V-Wars – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review


The Truce

Episode 9 of V-Wars begins with Luther continuing to deliberate over what do in the committee before taking the plunge and speaking out. As chaos descends on proceedings, Michael watches and decides to wait for their moment to strike, much to the annoyance of Ava. However, she decides to send a message to all the other Bloods via the internet, presuming they’re all online, asking to strike.

Meanwhile Dez and Amelie head downstairs to the basement to investigate the strange noise but instead find a group of dead rats. Whatever has caused that, clearly ives in the basement. At the same time, Michael and Dani head into a club together and complete their mission, after dancing together for a bit of course.

Luther and Michael eventually come face to face again, intent on drawing up a truce. While Jimmy heads out to secure the perimeter and Kaylee exits the room, Michael heads inside and they sit down together. Eventually, the two butt heads and come to an agreement. However, the pressure of being the leader is beginning to get to him but he hides it well.

Back with the Senator, it turns out the creature in the basement is actually Amelie, the Senator’s daughter, and she’s a vampire. As the episode closes out, Michael’s condition continues to deteriorate as Luther urges him to call in the truce. Eventually, they agree to terms while in a secret basement Calix undergoes an experimental procedure, possibly to turn him into a vampire.

With everything looking set for an explosive finale to finish, V-Wars bows out its penultimate episode with another twist in the tale regarding Calix. Personally though the blending of various different subplots and ideas haven’t always worked well here. I’ve bemoaned Bobby’s death before but seeing Calix rise to become the big antagonist of the series leaves me wondering quite who the central villain is supposed to be here. Michael plays off more like an anti-hero too although these past few episodes have seen this add a bit more personality to his character.

However, as we gear up to the finale we’re left with plenty of questions hanging over this one and little time to resolve everything. V-Wars has been a mixed bag up until this point but whether this has one final sting in its proverbial tale remains to be seen.


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