Undone – Season 2 Episode 2 “The Painting” Recap & Review

The Painting

Episode 2 of Undone Season 2 picks up with Alma trying to navigate through the fog. After confirming that Becca  can travel as well (at least in this reality), Alma confronts her in the morning and tries to convince her to help open up a strange wooden door in this fog. Alma claims this is her ancestors reaching out. Becca refuses and instead, takes off in her car.

Back home, Jacob confronts Camila about taking out a $5000 loan. She claims it’s for a cousin but that doesn’t seem true. The pair’s relationship is clearly on the rocks but when Alma questions him about it, Jacob brushes it aside and tells her not to pry. So naturally, Alma does just that.

Alma heads up to the attic, determined to look into her father’s research through the years. She finds an old painting of Camila up there.

Camila tries to mend bridges with Becca, apologizing for what happened the night before. Camila brushes aside any concerns again and claims that there’s nothing going on. When she leaves, Alma meets with Becca and shows her the painting she found on the attic. It would appear that this guy, Alejandro, was the one who painted it. There’s also an inscription on the back, reading “For my beauty, a piece of your soul will always be here.” Based on this, Alma deduces that their mother was having an affair of Jacob with this Alejandro character. Could the $5000 wired to Mexico be Alejandro blackmailing her?

Alma decides they should use Becca’s memories to jump back and try to make life better. She doesn’t want to do that, pointing out that her life is perfect the way it is. Back home, Becca finds Reed, who drops birth control pills on the table. Given they’ve been talking about having a baby and getting pregnant, it’s a kick in the teeth to find out his wife has been lying. She claims it’s from a time before they were married but he’s not so sure.

Alma runs into Sam while she’s smoking a cigarette outside. Of course, he doesn’t know her in this reality and eventually leaves her standing outside in the dark, the bittersweet taste of regret in her mouth. Or maybe that’s just the cigarette!

Between Alma and Becca’s evening, they both reconvene over a glass of wine at the former’s house. While there, Alma starts playing the piano and, specifically, “The Rainbow Song.” This is actually something they used to hum together, and it was their family anthem of sorts. As they play together, Becca conjures forth memories of the past, and how it always helped calm them during times of distress.

In fact, this stems all the way back to Jacob and Camila’s arguments, which seem to continue pedaling that same narrative about money wired in Mexico. Even as kids, their parents would be fighting. Upon learning this, and returning to the present, Becca and Alma contemplate whether to stop Camila and Alejandro from ever meeting. First up, they need to find out who Alejandro is.

Unfortunately, everything goes awry that evening. The stale smell of red wine on their breaths, Alma and Becca visit Camila while they’re drunk and call her out for having an affair and show the painting to her. She demands they leave.

When Jacob shows up at the door, he speaks to his girls in his office, where the truth about the time travel, skipping across realities and how Alma and Becca both seem to have powers is laid out on the table so there are no secrets./

Jacob is shocked, but a bang outside distracts them all. It’s Camila, she’s driven off. “Alma, what have you done?” Jacob asks, as everything is left hanging precariously on a knife edge.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Undone starts to deepen the mystery – and the potential timeline meddling. It’s clear that we’re stepping into the realm of this reality being distorted and changed forever, but we’ll have to wait and see exactly how big of an impact this is going to have on our characters.

One thing’s already clear though, and that is that whatever’s happening to Camila it’s linked to this whole timeline staying intact. Changing the past is never good news and that much is especially apparent here, as everything looks set to crumble apart through Alma and Becca’s meddling.

For now, Undone bows out with another good episode, leaving the rest of the season open for some serious ramifications to Alma’s actions.

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