Upload – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


What happens with Choak?

Episode 7 of Upload Season 2 starts with Nora and Nathan repeating what they’ve found out about Choak. It would appear that Choak and Kannerman have bought Nathan’s code, which is essentially the core of what Freeyond represents.

Nathan realizes he put a backdoor failsafe into his own code, which he can unlock using a retina scan – if it’s still active. Nora realizes they need allies to help them out, and that means bringing Matteo into this, Nora’s “now-ex” boyfriend.

Does Nathan choose to raise Ingrid’s baby?

For now, the drama swings across to Ingrid and her digital baby. She wants Nathan to carry the baby for them but he gets cold feet. He tells Ingrid if she wants a baby then she needs to carry it herself and take in that responsibility. Eventually he tells her the truth – he doesn’t want a baby and certainly doesn’t want a relationship.

Desperate, Ingrid tells Nathan that she’s found a way out for him. She’s been growing his body back to life which is 98% complete. That way, Nathan can have his data downloaded and head back to the real world. Oh, and Ingrid also breaks the news that she’s not really dead either and has been fooling him the entire time.

This seals the deal as Nathan realizes he doesn’t owe Ingrid anything and he walks away, whooping and cheering.

Does Nora manage to convince Matteo to help out?

Thanks to this way out, Nathan has a way of downfolding his data and leaving Lakeview forever. Luke realizes what this means for their friendship and after playing some fitting music, hugs his friend warmly.

Meanwhile, Aleesha is promoted again by Lucy, giving her a pay rise to 100k a year and a potential upgrade on her current apartment, which comes equipped with a massage wall.

At the other end of the spectrum though is Nora, who heads back to the community and speaks to Pastor Robb about what’s happening. She lavishes praise on Nathan, pointing out that he’s giving up a lot to try and save them and stop Freeyond.

With 600 locations and only two days left, Nora convinces the community to join her so they can work together and knock out all locations at once.

What happens at the research facility?

So Nora immediately shows up at the research facility, facetiming with Nathan and going through all the tanks to try and find where he is. Well, they needn’t have bothered as Ingrid happens to be by Nathan’s side, talking to his unconscious body. She claims that he belongs to her and is “all she has.”

As she looks close to pulling the plug, Matteo immediately holds a gun up from afar, promising to fire. Nora though talks her down, claiming that Ingrid is a wonderful person and will find someone to love – but it’s not Nathan. They want her help to bring Nathan back. Eventually she agrees to help.

While Matteo takes Nathan’s body out of the tank, the receptionist, who’s tied up in the storage closet, manages to phone the police and bring them in to help. As the cars come racing to the facility, Matteo works to download Nathan’s consciousness back… and it works!

Where are Nathan and the others going? What happens to Ingrid?

With Nathan returned to the real world in this cloned body, he inevitably ends up sleeping with Nora when the pair lay ow on the Hyper-loop. Heading back to New York, their cramped compartment is home to their lovemaking.

Ingrid though is not done scheming. Back home she finds one of Nathan’s hairs on her brush and decides to use that as DNA to try and either grow another clone of Nathan or raise a young baby of her own, just like she wanted.

How does Upload Season 2 end?

As the episode closes out, we cut back to Nathan who splashes his face with water following his session with Nora. The only trouble is, he starts to bleed. Uh oh, does this mean he’s going to die? We’ll have to wait and find out as we end on a cliffhanger!

The Episode Review

Ugh, how annoying! So Upload ends things on a frustrating cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for the future of this show and our characters. With Nathan heading back to New York now and his ties with Nora seemingly stronger than ever, Choad is still a threat and it’s left unresolved whether he’ll actually get his comeuppance or not.

Meanwhile, Upload continues to deliver competent drama mixed in with bites of comedy, with Luke delivering some of the best laughs this episode. However, Upload as a whole hasn’t been as strong as season 1 and some of that comes from the tone, which hasn’t quite managed to hit the right balance like it did the first time around.

For now, we close out with a big ol’ cliffhanger and plenty of unresolved questions hanging over this one. Whether we’ll actually get a resolution or not, rests with the powers that be over at Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Upload – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Surprised that an important sequence near the end wasn’t even mentioned, The intern couldn’t find Nathan in Lakeview, and when she asked what to do was told that he must have fallen into a glitch and she should just restore him from backup. It appears (in my opinion) that the restore of Nathan is what is causes the nosebleed at the end? Maybe? The consequence of Nathan being restored to his initial upload state is that he will lose all his memory and experience since he was first uploaded.

    Does that mean a new Nathan will pop up in Lakeview, or will the downloaded Nathan revert to the “backup Nathan” and he won’t remember anything? I suppose we’ll find out hopefully sooner than two more years.

  2. Yeah this season was a bit of a sleeper at times. And waited 2 years to get 7 episodes? What a waste! I liked the first season but frankly can’t give this extremely short season any more than 3 stars out of 5. There were a few mild laughs but the comedy this season was incredibly forced and most of this season barely kept me awake through each episode as it was nothing but failed relationship stuff. Some of that was cringe worthy.

    Good thing I didn’t see this season’s lack of plot and content 1st or I probably wouldn’t have waited 2 years for a season 2. Maybe it’s time to end this show before it gets any worse. I might come back for a 3rd season if they actually end this series and wrap it up. I like a few characters but the whole back and forth of some characters being shallow then caring then shallow again was just annoying. I don’t tune in to watch a soap opera. And that’s what this season was with a few forced laughs.

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