V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Camp

Episode 8 of V-Wars begins with Luther heading into the Internment camp to find Dez hiding among them. Luther grabs him and as he tries to leave, the others plead with him to lead them to safety. When he refuses, the men start to turn, causing the guards to act out. Thankfully, Jimmy arrives at the last minute and manages to save him, putting him and Dez under FBI jurisdiction

Kaylee screams out and is found by Michael and Dani in the warehouse, tied up. She tells Michael about the site and requests his help in taking the DNS down. Given they killed Jergen, she’s on-board with them and seems happy to follow their lead. The Senator meanwhile takes Luther aside and talks to him following an incident with the FBI at the diner. He tells her about his time at the DNS and goes on to make the allegation that they were the ones behind the bombing blast in their own facility.

As he goes on, they discuss the implications of immunity to the disease, given Dez seems to have been cured in much the same way as he was. She asks him to testify at the committee against the DNS and take them down for good. However, when Luther asks Dez for his help he refuses, telling him to find someone else instead.

With a live stream from Kaylee’s Reveleaks promised, the world holds their breath as Ava returns with 5 minutes of footage and news that Brock was killed. Unfortunately the footage is all but useless. Instead, they go for Plan B – Kaylee hitting Michael with the hard hitting questions in an interview. As the news spreads, the live stream launches as Mila watches Danika talk about her new family. From here the attention turns to Michael, who speaks about his decisions for the Bloods.

As the episode closes out, Luther begins to testify at the committee but before he can, he looks over and sees Calix sitting with Rachel and freezes. If he spills the truth, she could be killed.

Although the resolution to this is wrapped up at the beginning of the next episode, I originally wrote out a pretty long piece here around Luther’s motivations and quite why Rachel being sat in a room full of people would make him think twice about testifying. After all, if he did reveal the truth, there’s more than enough guards and officers in the room to quickly grab Calix and prevent him from doing anything. That’s to say nothing of the fractured relationship between Rachel and Luther, given there’s no love lost between the two and the former is essentially a murderer after her stunt with the DNS agent.

It all feels a little messy and too convenient and as the layers of glue begin to peel away, I’m left wondering quite how many more cliffhangers and false starts we’re going to get here before the finale. While I don’t outright dislike the show, V-Wars makes it difficult to really care about these characters thanks to a substantial lack of characterisation and depth. Still, as we reach the third act it’s all to play for and quite what Netflix’s latest vampire flick has in store for us is left up for debate.


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