Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Progress, Impatience, and a Quiet Resolve

Episode 4 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins with Yori explaining to Mari why she wants to join the SSGIRLs. Yori argues if Himari sees her play in a band again, there’s a chance Yori can motivate Himari to fall in love with her naturally. After hearing Yori out, Aki welcomes Yori to the SSGIRLs. On the school’s rooftop, Yori tells Himari about the news, and Himari’s excited to see Yori play with the SSGIRLs.

Additionally, Yori says she must attend practice two to three times a week. She tells Himari that she can’t meet with her on those days. Yori suggests they have lunch together on the days when she has practice. Himari ponders it over and wonders if she should try something new. Then, Himari asks Yori why she wants to join the SSGIRLs. 

Yori tells Himari she joined the SSGIRLS because Himari told her she experienced “love at first sight” when she saw Yori sing with the SSGIRLs. Then, Yori apologizes to Himari because she feels doing this makes her look desperate. Himari tells Yori not to worry as she still looks up to Yori. Internally, Himari hopes she can experience the same type of love Yori has for her. 

Later, Aki, Yori, and the others arrive at the music studio. The girls practice briefly. Aki tells the girls to stop and informs Kaori and Yori about things they must improve on. Then, the girls continue practicing. Later, the girls reflect on band practice. Yori tells the others that she’s developed a new perspective on playing in a band. 

Essentially, Yori doesn’t find the notion unappealing and feels she’s warmed up to playing alongside others and has a stronger desire to improve. Then, Mari tells Yori that they’re planning to put on a great show at this year’s Light Music Club Concert. Aki chimes in and tells Yori that they plan to put on a stellar showcase at September’s culture festival. 

Yori promises to practice her rhythm and phrasing before the concert happens. Then, Aki suggests they all grab a bite to eat and strategize their next move. Later, Aki and Yori discuss Yori’s song she wanted to write for the SSGIRLs. Yori says she needs to rework the song’s lyrics. Meanwhile, Miki confronts Himari at school. Himari’s upset because she doesn’t know how to spend her free time now that Yori’s practicing with the SSGIRLs. 

Miki suggests Himari join a club that doesn’t interfere with her and Yori’s meet-up schedule. Himari’s club-searching shenanigans don’t go well. Suddenly, she stumbles upon the cooking club and notices a girl cooking something inside the clubroom. The girl notices Himari, brings her inside, and entices her to have one of the cookies she baked. 

The girl hopes Himari will join her club. She tells Himari that the club has three members, but the other two barely show up. The girl wonders if Himari stopped by because she wanted to join. Himari tells the girl that she’s visiting multiple clubs to see which one fits her needs. The girl tells Himari that she can adjust her club’s meeting schedule. This entices Himari to join the cooking club. 

The girl tells Himari she can bake anything and share those goods with anyone. Himari reflects on this idea and wonders if Yori would appreciate her desserts. The girl teases Himari about that idea and we learn she’s named Momoka. Later, we see Yori contemplating in one of the classrooms. Yori says it’s been four days since she and Himari spent time together. 

She continues pondering activities she’d like to partake in with Himari. Suddenly, Himari arrives and startles Yori. Himari tells Yori that she joined the cooking club. Additionally, Himari says the club consists of four members, but only she and another classmate partake in the club’s activities. Himari rambles about the club more, but Yori’s too focused on the idea of Himari spending time with another female classmate. 

Yori apologizes to Himari for spacing out and wishes her the best with her club. Later, Yori struggles to put on a decent performance with the SSGIRLs during practice. Kaori tells Aki to chat with Yori to see what’s bothering her. Aki and Yori visit a cafe and Yori tells Aki that she’s jealous of Momoka, the girl Himari’s spending time with in the cooking club. 

Additionally, Yori’s afraid that Himari will fall in love with Momoka and that all her efforts will be for nothing. Aki tells Yori to have faith and Yori thanks Aki for being nice to her. Next, we see Momoka and Himari baking goodies at the cooking club. Then, we see Momoka alone in the clubroom. She reflects on the dessert she gave to Himari before Himari left. In this vision, Momoka tells Himari to give it to someone special to her. 

Then, a female cooking club member enters the room and chats with Momoka briefly. They discuss the girl’s reasons for not attending club meetings and Momoka’s experiences with Himari. Later, Himari visits Miki and hands her a banana poundcake she made. Miki teases Himari about giving it to Yori, but Himari says she wants Miki to act as her guinea pig so she can properly do that. 

Then, Miki receives a call from her club and exits the room. Aki returns home and spots Himari in the living room. Next, Aki confronts Himari about Yori and wonders if Himari has fallen in love with Yori. Himari tells Yori that she hasn’t fallen in love with Yori yet. Aki tells Himari that she loves Yori romantically. The episode closes with Aki telling Himari to let Aki be with Yori.

The Episode Review

Heading into episode four, matters are starting to take a dramatic turn for our female pair. Fans will adore the drama brewing on Yori and Himari’s side of things. From Yori’s jealousy and lack of passion to Aki confronting Himari about her feelings for Yori, it’ll be interesting to see how Himari and Yori will resolve these matters effectively. 

At the same time, it’s unfortunate that the visuals and animation aren’t on par with the series’s drama (so far). One can tell the animation studio behind this production might be running into trouble, budget-wise, due to the series’s overuse of jarring transitions, zoom-ins, and still imagery.

Those looking for stellar musical performances and dramatic instances like those found in Bocchi The Rock and The Dangers In My Heart may be disappointed with this one. Nonetheless, there’s still a chance that the anime can make a comeback with future chapter releases. We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

Additionally, this chapter introduces audiences to two new characters. One being Momoka and the other a random club member. Many theorize this club member could be the same girl who was the SSGIRLs’s former singer. This would be an interesting development. It would give this encounter between this female club member and Momoka more significance. Although not much intel was shared about Momoka’s character, we’re certain Yori will confront her down the pipeline since it could help Yori retrieve her groove again.

Despite having poor pacing and bland visuals, this episode should leave drama and romance enthusiasts pleased. 

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