Was It Love? – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap and Review

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Was It Love returns this week with a slightly slower episode as we follow Ae-Jeong’s journey to realize her dream of making a successful movie. The four men in her life are getting closer to her and it will be interesting to see which direction the show will take going forward.

Episode 5 of Was It Love? starts as Ae-Jeong tells both Dae-Oh and Yeon-Woo to stop. She explains to them that she needs to deal with her business. Just as Yeon-Woo tries to explain to the mothers that it is his fault the lecturer is not coming, Ha-Nee arrives with Ryu-Jin and tells them that he will be their teacher.

Everyone is, of course, in awe when they see the famous actor and all start taking pictures of him. Back on the roof, the confrontation between Ae-Jeong and Dae-Oh continues with Ae-Jeong admitting that her husband died in the past.

In the classroom, the students ask Ryu-Jin who his first love is. Just as he is about to answer, Ae-Jeong walks in. He tells the class it was a woman who made him realize he wanted to be an actor. As he tries leaving, Ae-Jeong manages to catch up with him and asks what he is doing there. From a distance, Ha-Nee tells him not to say anything so he blurts out that he wants to be in Ae-Jeong’s movie. This surprises and elates her as she can’t stop thanking him.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Woo thinks of Ae-Jeong and wonders how she is. In a flashback to 2006, we see that he was about to confess his love to her. Unfortunately, he didn’t admit to it when he found out that she was going out with Dae-Oh.

In the evening, Hye-Jin organises a a little celebration and invites all three men involved in the movie. Tension suffocates the air between Dae-Oh and Pa-Do as they each accuse the other of causing stress to Ae-Jeong. A drunk Hye-Jin relays all the issues she had to go through because of them both and how much strain she has been put under. The evening ends with Ae-Jeong very drunk and the three men taking her back home.

Ryu-Jin returns to his office to find a surprise party from his staff as Ms Song has convinced the Hollywood director to let him be in the movie. Ryu-Jin tells them that he has found a better movie to be in. This of course shocks and angers his agent, Ms Song.

The next morning, Ae-Jeong is a little embarrassed when she starts remembering the night before. She has an awkward run in with Yeon-Woo but agrees to take him to see a movie. She then heads to a meeting with Ms Song to discuss her deal with Ryu-Jin. The agent wants to make sure that the movie is good enough for him to give up Hollywood and gives her a condition; she needs to pick the lead actress from a list or she won’t let Ryu-Jin star in her movie.

Ae-Jeong relays this to the three men who are very surprised. After she leaves, each want to try finding a solution and Pa-Do even suggests changing his mind for the lead actor. Dae-Oh stops him though and reveals he will sort it out as he is the director and doesn’t think Ae-Jeong will be happy if the other two get involved.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Woo tries to apply to be the PTA representative as he knows that Ae-Jeong wants to come to the meetings. The latter has been having trouble getting in touch with any actresses on the list and her last hope is famous Joo A-Rin. We then cut to the actress and her manager creating opportunities to make her look good to the public eye. As Ae-Jeong and Hye-Jin manage to find Joo A-Rin’s manager, they give him the script but are soon interrupted by a horde of fans looking for the actress.

When the two women head back to the office, they relay their day to Dae-Oh who tells them that it sounds like Ms Song purposely gave them a list of unattainable actresses. Hye Jin suggests that Dae-Oh is worried about Ae-Jeong but the two decline this. On their way out, it starts raining and he offers her his umbrella. She then remembers a day in 2005 when Dae-Oh came to pick her up with a big stolen restaurant umbrella.

Meanwhile, Kwae-Nam reads Ha-Nee’s texts on Ryu’s phone. He then rings the girl and asks not to contact Ryu anymore as he can’t help her. He suggests that there must be a reason why her father hasn’t found her just as Ryu takes the phone off him and terminates the call. He berates his manager for acting that way towards Ha-Nee and tells him to go home. He tries calling the girl back but she gets upset and hangs up. In a flashback, we see a very upset Ae-Jeong crying in Ryu-Jin’s arms and we are left to assume that they spent the night together.

Dae-Oh decides to participate in a subscription relay challenge his manager mentioned and uses it to nominate A-Rin. He dares her to work with him in his movie. When A-Rin’s manager shows her the video, she recognizes the man as someone she went to High school with.

Dae-Oh is very surprised when he receives a text from A-Rin telling him that she accepts his request and will do his movie with him. He then tries calling Ae-Jeong to tell her the good news but she is watching a movie at the cinema with Yeon-Woo. The latter also has with him the letter he wrote to her 14 years ago. After the movie, Ae-Jeong asks him if he enjoyed it.

A determined Yeon tells her that he didn’t watch any of it and admits to liking her. However, he does so just as Dae-Oh arrives and reverses his car next to them, splashing them in the process, which is where the episode ends.

The Review Write-Up

The latest chapter of Was It Love ends with quite the bold move from Yeon-Woo and a jealous act from Dae-Oh. I wonder if Ae-Jeong will have time to reply to his confession but the tension and drama are bound to increase even more after this.

It is getting clearer with each episode that all four men have feelings for Ae-Jeong and at the moment, I am not really sure who she will end up with. Unfortunately, poor Ha-Nee is the one suffering as she is desperate for some clarity on who her father is. I am sure all will be revealed by the end of this drama but for now, Was It Love remains an easy to watch and fun K-Drama.

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