Who is Erin Carter? – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Who is Erin Carter begins in the aftermath of Emilio’s death. The cop was murdered by Daniel in the last episode. The criminal mastermind brushed past Erin as she scampered to get out of the stadium. At the funeral, Jordi expresses his intention to sell the house, which takes Erin by surprise. Harper is also reluctant to move again and Erin talks with Jordi in private. She asks him to spend a few days away from all of this mess with his parents.

In the midst of all this, Ana, Emilio’s widow, is heard shouting at Tabarez, who has come to pay his respects. Erin approaches him and mentions Daniel’s name, which instantly makes him defensive. It is clear Tabarez is on Daniel’s payroll and protects him from inside the force. The police would do nothing to take any action against him.

Jordi prepares Harper and his stuff to leave for his parents’ house. Before they leave, Jordi and Erin discuss their future together. But the former expresses his apprehensions about continuing their marriage. He does not feel confident he can thrust past all the lies and deceit. 

As Erin heads inside after seeing them off, she is shocked to see Moses, Daniel’s henchman, casually eating an apple in the kitchen. Even though she draws a knife against him, Moses isn’t perturbed and walks away nonchalantly.

At school, Erin confronts Olivia about the interview. Daniel told her in the last episode that it was Olivia’s negative comments that precluded Erin from landing the job. Olivia explains to Erin that she only has herself to blame for all this. Olivia also accuses Erin of keeping her at arm’s length and never allowing her to truly be a friend.

The school is hosting parents for an interaction with the teachers. Daniel casually struts in and Erin has no interest in engaging with him. She also makes it clear that she will not be keeping Emilio’s murder a secret. Daniel turns cold and rather threatening. He gives a warning to Erin to stay away since his bosses are “unreasonable men.” They will not hesitate to silence her entire family if they feel threatened. Erin is seemingly convinced in that instance to shake hands with Daniel and cede to his requirements. Back at home, Erin prepares herself for the worst by loading a revolver and even sleeping with it. 

Penelope visits her the next morning to invite Erin to a night out with Ana and some of the neighbours. In this difficult time, they must be by Ana’s side as her support system. Erin and Penelope also share a tender moment where the latter hugs Erin and even tries to assure her that everything will be alright. It just goes on to show how far they have come in their friendship.

Lena walks up to Olivia’s house wearing a wig. She introduces herself as a friend of Erin’s and asks for her number, which Olivia does not give out. But she invites Lena into her house for tea. Although the conversation starts out mellow, it transitions into Lena threatening Olivia.

She convinces her to call Erin and invite her back to the house. Erin tells Olivia where she is but says she cannot make it. Lena gestures to her that it will be enough on her part and Olivia cuts the call. Erin is still affected by what Daniel said and the looming threat of more hurt that could come Ana and Rafa’s way. She takes the bold step of killing Daniel and gets the location of his house from the internet. But before she can get to him, Moses stands in her way. The duo engages in an intense fight but Erin eventually emerges on top.

Daniel is shocked to see his best man being beaten up like this. As she points the gun toward him, Daniel beseeches to her conscience. Killing him would make Dylan an orphan and it certainly won’t bring Emilio back. Hearing the footsteps of Dylan and his friends, Erin chooses to walk away. She goes to a bar to use the washroom. Lena confronts her at the bar and asks about Harper’s location. When Erin tells her she is in Canyelles, Lena instructs Erin to drive towards the hills. They drive all night long. Erin tries to explain that she thought Lena was dead; otherwise, she wouldn’t have left her alone.

To distract her, Erin tells Lena about the gold bars that they stole back in England. Lena asks Erin to take her to the location of the gold. After giving up the gold, Erin makes one final attempt to convince Lena to walk away. But instead, she shoots Erin in the stomach and leaves her for dead on the hills. 

The Episode Review

Erin’s heroics have become a joke. While the action scenes must be praised once again for how well they have been choreographed, they are not believable at all. Evin Ahmad’s stature simply does not qualify to match up to her opponents’. Even if she was the most skilled operator in the world – which she isn’t, she is just a police officer – Erin would have trouble dealing with men twice her size. She always escapes these situations without too many scratches, and the ones she does take, her body absorbs like a sponge absorbs water.

‘Who is Erin Carter’ has completely strayed away from its track and has become yet another unoriginal Netflix production. All the seriousness and intrigue have been drained out and replaced with dull, uninspired drama that has no spark. There is no room left for any surprises now and the outcome for the show is quite visible to us. Cliches galore!

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