Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Accident

Was It Love returns this week with a slower episode that doesn’t really advance the story very much. However, the different relationships Ae-Jeong has with the main four men remains interesting enough to keep us guessing as to what will happen next.

Episode 7 of Was It Love starts where it left off with Dae-Oh telling Ae-Jeong that he loves her. Surprised by this declaration, she laughs as she can’t believe him after the way he has been treating her. She walks away and he returns to the party where A-Rin asks about Ae-Jeong. Suddenly, Yeon-Woo arrives too and as soon as his mother sees him, becomes excited and takes him to meet A-Rin. He then quickly leaves them to find Ae-Jeong. When he sees her shirt full of stains, he takes her to a shop and buys her a new blouse and shoes.

Meanwhile, Dae-Oh is wondering if Ae-Jeong has left with Yeon-Woo which frustrates him. He comes face to face with Ryu-Jin and relays that the woman has left without him. He takes him to a coffee shop where he admits that he declared his love to her. He explains that she laughed it off but also reveals that he is serious about his feelings and won’t give up. Ryu-Jin mentions that she has a daughter but doesn’t say much else before eventually leaving his friend.

Dae-Oh later tries calling her but she doesn’t answer. After drinking, he heads to her house where he finds Yeon-Woo. Both head to a basketball court and confront each other where secrets are revealed. He tells her that he loves her too and that they used to be close. Yeon-Woo now realizes that Dae-Oh is the one who hurt her in the past and always promises himself that he would make him pay. This confrontation ends with the two fighting.

The next day, Ae-Jeong tends to Yeon-Woo’s bruise. Later on in the office, tensions hang in the air between her and Dae-Oh. Hye Jin asks him what happened to his face and he reveals the truth about the fight with a “certain woman.”

After Hye-Jin mentions the characters of the novel and why they broke up, Dae-Oh suggests that they spend all night working to discuss the story. Ae-Jeong doesn’t seem too keen at first though but eventually agrees before going out to run some errands. Dae-Oh follows her out and mentions his revised script and how he has been reminiscing about them. She gets frustrated though and tells him she doesn’t remember anything. Dae-Oh insists, telling her that he will carry on liking her no matter what.

We then see a flashback of 2005 when Dae-Oh was trying to convince Ae-Jeong to go out with him. When they finally did, he ate a clam (which he is allergic to) to convince her to date him.

During the PTA meeting, Dong-Chang’s father gets elected to be the representative. He then suggests to have a vice representative to help him and chooses Ae-Jeong. She relays this good news to Ha-Nee and Dong-Chan which surprises them both. Pa-Do arrives to pick up his son and we can see that both are having trouble communicating.

On her way to meet with A-Rin, Ae-Jeong follows Ms Joo, not realizing who she is. She notices that she has a rip in her shirt so she offers to sow it for her. She then heads to her meeting with A-Rin and is surprised to see that Ms Joo is actually her boss. The three sit and share a meal, discussing the upcoming movie together. When A-Rin finds out that Ae-Jeong has a daughter, she becomes happy.

In the evening, Dae-Oh tries looking for Ae-Jeong at Sook-Hee’s pub. He then sees Ha-Nee posting flyers and decides to follow her. Eventually he gives her pocket money but some snide comments cause her to reject his gesture.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Woo rides a bus and sees Ha-Nee running with Dae-Oh in tow. He gets off just as she drops her flyers on the floor. As she bends down to pick it up, a motorbike rushes towards her. Dae-Oh then manages to save her just in time.

After an interview about his upcoming movie, Ryu-Jin shares drinks with Ms Song. She tells him that she doesn’t like Ae-Jeong but she does trust him. She then reveals that after his movie, she plans to move the agency to the States and take him with her. This will help kick-start his career in Hollywood. This seems to make him uneasy so she reminds him that she has been there to support him since day one so she hopes he will not let personal feelings get in the way of his career.

After this serious conversation, Ryu-Jin visits Ae-Jeong in her office. He finds her trying to fix the printer so he decides to help her with it, just like he used to in college. Suddenly, she gets a call from the hospital about Ha-Nee and rushes over.

As we cut to the hospital, we see that Ha-Nee is fine but Dae-Oh is the one with a few scrapes as he jumped to save her. Both carry on bickering until she comes face to face with Ryu-Jin. Ha-Nee is still angry with him after what his agent told her so he tries to apologize. Ae-Jeong finally reunites with her daughter and is relieved that she is okay.

The next morning, Ae-Jeong thanks Dae-Oh for making sure his daughter didn’t get hurt. Together with Hye-Jin, they sit to discuss the script and Dae-Oh asks Ae-Jeong why the characters broke up. She mentions what he wrote in the prologue. The main character loved the woman so much that he ended up hating her.

The episode ends with Ae-Jeong falling asleep at her desk late in the evening. As Dae-Oh approaches her, Ryu-Jin grabs his arm defiantly and stops him.

The Episode Review

As we approach the midway point of the season, Was It Love’s story has slowed down a little. While I understand the relationship needs to develop, not much happened during this latest chapter. However, Ha-Nee’s journey remains quite intriguing as she is getting to know the potential men who could be her father.

At the beginning of the show I thought Ae-Jeong would end up with Yeon-Woo, but now my money is with Dae-Oh. The different interactions and mystery about the past should keep you coming back for more, just to find out who the father is and who Ae-Jeong will end up with. For now though, Was It Love is a pleasant enough drama but unfortunately not the strongest one this year.

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