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Episode 16 of Vincenzo begins with Vincenzo held up at gunpoint for the murder of CEO Oh. Unfortunately the officers received a message from Oh himself, claiming that Vincenzo abducted him. On the back of this, Vincenzo hits back and knocks the officers down, freeing himself from the handcuffs and fleeing. He heads straight downstairs and into Hong-Sik’s car.

Meanwhile, Seok-Do bumps into the assailant up in the stairwell and the two go toe to toe. Seok-Do is knocked down but thankfully Soo-Nam is there to help him out. After fighting the man off, Seok-Do reconvenes with Cha-Young where they hold this man up for questioning and demand he reveal who hired him.

Eventually they bring him to Vincenzo, who’s out by the docks. In the backseat of Seok-Do’s car, Vincenzo tortures the man and manages to find his base.

As a way of thanking Seok-Do, Vincenzo grants him a wish…which is later revealed to being his model for the company. For now though it’s on to the base, where Vincenzo and co. grab the men and head to the police, clearing Vincenzo’s name.

In fact, this immediately sees Park Do-Hun arrested for Oh’s murder. The officers arrive at Babel HQ to arrest him, which immediately sees Myung-Hee seething with anger. She’s not the only one though, and Joon-Woo finds himself struggling to compose himself too, eventually throwing items across the room.

That afternoon, Cha-Young takes Gyeong-Ja out for a photoshoot, making sure Vincenzo and her get some photos taken together. After, Cha-Young allows Gyeong-Ja and Vincenzo to spend time together, with them both speaking in third person about how they feel.

It’s a really touching moment and one that sees them grow closer together. In fact, when Vincenzo drops her off back at the hospital, she leans in and gives her son a big hug.

Back at Babel, Joon-Woo and Myung-Hee talk, realizing that Vincenzo may well be using the Guillotine File to get some leverage. Joon-Woo intends to hit back, and heads up with Han-Seo to Geumga Plaza where he snaps a photo, claiming he’s capturing a slice of history.

Back inside, the group celebrate Cheol-Wook’s big news that he’s expecting a child. Outside though, things take a turn for the worse. Myung-Hee stands with a strange remote controlled device that manages to trigger the gas inside the building. With sirens wailing, firemen rush inside the building and ask them all to evacuate on account of the gas leak.

As firemen scramble inside, they realize that the gas pipe has been cut. Even worse, the remote controlled watch inside was about to detonate after 5 minutes. This would have killed everyone inside but for Vincenzo’s quick thinking and throwing it out the window.

Back at Babel, Myung-Hee shows up with something urgent to report. She hands over a file which includes photos of Vincenzo’s Mother. They’ve found her.

Well, Han-Seo shows up at Geumga Plaza and shows off his scar, courtesy of Joon-Woo. It turns out Han-Seo was actually the one who called the firemen and reported the gas leak. They begrudgingly thank him, eventually leading to the team allowing him to head in and alphabetically sort their papers. Baby steps and all that!

Meanwhile, Myung-Hee swings by the prison and picks up Kang Ho-Chul, who’s recently been released. As we’re soon shown, this happens to be the man responsible for killing the informant before. As they talk, Joon-Woo shows up at the hospital, ready to use Vincenzo’s Mother against him. It’s a brief chat but one that certainly has a sinister edge to it.

That night, Ho-Chul shows up posing as an orderly. He heads in to see Gyeong-Ja, choking her out. The heart monitor flatlines and Ho-Chul takes off. When Vincenzo arrives, he’s obviously upset but rage consumes him as he desperately tries to find those responsible.

Checking the CCTV, he notices Ho-Chul heading downstairs. Cha-Young shares Vincenzo’s rage, telling him to go while she stays with his Mother for the time being.

Armed with a silenced pistol, Vincenzo heads out and tracks down Ho-Chul, breaking into his apartment and forcing the man into submission. He punches Ho-Chul repeatedly, eventually sitting over him while he’s tied to a chair. Vincenzo breaks the news that the woman he killed was his Mother.

Meanwhile, Myung-Hee calls out Han-Seo for meeting with Seung-Hyeok and questions their loyalty to one another. While Joon-Woo puts them in a difficult position, Vincenzo stalks Ho-Chul all the way to Joon-Woo’s retreat, dispatching guards left and right while he does.

Ho-Chul heads straight into the living room, where he’s quickly shot and killed by Vincenzo. With blood staining Myung-Hee’s face, he holds his silenced gun up and prepares to fire.

The Episode Review

Vincenzo returns with a really great episode, one chock full of tension and drama throughout. The gas leak plan from Myung-Hee thankfully went awry, thanks in part to Han-Seo’s influence who’s well and truly on the side of Vincenzo and co. now.

It was perhaps inevitable that Joon-Woo was going to kill Vincenzo’s Mother but it still came as quite a shock to see it play out this way. That obviously builds up to our dramatic crescendo at the end as everything looks balanced on a knife edge. And the episode doesn’t end with a preview for next week either!

As we approach the final two weeks, Vincenzo leaves a lot of unanswered questions on the table with this unresolved Babel group debacle looking set to spill over in dramatic fashion for the rest of the season.

I mentioned the pendulum before and here it looks like it’s swung over to the way of more serious drama again. There are pockets of humour too, but ultimately Vincenzo feels much more exciting and engaging when the show leans into its harder and grittier story. This is another great episode and one that definitely leaves the door open for next week.

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9 thoughts on “Vincenzo – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap & Review”

  1. this episode was way too good. I really hope that Vincenzo shoots Choi Myung at the end. It is highly doubtful that Jang Hanseok will die. And in this episode, we see that Chayoung and Vincenzo starts to believe Hanseo, which im glad. I honestly pity Hanseo, especially considering that his brother is LITERALLY a pshycho path. With the passing of the last few episodes, we see that hanseo and han seem to be teaming agains hanseok and choi myung lee. With this episode, we learn some shocking news… the pawnshop owners are having a baby!!! I cant wait till next episode and i am pretty sad that I will have to wait another week.

  2. Vincenzo is a drama that I enjoy watching every week. There is so much action between Vincenzo and the enemies, the main and supporting leads must be very fit, particularly Song joong-ki. He is a good actor.
    I usually like rom-coms but this drama did not disappoint. I like the kissing scene between Vincenzo and Cha-Young and am wistfully thinking there would be romance at the end.
    What I like about Korean dramas is mixing suspense with comedy.
    I can not wait to watch the subsequent episodes. I wish there were a Season 2.

  3. I agree with everyone this has been the best episode of the series and can’t believe we have to wait 2 weeks for the next one! 😩

  4. Yes it’s one of the best episode. We surely are nearing the end.
    I love how Song Joong Ki portrays his character. And that scene where he came to the killer’s house. Obviously he came for blood. The anger his eyes have shown while punching the guy gave me chills. And I don’t know if it’s just me, we know Vincenzo did heck of violence for this episode alone. But I find it justified maybe because they’ve successfully shown also on this episode alone the Mother and Son attachment and it was so heartfelt. I kinda feared that the mom would die so I was already crying when they were actually out for a walk because it does seem like a farewell. Killing his mom just in time before he wanted to confess who he really is(though the mom actually knew it already, mom instinct!), was pure evil. We don’t expect ang Mafia to go easy on that. Hence, the brutal violence on the killer. Can’t wait what happens to the masterminds Myung Hee and Han Seok! Will have to wait longer this time for the next episode. But I am certainly enjoying Vincenzo!

  5. This was an amazing episode! The perfect touch was the way Vincenzo’s hairstyle reverted to the one he had at the very beginning of the series; he is once again the Italian consigliere we originally saw both in his appearance and in his attitude to revenge.

    By killing the Korean part of him- his mother- they have unleashed the mindset he learned after he was adopted; as a statement of the blindingly obvious I do not think that it is going to end happily for those responsible for her death.

  6. This is the absolute best episode #16…I really dislike violence BUT this drama causes me to yell out loud more more and it puts me on the edge of my seat then they end it and I have to wait another 7 days!!!

    Ahhh these actors are all doing an EXCELLENT JOB👍🏼 Love the script it’s made me laugh, cry, catch my breath …all emotions. I don’t want it to end😆

  7. Great episode. I’d bet a lot of won thought that start of next episode, Myung Hee planned this and the cops arrest Vincenzo, yet again. A plot twist we’ve seen about three times in the series already. That’s my main critique of Vincenzo, so far it is incredibly predictable and simplistic.

    The actors have done a phenomenal job with the roles they have been given though.

  8. Hey Rika,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! The whole incident with Vincenzo’s Mum was orchestrated but honestly I thought Vincenzo was going to bust in and stop her dying or at least grab Ho-Chul at the last second. That was really shocking and the sick dance between Myung-Hee and Joon-Woo did work well to really spark that anger for Babel group.

    What a rollercoaster ride of emotion right? I was tearing up at that reunion between Vincenzo and his Mum, then absolutely gripped for that final showdown. I actually cursed and threw my hands up when that final stock screen reading “Vincenzo” flashed up. Argh, roll on episode 17!

    Thanks again for reading the recap and commenting – it’s really appreciated!

    -Greg W

  9. Definitely agree with you. Episode 16 is one of the best thus far. So tense, shocking, painful to watch and so sad at the same time. I can feel the pain Vincenzo must have felt after learning his mother death just before he wanted to confess and call her mother.

    Perhaps it’s just my preference to like the darker episodes more than those heavy on comedy, but almost all of Vincenzo episodes with darker genre are amazingly good. And I cannot agree more with you that the genre of this drama is dark AND comedy, as they keep on swinging from one genre to another like a pendulum.

    At the final part of the episode I was screaming at my screen as I felt like I wanted to just pull the trigger myself and end Myung He and take revenge. That’s how absorb I was into this drama.

    And as always Greg, your review is one that I read right after I finish the episode.

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