When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap and Review

Ji Soo Strikes Back

The latest episode of When My Love Blooms sets the scene for the last few episodes which promises a stand off between Ji-Soo and Seo-Kyeong. The latter has been doing anything she can to bring Ji-Soo down and the tides are set to change now. She has been quite the evil antagonist and it will be interesting to see what will happen to her as we reach the finale.

Episode 13 of When My Love Blooms starts where it left off with Ji-Soo discovering graffiti on the door of her new place saying “Demolish”. She later finds out that the owner is in fact Seo-Kyeong so she tries calling her but to no avail as she is away on a business trip. She seeks the help and advice from Hye-Jung and Dong-Jin who explain that what Seo-Kyeong is doing is illegal. At the same time, Jun Seo asks his grandad if he could stop his parents’ divorce. Jang gets angry at his request and explains that it is all his father’s fault as he is the one who wants a divorce and also reveals that he is trying to steal the company.

The next day, Ji-Soo stops workers from demolishing her house and tells them that she will call the police if they try to. This reminds her of the past as we flashback to a time where Ji-Soo, Jae-Hyun and their friends looked after a little school about to get demolished. This gives Ji-Soo the idea to become a piano teacher where he also plans to give free lessons to talented kids who can’t afford them. Unfortunately, we see that men came to destroy the school a few days later. That same evening, the couple walk home and spend a touching moment together where Ji-Soo told Jae-Hyun she never feels tired or scared when she is with him.

Back in the present, Jae-Hyun finds out about the demolition when he has a piano delivered to Ji-Soo. He manages to pay off the workers, much to the dismay of Seo-Kyeong who calls Ji-Soo to confront her about it and tells her she is coming for her. Jae-Hyun later also learns from Kang that an emergency board meeting was held where a third party recapitalization was decided and Sinil Asset Management was named. Jae-Hyun asks him to find out about the company and arranges a meeting with the investors.

Seo-Kyeong decides to meet with Ji-Soo at her apartment with a notice and compensation for the demolition. Ji-Soo insists that she will follow the rules and move out in due course. Seo-Kyeong reveals that she will carry on threatening her and do the same to the next place she moves to until she leaves Jae-Hyun.

In the evening, Young-Min calls Jae-Hyun as his mother is sick and is worried about her. Jae-Hyun arrives soon after and takes her to hospital despite her protests. This reminds him of a day in October 1994 where they were both studying in the library and Ji-Soo was ill. He tried taking her to hospital then again but she refused so he looked after her.

In the present, Ji-Soo is starting to feel better so the two decide to walk together by the river. Jae-Hyun tells her he can tell she had a tough time all these years. She replies that thanks to love, she always manages to power through. While they walk, we see that again someone is taking pictures of them.

At home, Seo-Kyeong finds a divorce petition and Jae-Hyun’s things gone. She confronts him about it and promises that she will fight dirty to make sure she wins. She later calls Kang and finds out that Jae-Hyun is staying at Belle hotel and makes sure that he is kept under surveillance.

In the evening, Ji-Soo sees an article claiming that Jae-Hyun is dating a single mother. The next day she takes Young-Min to his father and after sending him inside, she sits with Se-Hoon to talk about the articles. Se-Hoon tells her he is not bothered by them but he worries about Young-Min. He reveals that the child has asked to come and live with him as he doesn’t want to be in the way of her remarriage which surprises her.

During a meeting with his investors, Jae-Hyun discusses the latest development and his next steps. Suddenly, he receives a text from Mr Kang as the video of him kissing Ji-Soo on the beach has also been leaked while Ji-Soo loses one of her students because of the articles. The next day, Ji-Soo heads off to pick up Young-Min but finds out from Se-Hoon that he doesn’t want to come or talk to her after seeing the news article and video. He tells her that after all this, he will be filing for custody.

After finding out that her friend Sun-Hee has been fired by Seo-Kyeong, Ji-Soo heads into the company building to try confronting the woman. Unfortunately, she refuses to come down and as Ji-Soo leaves, she is confronted by two mothers from her son’s old school who throw a drink at her, blaming her for tarnishing the school’s reputation.

After seeing Ji-Soo walking home looking a mess, Young-Woo decides to visit Jae-Hyun and talk about Ji-Soo’s suffering, begging him to stand by her side. Meanwhile, Ji-Soo texts Seo-Kyeong and warns her that it is now her turn to torment her. She then sends her a picture of herself all made up and heading into the hotel Jae-Hyun is staying in, enraging Seo-Kyeong in the process as the episode closes.

The ending of When My Love Blooms shows a new determination for Ji-Soo as she prepares to fight back against Seo-Kyeong. The evil woman has gone too far now, after hurting the people around her and firing one of her dear friends. We see Ji-Soo heading into Jae-Hyun’s hotel and I am looking forward to see just what happens in the next episode.

With just 3 episodes left, I am hoping it will be a happy ending for poor Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun who has been trying very hard to do the right thing for the people around him. While some might be hurt in the process, they both deserve to be happy and to finish their beautiful love story, letting their love finally bloom.

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