When My Love Blooms – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap and Review

The Revenge

With just two episode to go anything can happen for our main couple, especially after the shocking cliffhanger ending. Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun have had quite the journey which has been developed quite well and at decent speed over the season too. The flashbacks continue adding depth to this one, helping the audience root for our two protagonists.

Episode 14 of When My Love Blooms picks up where it left off with Ji-Soo sending a text to Seo-Kyeong telling her she is ready to torment her. All made up, she heads into Jae-Hyun’s hotel and sends a picture of herself to Seo-Kyeong, enraging her in the process. This prompts Seo-Kyeong to rush after her and as she reaches her husband’s room, she is shocked to find him by himself. She asks him where he is hiding her but Jae-Hyun has no idea what she is taking about.

As she heads back into the lobby she finds Ji-Soo waiting. She confronts Ji-Soo who tells her how she is planning to hurt her. Seo-Kyeong warns that she will pay many times over so Ji-Soo replies that she is ready as long as she only attacks her, as it’s her responsibility. Seo-Kyeong pushes a lamp on the floor just as Jae-Hyun arrives. This causes Seo-Kyeong to storm out.

Jae-Hyun and Ji-Soo then walk together as she explains that when she found out Sun-Hee was fired, she snapped. She asks him to forget what she did but he tells her he is not sure he can. They then take a taxi where they fall asleep on each other’s shoulders while Se-Hwi drives off with Seo-Kyeong.

The next day, Jae-Hyun thinks about his father and rings Kang as he wants to know who the prosecutor is that was taken off his father’s lawsuit. At the same time, Ji-Soo heads to Se-Hoon’s house to pick up Young-Min. She tells him she knows he has been intercepting his texts but she still has custody and parental rights for now so she will be taking him back. Se-Hoon’s mother tries to stop and slap her but Ji-Soo warns her that she will sue for assault if she strikes. She then takes Young-Min to the playground where she asks him if he really wants to live with his dad. Young-Min simply replies that he can’t decide right now.

Meanwhile, Jang discusses his plan with his staff to get the majority of shares, with the help of the third party recapitalization. This makes him very happy but he also finds out that his daughter has fired someone from the distribution centre without a valid reason.

In the evening, Ji-Soo meets with Dong-Jin and Hye-Jung in Young-Woo for some drinks. As they joke around eating chocolate pie, this reminds the four friends of the past as we flashback to a day where they were volunteering by helping with gardening for the elderly of a village. This is when Dong-Jin and Young-Woo got in trouble for eating the chocolate pies without waiting for the others.

In the present, while the four friends reminisce, Seo-Kyeong has someone in the bar recording their conversation. She then decides to stop spying on Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun before meeting Se-Hoon. The latter asks if Jae-Hyun is really divorcing her and tells her he wants both Ji-Soo and Jae-Hyun to suffer. Jae-Hyun later arrives in the bar as well after Young-Woo called him to help Ji-Soo. The couple then walk home together under an umbrella in the rain and share a touching moment together.

The next day, Seo-Kyeong finds out that the labor committee has sent an order to reinstate Sun-Hee as it was an unfair dismissal. Seo-Kyeong refuses though and wants to pay the fine despite how it will look for the shareholders.

As Se-Hoon drives past the company’s building, he sees Hyuk-Soo’s father protesting again. He takes him for drinks to discuss the latest development. Se-Hoon manages to rile the old man up as he explains that Jae-Hyun is having an affair and is planning to take over the company. After telling him that he has done to others what he has to Hyuk-Soo, the old man claims that he has to be punished.

Ji-Soo visits Sun-Hee in hospital as she has collapsed at work after being overworked. She tries her best to reassures and encourage her friend who seems to have lost hope while Jae-Hyun meets with the two investors to discuss their next step. They understand that Jang is about to have the majority of the shares so they are planning to make it look like they are buying more shares for now. Jae-Hyun believes that the party that loses first will win later.

Ji-Soo later asks to meet Jae-Hyun to talk about Sun-Hee’s dismissal and to consider compensation for her work accident. Jae-Hyun explains that he is not able to do much about it because of the current situation and explains that the investors are reluctant to give out any compensation at the moment. He tells her he needs them to punish Jang and take over the company as this will be his revenge and reward. Ji-Soo asks if it’s fair for powerless people to suffer in the process, continuing on admit she will always love him but will also carry on siding with people no one sides with in the hope that he will go back to his old self.

The next day, Ji-Soo decides to help Sun-Hee’s family and files a petition for her unfair dismissal. She intercepts Seo-Kyeong too, telling her she is taking her to court and will also bring the story to a broadcasting station.

The next day, Jae-Hyun visits the old prosecutor of his father’s case. He tells him he has never forgotten it but was taken away when he didn’t agree to clear Hyung Sung group’s name from it. Jae-Hyun tells him that it may be late but he will now be able to keep justice on the case. He later meets with Dong-Jin and tells him he has decided to go back to the person he used to be.

After texting Ji-Soo to meet him in the evening, Jae-Hyun decides to buy red and white roses to give her. He recalls a memory of the past when they had a fight and he bought roses too, promising to not fight again. In the present, Jae-Hyun waits for Ji-Soo with his bouquet but as she arrives, Hyuk-Sook’s father suddenly appears and stabs him in the stomach. Jae-Hyun collapses on the floor, as a shocked Ji-Soo runs towards him crying as the episode closes.

What a shocking ending! The episode has done a great job building up to that moment which really surprised me. Poor Jae-Hyun has been stabbed and doesn’t seem in good shape at all. While it is unlikely that Jae-Hyun will be killed off, it certainly adds more suspense and drama to the series and I am really looking forward to next week’s final two episodes to see how this one is wrapped up.

When My Love Blooms may not be the strongest weekend drama this year but it is still a pleasant one to watch thanks to its touching and emotional love story and some great performances from its cast. Will Jae-Hyun survive? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!


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