Undercover – Episode 5 “Across The Border” Recap & Review


Road Trip

After the last episode ended on with a cliffhanger, Undercover returns with Nick, Marc and Kim worried about Bob’s whereabouts, given they haven’t heard from him in a while. Nick and Kim want to do something about it but Marc doesn’t want to comprise the investigation. Begrudgingly, they agree to wait 12 hours before intervening.

Meanwhile the police with Walter finds Jurgen dead in a river. Danielle calls Kim to give her the bad news. His wife Sonja speaks to John, not knowing he is responsible for her husband’s death. She makes him a promise that they will kill the person responsible for his death. 

The police, joined by Walter, talk to her and ask if he had any enemies. She mentions he had some problems with Bob. As the police get ready to intervene, given they still haven’t heard back from Bob, we flashback to the end of last episode and see what’s been happening. There, we see John telling Bob he will have to pick up the liquid with one of their truckers and on a different lorry.

On their way to Poland, Bob, sick with the flu, nearly falls asleep at the wheel. The trucker decides to stop at a petrol station to get him some energy drink. When they get there, Bob goes into the toilets, desperate to borrow a phone from stranger so he can warn Nick and Kim but unfortunately he fails to do so. Instead, he goes for the trucker’s phone but realizes the SIM card had been removed previously.

Back on the road, they arrive at their destination. An abandoned bunker in the forest is being used as a lab but the merchandise is not ready yet. Bob tries to hurry to operation along, desperate to get back in time for his father-in-law’s funeral.

At this point, we find out Bob did manage to leave a message at the patrol station on a woman’s windscreen, asking her to call his wife. The woman calls the number but it actually belongs to Nick. She relays the message just in time as the drug squad are on the verge of arresting Ferry but they stop them just in time.

Bob and the trucker then finally leave the lab. Unfortunately, on their way back they get stopped by the police who quickly find the PMK inside. As they start to handcuff Bob, he realizes that they aren’t actually real cops. After some struggle, they manage to fight them off and escape but unfortunately, the fake cops take the truck with PMK in it.

Bob manages to escape, arriving at a farm where he calls Nick to explain what happened. He also calls his wife who is none too happy that he’s missing the funeral, opening up some rifts in their marriage that may come back and haunt him later on in the series.

Eventually, he does return home where he meets up with Ferry and John. They take him to a compound and to his surprise show him the truck with the PMK. It turns out they had placed a tracker on it and it was all a big plan to test his loyalty. Bob’s clearly annoyed by this but more importantly, Ferry confirms that he is now one of them.

Having successfully infiltrated the gang at the end, Undercover finally delivers a pretty exciting episode. While some of the beats are a little melodramatic, there’s a good amount of tension to this one that helps keep things interesting. Ultimately, this is the real hook here and although the actual plot itself is a bit obvious and formulaic at times, there’s enough excitement in this episode to make it the best in the series thus far, and a promising sign of things to come for the second half of the series.


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