Undercover – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Undercover Season 2 sees Polly arrive at the campsite and asking around about the recent police case. She pretends to be a student doing a research paper at school but struggles to get answers from the patrons there.

Sharon meanwhile heads over and visits Bob, telling him that she and Patrick are worried about Bob’s inclusion on this case. They agree that they should try a different approach – one that doesn’t include Bob on the team. After his beating, it’s probably for the best too but Bob refuses to accept this without a fight.

Going rogue, Bob confronts Laurent that evening, telling him “this is how a real man does it”, proceeding to beat the man down to the ground. After threatening him with a gun, Bob leaves the man a crumpled heap on the floor.

Back at the ranch, Sharon breaks the news about no longer being interested in Steve. She spies the bruises across Nathalie’s neck but she tentatively hides this and changes the subject. News about Bob assaulting Laurent spreads across the rank.

Sharon bites her tongue until the whole team are together later that evening. Patrick is furious with Bob and Nick even warns that he could be suspended for this. As Bob walks away, he asks Sharon to keep in touch if she needs anything.

Laurent arrives back at the garage and speaks to JP who’s taken over his business and started sorting out the distribution behind his back. As he continues to scribble down dates, Dr Gassama arrives from South Sedan to begin a lucrative deal with the Bergers.

Sharon oversees a snippet of this, moments after apologizing for Bob’s behaviour in the bar the following night. She doesn’t get a chance to learn more though as they ride off, deep into the forest where they talk business.

JP goes over the various different guns and ammunition they have. After supplying their enemies however, Dr Gassama is less than pleased with his audacity at playing both sides of this ongoing conflict.

With a gun up to his head, this duo of Africans promise to dispatch JP but he remains calm and collected in the face of death. It’s pretty simple; there’s two potential names to put on the address and which one is simply up to them.

Back at the ranch, Sharon’s cover is almost blown by someone who recognizes her at the bar as a girl called Lisa. Heading out, she contemplates ringing Nick and instead rings Bob, telling him what’s happened. Bob, of course, being the better choice given he has inside knowledge of what it’s like to be undercover.

Upon hearing this, Bob, under the alias of Steve, quickly rings Laurent and tells him that there’s something not quite right about Sharon. He feigns being questioned by police and tells him that she’s a cop. This news inevitably gets back to JP who’s told to get rid of the Africans ASAP.

Laurent confronts Sharon and tells her to collect her things and leave; JP watches her go with a murderous glare. It turns out she had no part of this plan and Bob threw her under the bus to better his claims at being the undercover agent involved in this case. Patrick is not happy but agrees to continue on with the cards they’ve been dealt.

Back at the campsite, Polly settles into her role and continues to snap photos of the locals for her “school project.” There, she finds a picture of the undercover agents – that being her Father and Kim.

With the duo pretending to be in love, she learns about Danielle and how badly the deception and Bouman’s arrest has affected her. When she snaps photos of Danielle’s house however, Polly is confronted by the woman herself. She snatches the camera out her hands and cycles through the pictures, finding some of Bob.

Meanwhile, Nathalie also figures out who Lisa is courtesy of some google image searching. She asks whether she and her son are safe but, holding back tears, Nathalie refuses to reveal much beyond the fact that Jackson is Laurent’s child – which she quickly relays on to Bob.

JP and Laurent discuss their current situation. With the South Sudan boys gone and their merchandise in limbo, the duo try to work out whether they can trust anyone. From now on JP tells his brother they need to suspect everyone. Ironically, Laurent is convinced that Bob is clean – especially after the beating he received at his hands.

JP rings Gassama at the airport and cancels the deal with him, especially given the heat that’s currently on him. The man is obviously livid but it eventually ends with Gassama shot dead in this private airfield.

Danielle visits Bouman in prison and tells him to find Peter. After that, Danielle is done with their marriage. Leaving him with this choice she walks away. Bouman flips a table but composes himself enough to head back inside the prison again.

Meanwhile, Nick corners Nathalie at the school after she drops off Jackson. After wrestling with removing the boy’s cowboy hat, she’s coerced into entering Nick’s car to discuss the Berger brothers…where Bob happens to be sitting waiting for her.

The Episode Review

As the investigation starts to take shape. Bob’s desire to be in the midst of this undercover operation subsequently sees him putting Sharon in harm’s way. Telling Laurent that Sharon is a cop is incredibly risky and could come back to see her shot or killed by JP.

The issue with the Africans looks to be resolved for now but I can’t help but feel there’s more to this story than first meets the eye. That’s to say nothing of the current issues befalling Polly who looks like she may well end up in serious trouble if she continues to investigate her Father’s old case.

The ending leaves the door wide open though and that light cliffhanger will almost certainly see you jump back into the next episode!

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