Undone – Season 2 Episode 3 “Mexico” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Undone Season 2 starts with everything appearing to fall apart in this reality. Camila ends up buying a plane ticket to go to Mexico, but Jacob insists that his wife is just heading off on a family trip. Mum isn’t picking up her phone either, and now Becca is convinced that their mother is in trouble.

Alma and Becca phone their family over in Mexico, intending to find out where she is. The thing is, their Abuelita hasn’t heard from her either but suggests it could be a surprise trip. So naturally, Alma and Becca decides to hop across to go to Mexico themselves.

Heading over to Abuelita’s place, they show the painting to her but she doesn’t seem to recognize the name Alejandro. Or does she? Somehow Becca manages to tumble inside her Abuelita’s memory, where she notices Camila at the market.

In order to get more out of this, the sisters decide to press Tia Monse instead, believing she’s the weak link in all this. Talking to her privately, Tai admits that Camila had an ex boyfriend back during her past whom she was madly in love with. They had unrivaled, passionate love and Tia saw them together. She ended up being their messenger, sending letters between them. Until they were found out that is.

After a note is intercepted between them, everything soured and they ended up breaking up. It could well be that this Alejandro is a code-name for Camila’s old lover but in order to get to the bottom of this, they head off to see Padre Reyes the Priest He doesn’t seem to know anything but Alma convinces her sister to use the fog and see into his past. Specifically, the moments when they broke up.

Off the back of this, the sisters head back to see Abuelita, discussing Father Reyes. In doing so, Beeca uses her powers to jump back and dive into the memory their grandmother has been suppressing. Specifically, Abuelita follows Camila to a house – the same house from her painting. They watch as Abuelita berates Camila and demands she never return home again. As she walks away, Becca breaks down into tears as the emotions begin to swirl and overwhelm her.

Using these fragmented memories, they find the house from the painting in the present day timeline. Jacob rings Becca but she doesn’t pick up. Becca collapses after knocking on the door.

The Episode Review

It seems this season is now revolving around Camila and trying to bring the family back together. It’s clear there’s a lot of baggage here and it’s unsurprising to find this story taking the turn that it has.

Alma and Becca are starting to mess with the timeline and in doing so, this is likely to have big consequences on the multiverse as a whole. The series has done a lot right so far though, and the gorgeous visuals have blended nicely with the story, which is – so far at least – just as intriguing and interesting as season 1.

Deep themes about grief and regret are being played with, and as Becca and Alma dive deeper into these memories, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they shouldn’t be messing with this. Either way, everything is left wide open for where this one may go next!

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