Undercover – Episode 7 “That Cop’s Face” Recap & Review

The Shooter

Undercover begins it’s seventh episode with Marc confronting Walter about his contact with John. He tells him that from now on, everything John tells him will have to be reported to him or he will get him arrested.

We then cut back to the night before where we see the gunman shooting at all 3 men. Ferry ends up being shot in the chest but Bob saves the day by shooting the gunman who flees the scene. At the hospital, Ferry seems to have narrowly escaped death. Bob and Kim discuss the previous night and he notices she took drugs. She explains she had to and reassures him that she’s still in control. She also mentions that Danielle kissed her.

John then meets with Walter; he wants to know where to find Gino Maldini. Walter replies that he’s unable to get that information and also tells him that because of the shooting in the camping site, they’ll be even more of a target for the police now.

Marc goes to see Bob and explains that the shooter is Gino Maldini and they know he is the cousin of Bastian. He wants to see if Bob can find out anything about him and his whereabouts. Leaving it up to him to find out this information, Bob returns home to his real family. His children are upset by the constant absence of their father while his wife tells him he is not welcome home anymore.

At the hospital, Ferry wakes up with Kim and John at his side. John tells him they will have to be discreet for now while Bob arrives and questions John about Gino. As they both want to same result they decide to go looking for him. Ferry then tells Danielle that they should go away for a while in Aruba. Later on, as she gets closer to Kim, she announce this to her.

John and Bob later arrive at Chantal’s house. To try finding out where Gino is, John starts beating her. She finally tells them that he is in Brussels and they make her call him to arrange a meeting which she manages to do.

Kim calls Bob after this and tells him that Ferry and Danielle are looking to go away for a while. Bob tells her to play on Danielle’s feelings to try making her stay.
Kim plays along and Danielle then admits she had feelings for her since the first day they met. She confesses she doesn’t want to leave her to go away.
Kim then goes to see Ferry at the hospital, intent on convincing him not to leave. However, he is adamant that they will because of the current situation they’re finding themselves in.

As John and Bob arrive at Gino’s location, John gets out the car and follows Gino. It turns out Nick is also on their tail thanks to Bob. Unfortunately, Gino notices and manage to escape but not before John notices he was also being followed and sees Nick. He mentions to Bob that he looks familiar but doesn’t remember from where.

John then goes to see Walter as he thinks he’s double crossed him by sending the cops after him. He then threatens to kill him before leaving. Bob also reveals that his contact in the cartel are in Europe, Ferry, grateful that he saved him, tells him to organize a meeting with them. The episode ends with John remembering where he saw Nick before – the day he followed Bob and saw him having a drink together.

Undercover returns with another engrossing episode with more drama and ensuing tension. While the show continues to stick to the conventional tropes you’d expect from this genre, there’s enough here to make for an endearing watch nonetheless. Whether Bob will be found out by Ferry or not is really the catalyst for the drama here but There’s a fair amount of characterization here too, especially between Kim and Danielle. Quite what will happen next is left up for debate but Undercover is moving all its pieces ready for a climactic finale.


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