Undone – Season 2 Episode 1 “The Cave” Recap & Review

The Cave

Episode 1 of Undone Season 2 starts with Alma where we left her at the end of season 1, up at the cave and determined to uncover the mystery surrounding her missing father. Becca heads off and phones Camila, letting her know that Alma is okay and they’ll get her help soon. As for Alma though, the cave starts crackling with a brilliant blue light, prompting her to head inside to find out what’s going on. Only, her father doesn’t appear to be there and Alma is left disappointed again.

When Alma heads out, everything has changed. The car is gone, Dad is alive and Becca is off on her honeymoon with Reed in Bora Bora. It looks like she’s traveled to a different reality. When she heads home, Alma finds Camilo at the kitchen sink, crying. Jacob is in his office, working.

“The timelines have realigned” She says, as Jacob realizes what has happened. He’s been waiting for Alma for 17 years since he merged with himself. Now, Alma has been in this plane of existence all this time but now her consciousness as merged with what’s here. The two sets of memories have blended, as Alma is taken aback by what’s happening to her. Alma is also a professor at university too.

With Jacob leading her into the hall, her muscle memory takes on a life of its own as Alma refers to herself as Teotzin and scribbles a whole bunch of objects up on the whiteboard. Not only that, she can also speak Spanish and she can play the piano to. She’s also writing her dissertation.

Ala’s life isn’t all it’s chalked up to be though, especially when Jacob urge her not to mess with the timeline.  Not only that, Alma finds journals that seem to hint at her own pent-up stress. Alma is encouraged by her father to make the most of her life and not to use her powers. So it seems there’s no jumping through timelines – and Jacob has no interest in trying to save his mother either. He’s made peace with that side of him, resulting to good old fashion newspaper clippings and archival papers.

Despite getting her father back, the constant humdrum of life soon takes its toll as Alma finds herself struggling to actually become enthused over this life. One of the more unusual aspects of this reality stems from Camilo, and specifically from her constant crying alone in her room and strange phone calls. She seems to be seeing someone else but despite briefly flashing to a scene outside, with her in the car with a mysterious male, Alma struggles to control her powers.

Alma tries to convince Jacob to help and save Camilo but he refuses to take that risk. He’s lost himself once and doesn’t want to do that again. Instead, she turns to Becca who saw them outside in a car together. Whoever this person is, he appears to be called Alejandro and is an “old friend.” It turns out Becca in this reality can actually travel into different memories.

The Episode Review

Undone returns, picking up right where it left off as we continue to explore the multiverse and Alma’s fractured memories. There’s a really nice ebb and flow to this show, with deep themes revolving around grief, loss and belonging, wrapped up in a heady cocktail of time travel and drama.

The first season did an excellent job with its material and this follow-up looks to follow suit too. It appears that this new life isn’t all it’s chalked up to be for Alma, and everything here points toward a very trippy and dramatic season to come. With Amazon releasing all episodes at once, thankfully we don’t have to wait to find out what happens next!

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