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Oh, Inzaghi

Episode 15 of Vincenzo begins back on the rooftop. Paolo’s men have Vincenzo up at gunpoint. In fact, the mafia boss wants respect – something Vincenzo is unwilling to give.

Out of everyone who could come and help, it’s Inzaghi and a flock of pigeons that show and swarm around them. It’s absolute madness, but enough for Vincenzo to turn the tables and kill the gangsters. As he does, Inzaghi flies away as we cut to a point of view shot for this bird.

Back inside the gallery, Joon-Woo and the others learn about the heist and immediately set to work tracking down the IP address. Joon-Woo tasks Chairman Jang with tracking him a flight to New York, while our crime boss destroys the timeless “Nothing” art piece.

On the way out the door, Joon-Woo is placed in handcuffs and escorted away from the gallery. Myung-Hee promises to help break him out.

With things looking up for Geumga Plaza, Cha-Young opens up the letter from Vincenzo’s Mum she was given before leaving. A tear runs down her face as she reads the words. However, there’s no time to dwell on that right now as the investigation against Babel reaches the mainstream news.

Prosecutor Jung brings the charges against Joon-Woo and the others on-air… before incriminating himself. Unfortunately it looks like he’s switched sides and taken the fall himself. It turns out he’s done all this simply so he can get a promotion and ascend as high as he can up the corporate ladder.

While Babel Group smugly watch on, Vincenzo chases after Cha-Young who’s ready to slap the prosecutor and get revenge. She doesn’t understand how he could have switched sides and bemoans putting her trust in him.

Vincenzo instead goes right to the family, heading over to Jung’s house and sitting down for dinner with his wife and daughter. After getting to know his wife and child, Vincenzo takes him outside and promises to kill Jung right when the moment strikes that he has everything he wants. It’s an ominous threat, and one that leaves the traitor breathing heavily and panicking.

The next day, Vincenzo accompanies Cha-Young while she heads out shopping for bags. She wants to get something nice for his Mother and is even taking her outside for a few hours too.

Well, they head back to the hospital and hand over the gift, with Gyeong-Ja unsure whether she should go out or not. Eventually though, she tells them that she’s going to file for a retreat.

Back at Geumga Plaza, our art gallery manager visits Seok-Do and leave the country. They set up a direct flight to Taiwan for her, which of course is thanks to what’s happened with the painting. At the same time, Cheol-Wook and Yeon-Jin announce that they’re going to try for a baby.

Meanwhile, Vincenzo shows Cha-Young that he actually does have the guillotine file on him. It turns out he snuck it into his pocket without Mr Cho realizing. He’s been holding onto it until they were all together. Now they’re going to check it to figure out what secrets it may be holding.

Well, it turns out files about Babel and Deachang Daily are on this file, and Vincenzo intends to use this in order turn both groups against one another.

Only, just before he does Han-Seo shows up at their office and says hello. He also encourages them to team up with him, not just for brotherly revenge but also to run Babel legally. In order to test his competency in running a business, they start giving him a quiz… which he fails miserably.

At the same time, Joon-Woo decides to work and get rid of Geumga Plaza as fast as they can. Joon-Woo loses his cool composure, heading out for drinks with Myung-Hee and wondering just what to do about his situation. In fact, she comes up with the decision of looking into Vincenzo’s family.

Back at Geumga Plaza, Vincenzo decides to go after a shaman linked with Mr Oh, the CEO of Daebang Newspaper. He has abuse allegations against him and Cassano decides this could be a good opportunity to pay him a visit and see if he’s actually a fraud or not.

The shaman is strung up and captured, taken to the rooftop. Vincenzo pays tribute to the deceased before lighting a newspaper on fire and deciding on the next course of action. It turns out everyone voted for Vincenzo…except Vincenzo who voted for Cha-Young.

Well, with Vincenzo serving as a shaman, CEO Oh shows up at Geumga Plaza for his reading. The residents all hilariously have a reservation ticket to see Mr Cassano.

When Mr Oh heads in, he finds Vincenzo with a flower in his hair and a lovely sketch called “Oh, Inzaghi”, complete with love hearts and the bird itself.

Vincenzo then suddenly and dramatically takes on the form of Oh’s brother, claiming he’s freezing and asking why he pushed him off a cliff.

Next up they write “Babel” on red paper, telling him he needs to sever ties with Babel and completely trample them. In doing so, this will allow him to repent for what happened to his brother. Just to add extra drama, they arrange a countdown of 5 days to hasten the process.

As the details of the guillotine file come tumbling out, it turns out Joon-Woo actually killed four of his classmates back at school. He hunted them down and strangled the kids with nets. He even took their watches as a trophy – which explains his fascination with them in his closet. He’s even been diagnosed as a psychopath when he was 17 as well!

Well, the news broadcasts begin to turn on Joon-Woo – even without this knowledge. There are calls for him to repent and face the allegations against him. Finally Mr Oh returns to Geumga Plaza where Vincenzo hands over the papers, confirming that Oh has been forgiven.

On the back of a successful day, Mr Cho rings and asks to meet Vincenzo in the parking lot. However, a car suddenly comes speeding down the road, prompting him to narrowly avoid being hit.

Vincenzo appears and manages to fight them off too; these are goons working for Prosecutor Jung.

Unfortunately things take a turn for the worst for Vincenzo. Myung-Hee does her homework and manages to retrieve details surrounding Vincenzo’s past. Specifically, his ties with his Mother who’s currently in hospital.

Back inside Geumga Plaza, Vincenzo notices a masked man charging up to the rooftop and follows in hot pursuit. Just as he does, a body suddenly plummets to the ground behind him. With blood spattered all around, Mr Oh falls to his doom. Just as Vincenzo looks on in shock, several armed officers arrive and tell Vincenzo he’s under arrest.

The Episode Review

There seems to be a trend with Vincenzo where the episodes swing like a pendulum between serious crime drama chapters and outright slapstick comedy. After last week’s hilarious and hugely satisfying art gallery heist, we returns for another episodic mission, this time turning toward stopping the corrupt newspaper and severing ties with Babel.

The humour during these moments were great, and really help to build up this ongoing and on running joke with Inzaghi and Vincenzo who, let’s face it, are the real bromance couple of this drama.

Their scenes are consistently funny and throughout the show there’s actually been some good development for Vincenzo, solely through the use of this bird. In fact, the more Vincenzo helps Inzaghi, the more he finds things come easy – which seems to be a reflection on how he feels working with the Geumga Plaza residents too. It’s a a small touch but one that does work really well.

Meanwhile, the rest of the episode sidelines the potential romance between Cha-Young and Vincenzo but to be honest, the show doesn’t really need it. I know some people will feel a bit bummed out by this but Vincenzo works just as well without it. There are, of course, still teasing glimpses that it could happen so we’ll have to wait and see.

What is clear however, is that Vincenzo is growing in the rankings and at the time of writing, is currently 16th in the rankings for top rated K-dramas of all time! At least in terms of cable TV ratings.

Quite what Vincenzo has in store for us tomorrow however, remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure – this one is far from over.

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