Upload – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Outing” Recap & Review

The Outing

Episode 6 of Upload Season 2 starts with Brian Choak visiting David, telling him there’s an important vote coming up. Nora happens to be listening in and encourages Nathan to go on a field trip with her to New York City to investigate further.

How is that going to be possible? Well, Nathan can actually buy a Reality Private Tour, with Nora as his guide. Essentially it’s one long Facetime call, with a tablet strapped to Nora’s chest so he can essentially see what she sees in her POV. Aleesha is joining them too and she Facetimes with Luke.

The pair head out together, with Nora watching on Twitter as Choak downloads into a robot body. They decide to stop at Choak tower, which was Nora’s plan all along, rather than the “random trip” she peddled to Aleesha. The tablets aren’t exactly discreet, and naturally they flash up on the security cameras outside, pinging to Sato who wonders what they’re up to.

Nora digs deeper into the Freeyond situation and realizes there’s only 1 store in New York and 1 in LA. However, given Uploads can’t vote, the numerous stores appear to have been strategically placed in swing states like Florida. This would then tip the scales of an election.

It appears Freeyond and everything that’s been going on is directly linked to politics. However, Aleesha calls Nora out for using her and questions just why she’s

Meanwhile, Ingrid’s digital baby subplot continues, as she comes under fire for somehow bringing a digital child from birth to death in less than 24 hours. The A.I. Guy and several other officials are there to grade her on different characteristics, and see whether she’s actually fit to have kids or not.

Although Ingrid gets off to an awful start, she speaks to her mother in the real world which seems to help fuel her desire to be a better parent. She doesn’t want to mess up like she did, and is determined to go down a different path.

Ingrid speaks to AI Guy again and this time gives an impassioned plea which actually helps approve her for the digital baby after all.

After being approved, Ingrid heads into a research facility where it seems like Nathan is about to be cloned in a tank, just like the ones we saw earlier in the season. Ingrid promises that he’ll be ready soon.

The Episode Review

So the season looks like it’s gearing up for both Choak and Kannerman being outed for the political conspiracy they’ve been concocting, not to mention Nathan’s murder. Of course, then there’s the whole ordeal involving the digital baby.

Beyond that though, there’s not a lot else going on in Upload this year, which has sorta just petered out most of the subplots. The tension with Matteo is gone, the presumed misunderstanding at the start has disappeared and Tinsley is nowhere to be seen after being introduced early on.

There’s still enough to like here though, with the cliffhanger ending leaving everything wide open for where this may go next. Roll on the next episode!

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  1. People who upload to the free one would have to die to upload because there are only so many spots. So the poor people chose to die now in order to upload as they do not think they will have a chance later.

  2. Unless I missed something that was laid out earlier in the show, why does it matter if they have all the Freeyond locations in swing states and uploads can’t vote? Because uploads would be dead otherwise, and dead people can’t vote.

    The only thing I can think is that there would be a plot later on where they got a law passed that only uploads who have paid for the service can vote, thereby shutting out the poor people. But as it stands now, it doesn’t make sense.

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