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When I Was the Most Beautiful – Episode 14 Recap and Review

Carry’s Fate

We begin episode 14 of When I Was Most Beautiful with Carry lying on the floor bleeding out. A psychotic Ki-Seok sits against the wall in glee. When Jin finds out, he hurries up to the hospital where he finds out she’s in surgery. Ye-Ji decides to stick around at the hospital while the brothers head off to the police station.

There, they confront Ki-Seok and ask why he stabbed Carry. It turns out he was the one who slashed Jin’s tyres and caused the car to plunge off the cliff. He was enraged by Carry’s cruelty and stabbed her to get revenge.

Carry, as it turns out, is actually okay and wakes up to find Ye-Ji in front of her. There’s no love lost between the two but knowing she’s awake, Ye-Ji leaves.

Eventually things calm down and Ye-Ji heads home with Jin. He discusses the past and how losing her was the biggest punishment he could endure. As he begins sobbing, she throws her arms around him and gives him some medication to help him sleep.

Unfortunately Ye-Ji is unable to do so herself causing concern for Hwan. He tells her she needs to rest and promises to stick with her for the long haul. He wants to hug her but knows that he shouldn’t.

Instead, they all reconvene around the dinner table and start eating after Sung-Gon gives a rousing speech about holding on and not hitting rock bottom.

At the hospital, Yeon-ja arrives and starts putting her plan into motion. She hopes Carry doesn’t wake up and tries to book a plane for Hwan back to America. This unfortunately comes back to bite Hwan when he finds out second-hand from Amber rather than his own Mother what’s happened.

In the morning, Ye-Ji shares some food with her Mum at the workshop. She asks again to stay with her but Go-Woon is defiant and tells her it’s not a good idea. However, it doesn’t dampen their spirits as the pair’s relationship looks to be on the rise. Together, they discuss the wonderful times they shared when she was a kid.

On the back of the Ki-Seok incident, Carry is worried that all of this will come back to her. While Chairman Bang promises to take care of it, Jin wheels in when he leaves and confronts Carry about what happened.

The two come to blows over the accident and she admits to blame. She wanted to slow him down but never intended him to fall off the cliff.

As Jin leaves the room, it turns out he’s recorded this entire conversation. Determined to suffocate Carry bit by bit, he heads back to the office. There, Hwan arrives and the pair sit and drink together. After gulping down several stiff shots, he reveals the truth to Hwan that he cut the rope in the past. It’s his fault Sung-Gon ended up the way he did.

On the back of this, Hwan immediately heads over and sits with his Father. He’s wracked with guilt over Sung-Gon’s choice and feels betrayed for being the only one in the dark about this.

Hurt and alone, Hwan heads out and speaks to Ye-Ji. She promises to be a friend to him but he scoffs at the notion. He doesn’t want to just be friends and makes it clear that his feelings are still very much romantically linked to her.

Instead he starts drinking himself into a drunken stupor. Back home, Jin arrives and discusses his relationship with Ye-Ji. She tells him to focus on the company and promises not to leave. At least not yet anyway.

As they keep talking, Ye-Ji learns that the root cause of Hwan’s depression and pain came from the truth about the hiking accident.

After a chat with Amber (who encourages him to move away), Hwan heads back to the workshop and makes his decision. He’s going to get his revenge and refuses to forgive Jin for his lies. He immediately stands before Jin, telling him he’s no longer the brother he once knew and he’s an only child.

The Episode Review

Once again we’re back to the brotherly conflict and now that the past has been revealed, will Jin and Hwan’s relationship ever be the same? The soap drama continues to deliver these cyclical conflicts and all the big tropes are here.

We’ve had a love triangle, a corrupt Chairman, a surprise hospital visit and even incredulous scenarios that don’t make a lot of sense.

All of this combines to create a pretty woeful melodrama but also one that’s undeniably watchable. There’s a definite feel of this being a guilty pleasure and the last 2 episodes are shaping up to be pretty messy.

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1 thought on “When I Was the Most Beautiful – Episode 14 Recap and Review”

  1. Hwan spends his whole life doing so much for Ye-ji and after nearly 4 years of not seeing her, when he goes to Jeju from the US to find her worried she will commit suicide. He makes one very slow attempt at kissing her and she abandons him, refusing simple text messages, phone calls etc for the next 3 years. So much for when she told him that she married Jin as much for having a family with him and his father. She cuts him off so easily. Hwan comes home 3 years later and relieves her of taking care of his father. She says, Must you really do this to me? You should have just not returned. I lived fine without you. I endured it. Just go back.” So the fact he has been gone for 7 years looking for her husband for her, going to morgues etc, coming home only 1 time when she was suicidal….now he must forever abandon his family so she can do what she wants? She has learned to be as selfish and self centered as her husband.
    The review and the episode itself doesnt put the whole rope climbing thing in the correct light. Jin was willing to kill his own brother and was actively cutting his brothers rope that forced the father to action. Everyone’s like poor Jin, why didnt you tell the family this was making you feel bad? Why didnt you tell us. It was just an accident of youth, you were scared. Even Hwan. There wasnt a single moment when Hwan found out or Ye-ji where they had even a first reaction of what kind of a selfish self centered person are you? Or, that explains alot. Hwan has a ton of right to righteous anger finding out.
    His life is marked by his mother being a whore. Her secretary tells the father that his wife gave all her lovers up when Jin returned home. The father never confronts Jin about trying to kill Hwan, lets him spend his life living like a playboy chaebol while leaving Hwan to take care of him and having all the responsibility even through his fathers suicide attempt. Jin comes home knowing he owes Hwan more than he can ever repay and yet like he is selfish and self centered and basically forces her to be involved with him. Later Ye-ji also sacrifices Hwan for her own wants.
    He should just say, All you people deserve each other and leave for the US.
    His mother deserves to lose the company, His father deserves to suffer for favoring Jin over Hwan his whole life, Jin deserves to lose Ye-ji for being a douchbag his entire life, but Ye-ji deserves to stay with Jin for all the wrong she has done to Hwan.

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