When I Was the Most Beautiful – Episode 13 Recap and Review

The Confrontation

We begin episode 13 of When I Was Most Beautiful with Carry and Ye-Ji coming face to face. As they do, Hwan realizes what’s going on and quickly phones Jin, telling him to get to Carry’s house immediately.

Ye-Ji coolly stands her ground and mentions how Jin doesn’t love her and she has no confidence. After Carry tells her that she and Jin have been together physically, she drops to her knees and asks Ye-Ji to let her have Jin.

In the midst of this, Jin and Hwan make it to Carry’s house. Ye-Ji leaves and collects up Jin, leaving with him. Jin and Hwan meanwhile, warn Carry not to go near them again.

Jin’s racing buddies learn that Jin is still alive and wind up seeing him in his wheelchair. Ki-Seok bolts though, unable to see Jin this way. Woo-Geun doesn’t run though and sits with Jin to discuss what’s happened in the past.

Hwan brings Ye-Ji back to her workshop where the latter’s Mother happens to be. She’s invited into the workshop and even hands over some flowers for her daughter. Their relationship seems to be on the mend and Ye-Ji asks her for advice on how to tackle this situation with Jin.

“If you can’t live with him, get divorced.” She says, leaving her plenty of food for thought.

Unfortunately Amber and Hwan’s relationship is not faring much better. She takes him to her hotel room and forces Hwan to make a decision. He apologises for taking advantage of her and the pair break up. Amber is understandably heartbroken by the whole revelation.

Elsewhere, Ki-Seok confronts Carry about the accident in America. He has some involvement and tells her that he needs to leave. It seems like this “accident” wasn’t actually an accident after all and orchestrated by none other than Carry herself.

Back at the house, Jin and Ye-Ji discuss their relationship but things are obviously awkward between them. As she steps out for some air, Hwan sits with her and admits that he and Amber have broken up.

In the morning, Carry sits with Jin and asks outright what happened to Ki-Seok. After Jin’s accident he turned to gambling and the racing team was disbanded. Only, Jin is suspicious around why Ki-Seok reacted the way he did. For now, he brushes that aside and thanks Carry for what she’s done in the past and apologises for his attitude.

He then goes on to admit the difference between the pair and how he felt alive in seeing Ye-Ji again; a feeling he’s never had with her.

He promises to compensate the girl but Carry’s bitter and resentful. She promises to give him a present of her own and refuses to listen to him.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; Carry heads straight to Ye-Ji and threatens the future of Jin’s company. She’s going to drive down the entire business just because she can’t have Jin to herself. This spills over into a big fight with Yeon-Ja who scoffs at the notion of Ye-Ji walking away from Carry and her deal.

As she brings up her Mother, Ye-Ji stands her ground before Hwan arrives. He’s heard enough and takes her outside, pleading with the girl to make her own choices and be happy.

There’s some intermittent fighting with Jin in the middle of this but ultimately Hwan leaves the choice up to Ye-Ji over what she does going forward. Unsure what to do, Ye-Ji stands before Jin and lays everything out on the line. She’s exhausted and unable to do this anymore.

As she walks away, Jin receives a call confirming that Carry has been stabbed.

The Episode Review

If you’re in the mood for an over-the-top melodrama then When I Was the Most Beautiful is definitely the ticket. This show has so much drama and the soap opera elements overwhelm the logic behind some of these decisions. The biggest, of course, being the car accident in America.

The brothers continue to bicker and the love triangle is coming back into focus now too. All of this results in quite the messy drama that suffers from a lot of pacing issues.

With 3 episodes left, the only unknown is quite how much more drama we’re going to receive in that time!

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