well be the ringleader here. I’m sure these final few episodes will enlighten us on that!

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