Who is Erin Carter? – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review, & Ending Explained

Episode 7

The finale of the series begins by revealing that Erin is still alive. It is indeed surprising but she gets herself up and finds bandages at a nearby campsite to temporarily stop the bleeding.

Lena makes her way to Erin’s house. She is envious of the life Erin led with Harper all these years. She sits on Harper’s bed and smells her clothes. Lena is heartbroken over all the years she lost with her daughter. When she hears a car pull up to the house and sees it is Jordi and Harper, she hides in the washroom. She sees Harper for the first time in five years.

Lena comes downstairs after seeing Jordi and Harper leave the house to buy groceries. She finds Daniel’s men in the kitchen, who knock her unconscious and take her to their boss. Erin somehow makes her way back to the house in a stolen truck. Jordi stitches her up on the kitchen table as Harper watches in agony. Although she is sent upstairs, she is still disgruntled.

Lena meets Daniel, who does not recognize her. It turns out that Daniel was the bankroller for all of Thomas’ robberies. 

What prompts Daniel to send a kill team for Erin?

In fact, Lena had spent some time in Daniel’s home as well a few years ago. Lena reveals to him that Erin was the mole who messed up the Harwich job (the one with the bullion). Daniel had no inkling about Erin’s identity. One of his men tells him that Erin is alive and has come back to her house. In exchange for giving back Daniel the gold, Lena makes a deal to protect Harper. Daniel instructs his men to kill Erin and get Harper back to Daniel’s office.

Jordi takes Harper and leaves for Olivia’s house. Daniel’s kill team is spread across Erin’s neighbourhood. She makes a run for safety and encounters them along the way. As luck would have it, Erin runs into Penelope in her car. She takes Erin to safety but does not know what is going on. All this while, Lena has been texting Harper. She has even told Lena where she is.

Lena arrives at Olivia’s house thinking that Harper wants to go back with her. But actually, Harper has only been texting Lena because she thinks Lena can save Erin. A commotion is caused and Jordi and Olivia rush to the backyard to find Lena with Harper.

Why do Lena and Erin decide to join hands?

Harper is scared and runs to Jordi’s side. Lena is heartbroken and angry. But before she can say anything more, Daniel’s men arrive at the house to take Harper and Jordi away.

Erin and Penelope talk in the car about the expectations that people have of them. Although Erin wanted to say something else entirely, Penelope takes it as an indication of her awakening. She finally realizes how unfair her husband has been to her and decides to ask him for a divorce. She wants to take back control of her life.

Lena phones Erin, asking her to meet for Harper’s sake. The two ladies seem to have forgiven each other in the midst of all that has happened. Lena is convinced that Erin has Harper’s best interests at heart and has given her a life that she herself could have never given Harper. In order to save her- and Jordi – Lena decides to ambush Daniel and his men with Erin. The plan works at first when they arrive at Daniel’s office near the docks. But his army of men quickly forces Erin and Lena to withdraw for cover.

Realizing that both of them cannot make it out alive, Lena decides to sacrifice herself, giving Erin the opportunity to escape and be Harper’s mother.

Who is Erin Carter?  (Season 1) Episode 7 Ending Explained

Daniel is shot in the stomach and sits in his chair, bleeding. Jordi offers to stitch him up but Daniel believes that he will be alright, thinking Erin is dead. All of a sudden, he hears shooting as Erin makes her way up to the office. She sends Jordi and Harper away and has a final showdown with Daniel. It is not as much of a showdown given he is shot. But he does get a chance to say his piece.

Daniel expresses that the Harwich job would have been his last. But since it could not be completed, he always felt a sense of injustice. He has tried to get past it but could not. Daniel belittles Erin by saying that she is not who she claims to be. She is a murderer and not a loving mother. She brought her family in harm’s way but still kept them close because she was selfish. As he reaches for his gun, Erin shoots him dead.

The family goes on a vacation after all the mess is over. It seems Jordi has moved beyond his issues for now. Erin is surprised to find Jim Armstrong nearby. Jim says the chain of events has led him to her. Although he does not want to arrest her, Jim says that she must come to work for him – again. The show ends with Jordi asking what he should call her going forward. “I am Erin Carter,” quips Erin with a huge smile plastered on her face. 

The Episode Review

The creators walked the line of logic with egregious boldness in the final episode. This finale did not live up to the expectations, I am afraid. Even in moments where there is great anticipation, episode 7 disappoints. The show gave in to the languid mediocrity that prevents so many projects from becoming worthwhile. 

Ironically, we still haven’t been able to answer the titular question to the bone. Yes, Erin will do everything to protect her family but is that enough? Was that established during the course of the series unequivocally? Is that all who Erin Carter really is?

These are some tough questions that the writers should deliberate. A lot of introspection is required if indeed we will have another season of the same story. Erin did end up being a “girl boss” who could do no wrong and everything somehow worked out for her. Sean Teale must feel disappointed at how dispensable his character was in the end. 

The early promise that the series showed fizzled out steadily over the episodes. The final episode is just rubbing salt in our wounds. 

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  1. I have to agree. The show started out with promise. Would we have a female John Wick, only with better character development? The series got increasingly far-fetched. I barely made it to the last episode. I’m not interested in a second season. Evin Ahmad was not convincing as a real-life Wonder Woman with badass fighting skills.

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