Whisper Me A Love Song – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Love, a Date, and…

Episode 2 of Whisper Me A Love Song begins where we left off in episode 1 with Himari and Yori on the school’s rooftop. Himari tells Yori that she loves Yori’s singing and this makes Yori blush. Yori asks Himari to stop saying she “loves” her singing voice. Himari asks Yori if she plans to continue playing for the SSGIRLS. Yori says she’s not interested. However, she tells Himari the SSGIRLS want Yori to write a song for them. 

Yori feels they should ask a professional songwriter to conjure a piece. Himari disagrees and says she’d love to hear a song written by Yori. Yori pats Himari on the head and apologizes for doing so seconds later. Himari says it’s okay and that it made her blush. Himari departs because she left her backpack in her classroom. Yori promises to meet with her at the school’s entrance so they can walk home together. 

Himari chats with Miki about the horrible weather today. She’s afraid this will ruin her after-school plans with Yori. Himari heads to Yori’s classroom and notices she’s not in there. Next, Aki approaches Himari and Himari tells her she’s looking for Yori. Aki tells Himari that she just had lunch with Yori and that she should be arriving soon. 

Yori arrives and notices Himari’s hiding behind Aki. Himari tells Yori that she stopped by because she wanted to question Yori about their after-school plans. Aki suggests the two exchange contact information. Yori isn’t sure how to do it, so Himari guides her through the process. Himari leaves afterward. Yori tells Aki that Himari’s the girl she was referring to.

Aki feels Himari’s “down bad” for Yori. Yori reflects on Himari’s earlier remarks she shared toward her. Himari visits Yori in her classroom after school ends. The two discuss Yori’s fondness for cats briefly. Yori ponders if Himari always looks this happy when chatting with people or if it’s because she’s conversing with her, specifically. Then, Himari and Yori discuss what Yori likes doing during her free days. 

After Yori shares what she does on her days off, Himari asks her to attend a cat pop-up shop with her on Sunday. Yori accepts the offer. Later, we see Yori at home, questioning if she made the right choice. Then, Himari texts her and says she’s looking forward to their “date” on Sunday. This startles Yori and she’s unsure how to respond to Himari. 

Nonetheless, Yori texts Himari, telling her she’s “looking forward to it.” While at her desk, Yori receives a phone call from Aki. Aki asks Yori what she’s up to and Yori tells her she’s writing a song. Aki teases Yori and wonders if she’s thinking about Himari while writing it. Then, Aki asks Yori to go shopping with her tomorrow because she needs new outfits. 

Yori declines Aki’s outing because she has a date tomorrow. She hangs up the phone and Aki realizes things are moving well between Himari and Yori. Date day arrives and Yori visits the station to meet with Himari. Himari approaches Yori and compliments her on her street clothes get-up. Yori compliments Himari and tells her she looks cute in her outfit. 

The two head to a restaurant and eat. Then, the two find themselves in a crowd. Before they go to their next destination, Yori notices Himari is missing. Fortunately, she finds Himari seconds later. Himari apologizes and says she’s not used to being in crowds. Yori extends her hand to Himari and says they should continue holding hands so no one gets lost. 

The two visit a cat item shop. Himari wants to get matching phone straps because she wants to give one to Yori. Yori grabs the item and tells Himari she’ll pay for them. Later, the girls visit several shops, meeting felines and taking selfies as they go. Eventually, they arrive at a music shop. While exploring, Yori reveals she doesn’t know much about guitars. 

Also, she says the ones she’s using are a hand-me-down, given to her by her father. While checking out the music shop’s items, Himari tells Yori she wants to hear her play with the SSGIRLS again. Yori questions if there’s anything wrong with her playing solo, and Himari says nothing is wrong. However, Himari says she gets a different experience when she hears Yori play with others. 

Himari says Yori gives her a gentle vibe when she’s playing on the roof. Yet, when Yori’s playing with a band, Himari feels Yori’s “cool factor” kicks in. That said, Himari wants to experience Yori’s music from both angles. Yori reflects on Himari’s words and wonders if she should continue playing alongside the SSGIRLS. 

While heading somewhere, Yori wants to spend more time with Himari. Then, the two arrive and rest somewhere. There, Yori outright tells Himari she’d be happy if she and Himari were dating. Himari jokingly says it’d be great to be her girlfriend. Before Himari leaves, Yori grabs Himari’s arm and tells her she wants to go out with Himari. 

Yori apologizes to Himari and tells her to think about her remarks. Then, Yori departs. Later, we see Aki, Mamoka, and Mari at a restaurant. Mamoka wonders how Yori’s date went and if “love at first sight” exists. While Mamoka and Mari goof around, Aki tells Mamoka that it does exist. Then, we receive a flashback involving her and Yori, hinting to audiences that Aki may like Yori. 

Then, we return to following Himari. She’s showering and reflecting on Yori’s words to her at the station and on the rooftop. Himari isn’t sure how to respond to Yori’s responses because the love she’s feeling is different from what Yori feels. The episode closes with Himari pondering what love is. 

The Episode Review

As mentioned in our previous piece on Whisper Me A Love Song, this anime has the potential to fill the void left behind by the previous anime season’s onslaught of cutesy and romantic content. Fortunately, its second episode didn’t disappoint. This episode contains a lot of charming content that any romance and yuri-fanatic will enjoy. 

It delivers touching conversations, great development for Himari, Yori, and Aki, and wonderful music to enhance anyone’s experiences with these scenarios involving them. At the same time, some fans may feel like something is off about this show’s direction. There are story details shared in this one that’ll make fans question if the series’s author Eku Takeshima changed a few characters’ motives and understanding of certain situations.

One character, in particular, that’ll make viewers feel this way is Aki. She doesn’t demonstrate any romantic interest in Yori in the first episode. However, this one strongly alludes to her having hidden feelings for Yori. While having love triangles in romance tales isn’t a bad thing by any means, it would’ve been stellar if the anime had alluded to Aki having romantic feelings for Yori in the previous chapter. 

Nevertheless, this swift and unexpected character change could lead to juicy and tense developments down the pipeline. Hopefully, that ends up being the case.

Overall, this was an engaging episode of Whisper Me A Love Song. I’m curious to see what Himari will do now that she knows how Yori feels about her.  

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