Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Confession and Hesitation

Episode 3 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins where we left off in episode 2 with Himari pondering what love is. She recalls several instances where she used the term and had to inform others about her stance on love. Ultimately, Himari says she’s never experienced romantic love. Also, she doesn’t know how to respond to Yori’s confession. 

Himari and Miki discuss Yori’s confession at the school’s gymnasium the following day. Himari doesn’t know how to respond. Later, Miki and Himari continue their discussion after class. Himari tells Miki she never had romantic feelings for someone before. Miki bombards Himari with more questions, asking her if she ever thought of hugging or kissing Yori.

Himari’s unsure how to respond. Then, the two touch upon dating. Miki informs Himari that there are multiple ways to go about dating people. She says Himari could date Yori without having to have romantic feelings for her. Himari thanks Miki and promises to ponder her advice. Meanwhile, Yori’s lost in thought. 

Mari and Aki try to get Yori’s attention but she ignores them. Yori departs. Aki tells Mari and Kaori that Yori will be fine tomorrow. Yori heads to the rooftop, contemplating the events surrounding her and Himari. Then, Yori receives a text from Himari. Himari tells Yori she needs more time to think about everything. She promises Yori that she’ll visit her on the rooftop when she develops an answer. 

Before Yori heads home, she stumbles upon Aki. While the two walk home together, Yori tells Aki that she confessed to Himari during their date. Aki responds cautiously to the news. Then, Aki rambles about unrelated topics and takes Yori to a shop to get frappes. Later, we see Himari in her room, pondering how she should reply to Yori’s confession. 

Himari fears her and Yori’s relationship will produce negative results. Himari leaves her room to gather chocolate. She overhears her mother speaking with her father on the phone. Himari asks her mother questions about how she and her father started dating. Himari’s mother tells Himari that she initially turned her father down because she didn’t have a romantic interest in him.

At the same time, Himari’s mother feared that if her relationship with Himari’s father produced negative results, it’d hamper their friendship. Yet, Himari’s mother realized she did love Himari’s father after the two attended a festival together. Himari thanks her mother for sharing her story since it gave her an idea of how to reply to Yori’s confession. 

Himari texts Yori and tells her to meet her at the rooftop tomorrow. The two arrive at the rooftop after classes wrap up. Himari tells Yori that she doesn’t romantically love her and Yori figured that was the case. Yet, Himari says she wants to spend more time with Yori. Additionally, Himari tells Yori that she’s afraid that if they became a couple now, it’s possible she’d hurt Yori’s feelings, making her feel like a terrible person. 

Yori opens up about her confession, stating how it filled her with fear. Nonetheless, Yori says she’s satisfied with Himari’s response. Himari asks Yori if she can continue visiting her on the rooftop after classes wrap up. Yori says it’s okay but she still plans to make Himari fall for her. Later, we see Yori in her room. She wonders what she can do to make Himari fall for her. 

Next, we visit the Light Music Club’s clubroom. Mari informs Aki and Kaori they need a new vocalist since their previous vocalist quit and joined a new band. Then, they hear a knock on the door. Aki opens the door and Yori happens to be there.

The episode closes with Yori asking Aki and the others if she can join the band. 

The Episode Review

Many fans wondered how Himari would respond to Yori’s bold confession to her. Himari’s the type of person who sees value in everyone and this episode did a fine job of letting fans know that through flashbacks and emotionally charged sequences. Ultimately, Yori got friend-zoned, a position many people don’t like being in. Fortunately, Yori took things well and hasn’t given up on her romantic pursuit.

On that note, getting out of one’s comfort zone to accomplish a goal is a likable feat. Hopefully, joining the SSGIRLS will serve Yori well in her romance-oriented endeavor. At the same time, this episode, like the previous one, builds upon the possible love triangle between Aki, Yori, and Himari’s characters. While the former jokes about having a romantic interest in Yori, deep down, we know Aki has some feelings for Yori. 

Therefore, we anticipate Aki will confront Yori sooner than later about her true feelings for her. Considering how fast we got Yori’s confession, it’s safe to assume we’ll get one from Aki at the same pace. If not, the anime should continue drumming up excitement for that moment. Besides a few visual hiccups and pacing issues, this was a nice follow-up chapter of Whisper Me A Love Song. 

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