Undercover – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Trojan Horse Power

Episode 4 of Undercover Season 2 begins with Bob taking Nathalie out to a secluded area and revealing that he’s a cop. He wants her help in arresting JP and bringing these brothers to justice.

Using Jackson as leverage, they show her pictures of the brothers doing business with different African men and how they’ve been supplying guns to different countries while lining their pockets with cash.

Bob finally shows her the picture of Kim and how she was murdered because of getting too close to the truth. To top things off,, they play the audio clip of Laurent sabotaging Nathalie’s job reference.

Needing to build rapport with Laurent, Bob and Nick both ask for her help with this. She agrees to think it over, asking for some time.

Later that day, Nathalie receives a call from Laurent who invites her along to an upcoming horse auction. When she hangs up, Nathalie bursts out of her car and throws up on the floor; a clear indication that the nerves seem to be getting to her.

Nathalie and Jackson arrive at the bar, where Nathalie looks over an old picture of the Berger brothers and makes her choice.

She hurriedly packs a case full of stuff and prepares to leave. Only, JP suddenly shows his face and asks whether she’s got a guilty conscience. He’s suspicious of how tense she is and asks if there’s anything he should know, holding the back of her neck while looking deep in her eyes.

Bob receives a call from JP who asks to meet at 10pm that evening. He immediately rings Nick and lets him know, suspecting the worst that Nathalie has ratted him out. Unsure whether he’s walking into a trap or not, he shows up at the garage, unbeknownst to him that Vinnie lies in the shadows waiting for him.

JP eventually shows his face and shakes Bob’s hand. When Laurent shows too, the brothers question him over exactly why he spoke to the police and helped them. While he navigates this murky line of enquiry, Vinnie bugs Bob’s car as a means of figuring out if he’s clean or not.

At school, Nathalie is reminded by the teacher that there’s an upcoming trip in 2 weeks and she needs to cough up the funds for Jackson soon. She asks for a couple of days but the teacher gently reminds her that there is a financial support if she’s struggling.

As she turns back again, she finds Nick waiting for her by the school gates. She’s understandably rattled but Nick convinces her to stay calm, promising that her criminal record will be erased if she can help bring these brothers to justice.

Eventually Nathalie agrees to help and asks Laurent if she can attend the horse auction with him. Despite managing to bag the horse auction gig, Bob’s bugged car sees his conversations overheard which could spell big trouble going forward.

Polly is also being tailed by Bouman’s right-hand man Henk. He looks at her photos on his laptop and figures out what school she attends. Cornering her on the way home from school, Henk hands over a phone and tells her to give it to her Father, “Tell him it’s from Ferry.”

That evening, Laurent and Nathalie attend the auction where he discusses her changed persona. Specifically, he mentions her debt and promises to pay it off for her. Of course, Laurent’s kindness puts her in a really difficult position going forward.

As the auction gets underway, Laurent gets talking a Hench guy next to them called Rudd Vesser, who’s also there selling a horse. When Bob comes out holding Spider (the name of the horse), Nathalie is understandably surprised.

Rudd mentions the fight they had previously and admits that Bob is a great guy. Nathalie tries to keep it together, especially as Bob watches her from afar.

Thanks to Laurent holding his nerve, he manages to drive the price up to 210,000 euros for his animal. When Bob shows afterward, Nathalie convinces Laurent to leave. Bob quickly confronts her outside where she tells him Laurent is a good man and it’s not right they’re doing it to him.

Bob does his best to convince her otherwise but Laurent eventually does it himself when he forcibly tries to kiss Nathalie later that evening.

Bob shows up at the ranch just in time and hands over the 5000 euros as agreed earlier in the day. When he does, Nathalie messages him with “You’re right. I’m in.”

Back home, Polly starts going through the phone handed over to her and finds audio clips of Bob and John together.

The Episode Review

Most of this episode is taken up with Nathalie deciding whether to work with Bob or not. While the undercover operation gets in full swing, the rest of the episode is taken up with Bouman setting his sights on Polly and Bob’s home-life.

This intriguing double bill of issues continue to spill over with the promise that all hell is going to break loose sooner rather than later.

There’s also the situation with Bob’s car being bugged and this looks like it could the catalyst for the ensuing drama to come. Roll on the next episode!

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