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Episode 5 of Undercover Season 2 begins with Nathalie promising to be 100% invested in the case. However, Nick and Bob both worry that she may be too emotionally tied to this, especially with her crying the previous night.

When Bob returns home he finds Polly waiting for him. She mentions the holiday park and how she’s been trying to uncover the truth about his past. Bob remains more concerned over her well-being though, apologizing for getting her wrapped up in all this.

On the phone is that audio clip of John which Polly obviously listened to the previous evening. Bob listens to it too and it does not sound good. He implores his daughter not to say anything to her parents or the detectives, worrying that his position has been compromised.

Thankfully, Nathalie’s has not. At least not yet anyway. When she returns home, she finds Laurent playing with Jackson who brandishes a gun. It’s not loaded but it’s besides the point. Trying to smile through this, Nathalie tells him to drop it and he hurries off to play.

Laurent tries to move the business forward, with ideas of expanding out to Venezuela and mentioning how Steve has good contacts – contacts that could help them out. JP is not so trusting though and warns his brother not to make rash plans with anyone as they’re not sure who they can trust.

Still they agree to meet Rudd and Bob that evening, along with the eccentric Venezuelan, Enrico. Midway through talking, JP has heard enough and walks away. Laurent is far more easily persuaded though and he sticks around to hear the pitch.

Excusing himself, he catches up to JP who warns his brother that they’re either walking into a hornet’s nest or Steve’s working undercover. Either way, they need to tread lightly.

Although JP walks away from the deal, Laurent decides to go ahead with it. With JP out of this deal though, it poses a particularly difficult problem for the group to contend with.

Bob thinks they should try a different tactic. Patrick makes the final say though and decides that they’ll continue with this, stalling for a few days in the process. If they can’t come to an agreement after that time, then they’ll proceed with just going after Laurent.

Bob does his best to take the initiative, speaking to JP at the ranch and apologizing for what happened in the bar. He wants both brothers in on the deal but JP scoffs at him, telling the man he’s “far too eager; and eager men are always trouble”.

Bob has more pressing matters to deal with though when he receives a call from Bouman. Ferry threatens him over his career, especially the unpleasantness with John which they obviously have audio proof of now.

Eventually Bob hangs up and heads inside to talk to Nathalie, who’s going through problems of her own with Laurent exerting his authority over Jackson.

On the back of this, Nathalie heads over to Laurent’s Mother’s house where she finds pictures of JP with a friend called Victor. When Jean-Pierre shows up, she’s understandably shaken but brushes aside her photo snapping as something she’s doing for her Instagram.

Police raid Henk’s house and question him over the phone message. Given how light the details are he’s received, Jan remains tight-lipped over what’s going on and simply tells Marc to direct his questioning toward his colleague instead.

This brings Marc back to Polly, whom he questions over what happened with the phone. Convincing her that things are safe now, especially with Henk locked up, Marc suspects that she’s hiding something. Polly’s admittedly nervous and jumpy but Bob returns before she opens up and says anything.

Prior to this meeting though, it’s worth noting that Bob and Nathalie met outside the ranch and discussed their undercover mission – along with Nathalie spilling details about Victor and showing him his picture.

Alone, Bob speaks to Marc and tells him not to speak to his daughter alone again. It’s a little suspect to be fair but he brushes this aside and eventually leaves the house.

In private, Bob speaks to Polly and apologizes for bringing her into all this. She’s not happy and wants proper answers, specifically around John and what that audio clip was.

He eventually reveals that it was self-defence and how he and John both fell into the water together – Bob was the only one who resurfaced. He promises to figure things out and warmly embraces her.

Some time later, Bouman receives a impromptu visit from Bob, who shows up looking less than impressed.

The Episode Review

Undercover slows down a little as the agents start to work on coercing the Berger brothers into this deal with the Venezuelans. The rift between the brothers continues to widen while Bouman closes in on Bob.

The pacing has been a little slow at times this season but thankfully the tone and moody atmosphere do make up for that somewhat.

Given the incriminating conversation Nathalie and Bob had outside the car I think it’s only a matter of time before that’s used against them.

In the meantime though, Bob’s torn loyalty between his family and this case looks like it could come back to haunt him, leaving the door wide open for the rest of the season.


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