Undercover – Episode 6 “Sirenes” Recap & Review

Switching Deals

Undercover returns with another episode, this one beginning with Gino telling his assistant that she will get paid soon. She tells him she needs the money now as she’s got bills to pay. This turns to be the same day Gino got burned by John and Jurgen which Chantal happened to see. After the burn incident, we see her rushing to take him to hospital and staying with him until he recovers, which he does. Albeit with deep scars on his face.

Gino later speaks to Bastian and tells him they need to teach his attackers a lesson. Bastian refuses, telling him he needs them because they are selling him cheap drugs. In return, Gino tells him he still wants 10% of the money as he is the one that made contact. Bastian tells him he can have 10% of the first 50,000 pills which only further angers Gino. As he watches his shop being liquidated, he vows to seek revenge on the people responsible for this.

At the police station, Marc speaks to Walter about another case from the camping site. He shows him pictures of Jurgen which leads Walter to ask if arresting him was part of his investigation and if he ended up talking as he was let out. Walter then probes more about Bob and asks if he is working undercover for them. Marc denies it again but says he will look into it.

Meanwhile, Bob and Kim go to Jurgen’s funeral. Ferry speaks to Denis and asks if all the “presents” for the Germans are ready while Kim feels guilty about Jurgen’s death, especially given the fact it was her idea to get him out of prison in the first place. While she struggles to avoid letting the guilt consume her, Walter arrives and introduces himself to Bob. He confronts him about not being able to find anything on the system and tells him they need to talk.

After the funeral, they all go out drinking where Bob and Kim end up sleeping together, something that’s long been hinted at in the series. At Bob’s office, Walter looks through pictures on his computer and appears to be onto something. 

We catch up with Ferry meeting up with John to see how he’s coping after Jurgen’s death. He explains that he’s looking after Sonja and her daughter while Ferry also tells him that they will be delivering the drugs to the Germans soon.

Back at the camping site, Ferry asks Bob for some help. He explains he’s making a deal with a German client but doesn’t trust him completely. He wants to make sure he doesn’t get followed or run into any problems and upon hearing this news, Bob agrees to help him.

Meanwhile, Danielle speaks to Kim about how she feels closer to her than her husband. The next day, Bob, Ferry and John are on their way to meet Bastian to make the deal, but remain very cautious over proceedings. As they arrive at their rendezvous point, the German drug squad arrive, intent on arresting Bastian.

Ferry, John, Bob and Denis then wind up watching the news where they see the police arresting Bastian. At this point it seems obvious that someone has tipped off the police which only further angers Ferry. He ends up having a confrontation with Bob about it, as well as Denis, who brought the drugs with him to the camping site. John thinks that the German police have nothing on them as they were not arrested but Ferry wants to be completely sure.

John then goes to see Walter and asks him if he has any contacts in the German police as they want to see if their names come up in Bastian’s case. Walter is having second thoughts about helping them but John tells him he doesn’t have a choice and that he’d better find out. As John leaves Walter in a sticky situation, we see that he was being watched and photographed the whole time.

Bob and Kim then meet with Nick and discuss the recent events that have transpired. Nick tells them that someone wrote to the German police to expose Bastian but they weren’t aware that he was just about to make a deal. They conclude that with Bastian gone, Ferry might travel to South America to take advantage of Bastian’s business, especially given the prospect of making a lot of money.

In the evening, while Kim and Danielle leave to have fun together, Ferry and Bob talk. Bob suggests to follow in Bastian’s footsteps – encouraging him to exchange 1 million euros worth of pills against 10 million euros worth of cocaine. Ferry then speaks to John about the new proposition but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea and doesn’t know anyone that would want to do the exchange. Bob tells them he knows someone but John vehemently refuses, telling them he wants nothing to do with it.

We then see Gino getting ready with a gun and driving to Ferry’s house. He arrives, just as John leaves the house. Leaving things hanging in the balance, we then switch back to Kim and Danielle who have ended up in a hot tub together after taking drugs. The episode then ends with them hearing gun shots coming from Ferry’s house as they’re on the verge of kissing.

With an increased urgency, Undercover delivers another good episode, one that sees Bob deep undercover in Ferry’s ranks and ending on another big cliffhanger. Quite where the series will go from here is anyone’s guess but there’s enough to make for a decent watch and another solid episode of Undercover.


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