Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap and Review

Another Declaration

Things are going to get more complicated for Ae-Jeong after this episode as she has now had a second love declaration. The story of Was It Love is advancing at a decent speed with some good chemistry between the actors that help drive the story forward.

Episode 6 of Was It Love starts as Dae-Oh reverses his car toward Ae-Jeong and Yeon-Woo, immediately interrupting them. As they try to see who’s driving, he panics and drives off. Before leaving each other, Yeon-Woo hands her the book and letter he wanted to give 14 years ago and hopes that it will cheer her up.

At home, Ha-Nee finds a diary in Yeon-Woo’s room which looks like the one she found with her mum’s belongings. As he walks in, he tells her that it is an old parenting assignment he did at school which makes her realize that he may not be her father.

Ae-Jeong returns home and is happy when she finds out that Dae-Oh has arranged a meeting with A-Rin. She tries calling him to say thank you but he is still upset about what he saw and doesn’t pick up.

On their way to school, Ha-Nee and Dong-Chan find an abandoned puppy and take it to Sook-Hee to look after. At the same time, Ae-Jeong arrives at Dae-Oh’s place. She recognizes his number plate as the one belonging to the car that splashed her the night before. As they sit down, she thanks Dae-Oh for getting a meeting booked with Joo A-Rin. She then confronts him about reversing his car on to them and demands an explanation.

At first he dismisses her and mentions that he saw the gaze she shared with Yeon-Woo and asks her if they are an item. Ae-Jeong becomes exasperated though and tells him that they will have to set some ground rules if they are going to work together.

At school, Yeon-Woo is excited and organises the PTA meeting as he knows Ae-Jeong is going to attend. Afterwards, he asks her if she is free but she shuts him down, just as the mothers take her away.

Later on, Joo A-Rin gets ready for her meeting and as she walks towards the table, remembers a day in the past when she was on her way to meet Dae-Oh. Just as she reaches him, she is surprised to see Ae-Jeong. This brings back memories of the past when she went to meet him.

Joo A-Rin eventually comes back to the meeting and they all discuss the movie and story. She asks them how they met and it prompts Ae-Jeong to lie, mentioning that they met while working together. After Dae-Oh tries to convince her to accept, A-Rin agrees but her condition is that Dae-Oh redevelop her character as she finds her lame. Afterwards, Ae-Jeong discusses the meeting with Dae-Oh and is not too happy about the condition.

He suggests that it is because A-Rin is actually calling her lame as he modeled the heroine after her. Ae-Jeong then asks why the hero liked her and as he walks off, mentions that he finds her attractive.

In the evening, Ae-Jeong arrives in Sook-Hee’s bar and is not happy to find Ha-Nee with a puppy. She walks Dong-Chan home and has some kind words for the boy. Pa-Do arrives too and is surprised to find his son with Ae-Jeong. The two sit down and talk about raising children. Ae-Jeong suggests going to the PTA meeting together as she feels that they are now friends. This brings up a memory for Pa-Do as we see a bruised woman lying in bed and asking to be friends. Pa-Do seems disturbed and tells Ae-Jeong to leave.

Ae-Jeong returns home and finds Yeon-Woo fixing a table. He tells her not to feel uncomfortable around him and to take her time. In a flashback, we see the two working on the parenting assignment. He told her that he liked someone and shows her a love poem that made him think of her; the same one he gave her in the present.

Ryu-Jin speaks in front of the media about his decision to turn down Hollywood but is soon interrupted by Ha-Nee claiming that he is her father. Dae-Oh and Ae-Jeong arrive too and after being hounded by the press, he wakes up sweating from this nightmare.

At the celebrity party, Joo A-Rin finds out from her agent that Ryu-Jin is going to be her co-star which she is not happy about as they are not on good terms. She also doesn’t want to work with Ae-Jeong. This brings her to Dae-Oh who suggests they work with a different producer. He insists that Ae-Jeong is competent and that he doesn’t want to do the movie without her as she saw the potential of his book before anyone else.

Ae-Jeong spots A-Rin and as she goes to grab her arm, A-Rin pushes her away and Ae-Jeong falls to the floor. Dae-Oh comes to the rescue and takes her inside. He explains that he can’t follow the rules she set and professes his love, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Was It Love sees more development in the love story as Ae-Jeong gets closer to each of the men around her. They are all very different which makes the premise more interesting and intriguing as we are left to guess just what direction the show will take next.

While we don’t see much of Pa-Do, we can see that he has some deep wounds and that Ae-Jeong reminds him of someone. At the same time, Yeon-Woo is more determined than he was in the past. Dae-Oh has been quite arrogant so far so his declaration is bound to create even more drama. Just who will Ae-Jeong choose? Only time will tell!

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