When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap and Review

The New Piano School

After the previous emotional episode, When My Love Blooms returns as we see Ji-Soo dealing with the aftermath of her father passing. Her character has had quite the journey so far which has been developed really well thanks in part to the numerous flashbacks and the evenly-paced story.

Episode 12 of When My Love Blooms starts after Ji-Soo’s father passes away. She later heads outside where she finds Jae-Hyun waiting for her. She collapses in his arms crying and tells him she doesn’t want people to leave her anymore. He tells her not to be too sad so her father can rest in peace.

At the funeral, the four friends reminisce about their friendship and realize that it is thanks to Ji-Soo they all became friends and had the best time of their lives. Ji-Soo says goodbye to her father and asks him to give a message to her mother and sister to appear in her dream. Outside, as he waits for Jae-Hyun, Dong-Jin speaks with Mr Kang about Ji-Soo’s dad and realizes what he did to Jae-Hyun’s father.

Later on, Ji-Soo sees that his father’s toys are missing. Young-Min reveals that he gave it to him the day before he passed and told him to make sure they both lived happily. She then finds a diary he kept for her. He explains that on clear days he always used to worry as he realised he didn’t remember what happened 2 days before or yesterday. He used to worry as well that he may have treated her badly but was afraid to ask anyone. He then mentions the day he saw Jae-Hyun at the sanatorium and how they both looked happy together like they did when they were 20.

In the evening, Jae-Hyun has drinks with Dong-Jin in the usual place where they talk about Ji-Soo’s responsibility in the wake of his father’s demise. Jae-Hyun asks his friend never to tell Ji-Soo and to take on his divorce.

The next day, Se-Hoon speaks to his son about his decision to move in with him and wonders why he changed his mind. Young-Min replies that he is doing this for his mum as he wants her to be able to get married again, thinking that he will be in the way.

While Jae-Hyun discusses his next steps with two other shareholders, Chairman Jang is concerned that Jae-Hyun is becoming more powerful as the bank of Seoul has paid the taxes of the borrowed named accounts for him. He is concerned about the super investors that are helping him and tells his executives to think about any possibilities Jae-Hyun may be planning as he wants to crush them all.

Meanwhile, Seo-Kyeong looks at her divorce papers and brings them to her father. He mentions the history between both fathers of Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun and tells her this could stop them being together. This prompts her to text Ji-Soo to meet the next day. As they do, Seo-Kyeong shows her the divorce papers but reveals that she won’t be divorcing Jae-Hyun. Ji-Soo doesn’t react so Seo-Kyeong decides to tell her that her father is responsible for Jae-Hyun’s father’s death.

The next day, Ji-Soo and Young-Min visit the house she saw for rent and Young-Min asks if they will move there. Ji-Soo tells him that since her father told her to be happy, she wants to start with something she can do. They then come face to face with Young-Woo in the street and the three have lunch together. Young-Woo decides to take them to an amusement park next where they have a fun day.

When Young-Woo asks her about the move, she remembers the past in 1996 when she lived in the countryside and both him and Hye-Jung came to visit her. After Ji-Soo told them that her and her father didn’t have anything left as he lost his job, her friends told her they will be there for her. In the evening, she heard a radio-host reading a love poem from Lee Seong Bok that Jae-Hyun sent in and dedicated to her.

Back in the present, Ji-Soo tells Young-Woo she feels that she is responsible for all the hard times Jae-Hyun has had to go through. Young-Woo tells her it is his fault as he reported him to the police. Since then, he has been feeling guilty which is why he was never able to ask her out, so he tells her not to keep living with guilt.

In the evening, Young-Woo asks Jae-Hyun to meet him in his bar. He reveals that Ji-Soo knows what her father did but told him not to say anything. This has made him realize that they both always go through rough patches but are very much alike.

Jae-Hyun meets with Ji-Soo next in the park where she gives him her father’s diary as she thinks he will make better use of it because it mentions Jang. She tells him she has been fighting for so long and doesn’t want anyone leaving her anymore. Jae-Hyun tells her that he should be the one to blame as he ran away with her which caused her father to resent him. He also relays her father’s last wish to him which was to make sure she was free of any pain, which is what he wants too. As they hold hands, Ji-Soo tells him she doesn’t want to repeat the most painful mistake she made in her life just before they kiss again.

On their way home, Ji-Soo shows Jae-Hyun the house she wants to get and explains that she wants to open her own piano school. The next day, Ji-Soo starts packing and speaks to Young-Min about her plans for a piano school. As she later goes looking for a piano, she comes face to face with Jae-Hyun in front of the music shop they met for the first time. Jae-Hyun then offers to donate a piano for her school but, as always, she refuses. He then suggests her paying him back which she agrees too. They then spend the day looking at pianos before having dinner together. Unfortunately, we see that someone is taking picture of them and as Ji-Soo arrives home, she sees that someone has written “Demolish” on her door, which closes out the episode.

As we’re slowly getting close to the end of the series, Ji-Soo is finally giving in and letting her guard down as she is starting to realise that her place is with Jae-Hyun. There are still quite a lot of obstacles though, especially with Seo-Kyeong determined not to let her husband leave her. It will be interesting to see where the story will go from here and if they will get their well deserved happy ending.

It is also touching to see that Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun share a very deep bond as no matter what they have been through so far, they always find and care about each other. Their love story feels natural and heartwarming, which makes When My Love Blooms well worth checking out and delivers another decent episode.


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