Who Killed Sara? – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Who Killed Sara begins with flashbacks for Alex in prison. After being beaten badly, he’s introduced to Carlos Sanchez. It’s been 8 years for him and he promises to be Alex’s fairy godmother from now on. Not long after, Alex finds out that his Mother has died, meaning Cesar lied about keeping up her medical care.

In the present, Elisa and Alex both drink a coffee (see: empty cup) while discussing the hit and run incident. Our culprit, Elroy, continues to struggle, shaking uncontrollably and taking pills in his office. To make matters worse, he even receives an incriminating message too, with snippets from Sara’s journal sent over.

Meanwhile, Cesar and Mariana continue to experience issues in their marriage, with the latter unwilling to sleep with her husband. At the same time, Bruno deliberates over what he heard with Cesar’s hired prostitute. Specifically, how she pleaded with him for help.

Speaking of which, in flashbacks we see more from the day of Sara’s death. Cesar propositioned her and came uncomfortably close down by the docks. Not long after, Chema confronted Sara at her house and pushed the girl up against the wall, her head snapping back nastily.

In the present, Elisa crashes out in Alex’s room. While she’s asleep, Alex grabs her phone and hacks in, checking different files and seeing she’s due to leave very soon. A knock at the door distracts him though. It’s Rodolfo, who relays that someone trapped him inside the sauna.

Meanwhile, Chema and Lorenzo proposition Clara with being a surrogate Mother for them. She’s over the moon with this, happy that she’ll become part of the family.

Back at the casino, Cesar prepares for the big opening. He learns about Jorge being hit for the first time, which seems to confirm that he’s not responsible. Did Elroy act on his own accord? Well, Elroy starts to lose control, seeing Sara everywhere as the casino opens for the night.

At the same time, Bruno breaks into the basement, intent on finding Imara, the girl who asked him for help before.

Everyone is in attendance, including Alex and Elisa who come dressed up and ready to find out the truth. Alex breaks into Cesar’s computer but tellingly, his background wallpaper happens to be this same archer we’ve been seeing everywhere. Is he Diana the Huntress?

Anyway, while Alex breaks in to the computer he asks Elisa about her leaving Madrid. She’s due to leave in a month but before they can discuss this further, the files finish transferring and the duo set a timer of 3 minutes. This is enough to show everyone in attendance the dirty secrets Cesar has, including numerous pictures of animals killed for sport.

As the alarm wails overhead, Elroy heads up on stage and holds a gun up to his own head. Hands shaking, the screen turns black as a devastating gunshot sounds.

The Episode Review

The midway point of Who Killed Sara throws up some interesting possibilities in the midst of this casino opening. Cesar’s computer had Diana the Huntress as a background. Could it be that Diana is actually Cesar in disguise? This would certainly be quite the twist in this whodunit and something that would undoubtedly catch a lot of people off-guard.

On top of that, the show starts to double down on its drama, namely the situation involving Elroy and how he’s been consumed by guilt. After killing Jorge and haunted by memories of Sara’s death, he winds up killing himself. It’s a shocking turn of events no doubt, but one that leaves more questions than answers on the table.

Hopefully these questions are answered sooner rather than later but as we cross the midway point, this deliciously twisted mystery is becoming ever-more interesting.

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